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Oct 2017

Top Excuses to Drink Moderately at a Party

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Live In Moderation they say

Drinking in moderation or ‘low-risk drinking’ as defined by WHO means alcohol consumption of not more than 14 drinks per week for men and not more than 7 drinks for women. This definition refers to the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed on any single day and not as an average over several days.

Besides many health benefits, drinking in moderation has its pros. It could save you that nasty hangover the morning after, it saves you from embarrassing flashbacks of drunken mayhem, you get even more points for ‘No Drunken Driving’, to name a few.

It gets tricky to get out of a situation when you want to stick to drinking in moderation while others at the social gathering, drink up thoserounds of tequila shots. With the party season in full swing and everyone making merry, it is even trickier to hold your ground and still fit in. But fret not, we suggest some ways to make your life easier.

 Honesty IS the best policy

Pretty self-explanatory but we’d save you the trouble anyway. You could be honest about the whole deal, be upfront in telling your friends or colleagues that you’re a teetotaller or you want to go easy this evening. If they understand and respect your decision, great. If they don’t, you’ve got some work to do here.

Listen, What’s your number?

Hold your horses, we mean your safe drinks-count. Zero-One-Two- We suggest you these three as a safe bet. Pick your number and stick to it and please feel proud for scoring a perfect zero here! Also, be aware of the drink size which is being served, very often the serving size is larger than the recommended size. Remember, never tell your secret number.

Slower than a Snail

Don’t be in a rush to finish those two drinks you decided on. Go easy and work at a snail’s pace on them as people are more likely to offer you a refill if you hold an empty glass. Also, instead of that cocktail, go for softails, your bombed friends are less likely to know the difference.

Liar- Liar, Pants on Fire!

Get creative and lie your precious derriere off! We do believe that honesty is indeed the best policy, however as good Samaritans we do have some tips to let your creative bug go abuzz as you stay away from that extra glass of alcohol. Bring that story teller in you to the surface! You could say that you are allergic to alcohol (please don’t say allergic ‘to’ people), poker face or ‘just about to throw up face’ you decide. Bring out the hidden actor in you to the fore here. This is also where an army of your imaginary friends could come to the rescue- you could politely excuse yourself as your ‘childhood friend Jerry is getting engaged to sweet and gorgeous Jenny’, you could also narrate their sweet-love story to the nosey ones. Your other imaginary friend could also be delivering a baby. If remaining sober is your game, you could cite religious reasons too, nobody messes with Gods you see!

 Baby, Burn that dance floor!

Cliché, you may complain but it always works as a perfect excuse! So, you could still be in character of a drunken masterpiece here or be at your sober best , as you please. You could torment or entertain people with the crazy or the awesome dance moves as the case may be. We won’t judge you and neither would your drunken friends, baby dance like no one’s watching.

 Avoid alcoholic bullies -Child’s play, anyone?

No playtime with Chucky…Remember how much fun you had as a kid playing hide and seek? You could have some fun as you try a stunt or two with the alcoholic bullies. The bullies who don’t take no for an answer and push you to have “only one more drink” because ‘they love you so much’. You may find it to be a strange maze to navigate your way through, especially when they’re buzzing around in their alcoholic daze, pestering  people to drink ‘some more’. You could also pretend to ‘hear voices’- somebody calling you at a distance and EXCUSE yourself. It’s fun to be silly sometimes, no? This advice comes with a disclaimer though. It would only work at large gatherings. Imagine what fun can you possibly derive if there were only five people under the roof!  Also, try it if you must, just for fun but you mustn’t risk ever trying it on your boss. No, never!

Remember, you should always plan your escape route beforehand, set an alarm or have an alibi as you plan to slip away. And please oh please, do not turn into a preachy parrot or a party pooper for others who’re enjoying their drinks. Boom! Now that you are ‘moderately’ prepped, put on those ‘smarty pants’ and head out to that party, if you know what we mean.

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Oct 2017

Binge-Free Diwali

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So, it’s that time of the year again.

With Diwali just around the corner, endless card-parties with overflowing alcohol come knocking at the door. Does it sound familiar? Yeah, ‘that’ vicious endless loop wherein one last drink never ends.

As much as the idea of drinking and making merry sounds enticing, it has some repercussions of its own ranging from waking up with a throbbing headache to disorientation, memory lapse and black outs. If stretched too far, binge-drinking creates an aftermath of various health hazards in the long run.

Never go to a battle unprepared, they say. Never go to a Diwali party unprepared, we say. We have a list of few intelligent do’s and don’ts for you that may come handy as you battle with the perplexities of binge-drinking.

Curb that urge to binge-drink

Start with the basics- Don’t go empty stomach, eat before you head out to that Diwali party so you don’t feel the urge to binge eat or binge drink.

 Don’t drink like a fish

Don’t guzzle down your drinks, go slow and easy as drinking too quickly can make you sick and drunk. Keep yourself hydrated. Alcohol depletes your body of essential vitamins and minerals and leaves you dehydrated. Show some love for the Water of Life- sip a glass or two in between. Don’t mix your drinks but mix them instead with water and ice. Another point to be remembered is to avoid sugary drinks.

 Watch what you eat

They say it for the right reasons, well itapplies here too. Avoid sweets while you consume alcohol. As tempting as those delectable Diwali sweets appear to be, alcohol and sweets aren’t the best of friends. Avoid fried foods as they tend to leave you dehydrated. Again, alcohol and those fries can’t see eye to eye and you’d surely want to avoid this double-trouble.

 Choose your battles wisely- Bottoms up is not the wisest choice

Sometimes, competition is good but not when the arena involves a bunch of hammered fellas. Don’t cave in to that peer pressure. We all have that one person in our social circle who never lets us put that glass down, so be a sweet pea and politely decline. Mingle with people who won’t push you over the edge and deep into the pool of alcohol.

 Know when to say No – Limit your drinks

Knowing your limits is one thing but fervently sticking to those and saying ‘No’ to excessive drinking is an art – you know what we mean! It’s very easy to get carried away while you’re drinking and making merry with your friends and family during the festive time. But that’s also the time when along with your senses the line to reasoning also becomes blurry, which is why it’s imperative to remember the keyword–‘No’. Watch before your cup runneth over.

Sometimes abstinence is the best protection

If saying ‘no’ and  exiting the binge drinking loop sounds difficult to you, we give you yet another tool of self –mastery, abstain from consuming alcohol all together. No temptation means no fall, simple!

So think about it, we say – wouldn’t you rather fly high on the festive happiness than kill its buzz by getting drunk?

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Sep 2017

Let’s Burn the Evil this Dussehra, say NO to binge-drinking!

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Dussehra is a festival which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Alcohol abuse is one such evil which prevails in our society which has effectively ruined the lives of many and still continues to be in charge of many. We see a dramatic rise in alcohol abuse during the festive period of Dusshera and Diwali.

Over the years there has been a gradual shift in terms of how we celebrate our festivals. This festive period has now become synonymous with card parties and alcohol. Whatever happened to the simpler times when revelries revolved around food-sweets, more sweets, friends and family!

We know better that people who abuse alcohol as a substance only need an excuse to drink more, be it any occasion or just another regular day, there is always a reason to grab that drink. Binge drinking on this day is a serious problem than we are willing to acknowledge. Here’s a step by step guide to help you enjoy this Dussehra without blaming it on that bottle of alcohol for your binge-drinking. We give you a golden key to nip it in the bud and avoid binge drinking – find other ways to celebrate this festival, the simplest tool ever discovered!Why waste your money and time in getting drunk only to wake up next morning with a bad hangover? Invest that time in your family and friends instead- remember things that money can’t buy?

However, if you must go out to socialize, be armoured with all precautionary tools to avoid binge drinking. Avoid drinking altogether or attending celebratory events involving alcohol consumption where you know that alcohol is bound to flow in abundance. ‘Charity begins at home’, remember to keep your stomach full and eat before stepping out to attend celebratory event involving alcohol consumption.

And as the story goes, it always begins with that one drink and before you know it, you’ve lost count of the number of drinks that you’ve actually gulped down.Drink if you absolutely have to and you cannot OR you do not want to refrain from drinking. ‘Moderation’ is the word you’re looking for here. Remember how were told as kids that ‘excess of everything is bad’, well it totally applies to this scenario. Be well aware of your limits and stop before itbecomes a drink too many. It is the easiest to get carried away with the ‘buzz’ of drunken revelries.

You must remember to do yourself a huge favour- refrain from indulging in ‘drinking’ games. Displaying the competitive spirit being high on spirits is NOT the wisest idea you could come up with. Keep that nagging urge to binge-drink under check by eating in between your drinks and hydrate yourself frequently by drinking water. Do not mix your drinks. Also, it is a clever idea to request that one ‘sober’ friend to tag along who could keep a tab or two on you, lest you end up binge drinking your way to the beer barrel.

In case this action plan fails and you do get drunk, this time do Humanity a favour- DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK! Here goes a thumb rule you must always abide by- If you are old enough to drink, you most definitely are old enough to be RESPONSIBLE for your drinks.

So as we burn the effigies of mythological evil on this day, let’s pledge to banish yet another evil that has held us captive for far too long. Let us pledge to be responsible and say NO to binge-drinking this Dussehra.

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Sep 2017

Celebration without drinking alcohol – YES, it’s possible to survive by celebrating Life instead!

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Does the very thought give you jitters by creating a heavy load of doubts in your mind? Or does it sound like a lame April Fools’ Day joke? Just don’t dismiss it or press the panic button…nope, not yet! It may be that you’ve been a part of various celebrations which centered around consuming alcohol, well why not challenge yourself and try a different route – celebrate Life instead? Celebrations do not necessarily have to be planned around drinking alcohol and they can be equally enjoyable too – sorry to burst your ‘happy’ bubble!

Celebratory events and alcohol consumption have become synonymous for many people. Just the way stressful or sad events make people want to ‘drown their sorrows’ or ‘gulp down those tears and that anger with alcohol’, happy events can also act as potential trigger which makes you feel the need to get even ‘happier with alcoholic buzz’.

For people already struggling with alcohol abuse, even happy occasions planned around alcohol consumption can pose as a looming threat against remaining sober. To refrain from falling in the trap of ‘only one drink’ may be daunting but it is not impossible, it only requires your ‘will’, well a very strong will! You could begin by avoiding attendance to parties and such events which are only about getting hammered.  It’s not always possible to live like a hermit, so if you doubt your will power of steering clear of alcohol and you absolutely must attend an event or a party, you could ask a trusted friend to tag along who could be a ‘sober company’ to you. Sometimes, refusing that one friendly drink with your boss or colleague may get tricky, but remember the price that you’d have to pay to ‘please’ someone. So ask yourself if it’s worth it. You could have some fun of your own – hold a glass of non-alcoholic beverage in your hand and let those peached pesters be fooled, a win-win for both!

Go shake a leg and that booty on the dance floor, sing and make merry, just don’t be tempted to have that ‘one sip’ of Bloody Mary! One more clever trick to remember is to have an ‘exit strategy’ handy when you find the temptation too much to handle.Do you realize that you can form deep human bonds without using the ladder of intoxication as you can connect with people in a more real sense?  You can give the rightly deserved attention to the conversations and people as you interact during celebrations and social events SOBER.

You can navigate your way through to an alcohol-free life if you choose to do so. No matter how you do it, promise yourself that you wouldn’t buckle under the peer pressure, stand your ground because ‘no means no’, right? Remember to keep that promise. Initially you may feel the hiccups as it may not appear to be very gratifying, but in the long run you’ll find it to be very liberating. Things do not change overnight so have some patience.

Why drink alcohol when you can get high on life? Think.

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Sep 2017

When you are imprisoned on the ‘inside’, you cannot find escape outside

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Alcohol is an escape from the drudgery of life- Or is it really? Does it magically make all problems big and small diminish or is it merely a stubborn denial to accept the woes of life as they are?

There is always an underlying psychological and/or emotional cause which leads to alcohol abuse. Causes ranging from stressful situations at work to challenging relationships, from deep rooted childhood issues or other traumatic emotional wounding, to name a few. Reasons to alcohol abuse may be many and may vary from one individual to another, yet the common thread which binds them remains the same- the need to escape. People try to find ‘escape’ owing to their inability to either solve difficult personal or professional situations or the complete refusal to confront the on-going or long forgotten traumatic events. What they do not realize is that in order to escape those inner demons, they land up at the doorstep of another poisonous devil- alcohol.

But the question is- can you really escape what you are running away from, whether they are relationship troubles or work related issues, or those emotional wounds which still haunt you, ‘without’ dealing with the issues? And if yes, then how far can you actually run away from the problems piggybacking on alcohol? The answer is –not too far and not for very long. Eventually you are going to stumble down on this addictive passage the hard way because the road to alcohol abuse only leads to a dead end.

Known as both- a depressant and a stimulant, what alcohol actually does to your brain is to slow down its functioning by affecting the central nervous system resulting in slurred speech, altered actions and thoughts. Initially it may provide you that ‘kick’ wherein you drop the inhibitions to ‘loosen up’ and feel ‘free’ when you socialize or it may give you that ‘Dutch courage’ to finally approach that love interest you couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to otherwise. In some situations you may feel that your problems have magically disappeared and life becomes good again as you guzzle down a drink or two whereas what alcohol actually does is only to suppress it temporarily. It doesn’t really provide you ‘freedom’ from your problems, in reality it only acts as bondage while you get hooked on to the self-destructive ‘buzz’.

It is essential to overcome the evil of alcohol dependency and have other alternatives to reduce stress before the scales tip over. The importance of realization and acceptance cannot be emphasized enough, it is ‘half the battle won’. The next brave and courageous step is to seek help, it is important to have a strong support system in your friends, family or AA support groups. Timely intervention is crucial here. Engage in recreational activities when you feel that stress creeping in, to calm you down. Talk to your friends and family to get that load off your chest- talking really helps. Write down those nagging troublesome thoughts, confront those deep emotional wounds and heal. Seek professional help- schedule that meeting with a therapist. Play with a pet –never underestimate the power of the furry beings, they are huge stress busters. Spend time in nature, meditate, take a break and go to the mountains or to the sea, if you please. Take charge of your life.

Alcohol as a means to ‘escape’ is like that devil which tempts you. It hampers your cognitive abilities, negatively impacts your relationships and can prove to be fatal for your physical health too. Without timely intervention it has the capacity to push you over the edge and take the reins of your life. It is that evil which isolates you and before you know it, it claws its way to gain complete control of your life – slowly and gradually. Would you want to be a mute bystander of your own life and let this poison deplete the joys of your life? Would you rather not summon the devil and deal with the problems head on as they arise and soak in all the blessings of this beautiful life?

This poison is never to be confused as that superhero which comes to your rescue, YOU are that hero of your life. There would be problems aplenty that may arise and your mind may get clouded to search for the answers to all those problems or you may feel the need to escape, but remember that alcohol is NEVER the answer. Break free from this self-destructive cycle and say no to alcohol abuse. Don’t let your problems and this poison squeeze out the joys from your life.  The key is to stop living in denial and recognize your own super power of ‘strong will’. Go, be that superhero of your wonderful life-story!

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Sep 2017

A Booze-Free life doesn’t mean a Snooze life- Learn from these Bollywood Celebrities!

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Glitz, glamour and indulgence in the finest of luxuries that money can buy, of course all this along with  prolific talent- that’s a sneak peak of ‘Bollywood’ for you. Very often we see actors consuming alcohol on screen, it’s quite rare though that they keep away from it off-screen. The booze culture has evolved quite a lot, both on screen and off-screen. In the race to remain at the top of the game amidst many controversies and the constant struggle to ‘remain clean’ in the public eye, there are few actors who have maintained the ‘clean’ image quite literally. Before you roll your eyes and let your imagination wander with your tongue wagging out, we mean ‘booze-free clean’ here, just FYI!

 Akshay Kumar

Now you can let your tongues wag and we won’t judge you if you drool too, if you know what we mean! This disciplined actor is by far one of the fittest celebrities we have in the Bollywood bandwagon. Couple it with brilliant acting skills and a teetotaler – what an inspiration! Some of his contemporaries have jokingly complained about his ‘disciplined’ life but the man remains unfazed by their opinions and continues to endorse embracing a healthy lifestyle which includes staying away from alcohol. Looking at him we wonder that you can age as amazingly as wine without actually having a drop of alcohol. He says that for him ‘staying away from alcohol has never been a sacrifice’.

 John Abraham

Drool some more for this one…we totally feel you!

The actor turned producer is pro-vegetarianism and has strong opinions against the use of tobacco and alcohol. With a super fit body and that smile to die for, this actor proves that you don’t need alcohol to up your hotness or coolness quotient. Intense fitness regime, sticking to a healthy-vegetarian diet AND staying away from alcohol-tobacco is far cooler!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

This gorgeous lady with sculpted- hourglass figure to die for, stays away from alcohol. Fitness is a way of life for her and she endorses practicing yoga along with healthy eating… Ladies, are you reading this?

Anushka Sharma

Besides the obvious reason of ‘staying fit by following a healthy lifestyle minus alcohol’, this stunning powerhouse of talent confessed in an interview that people have spilled some of their well kept secrets under the influence of alcohol- So, there’s one more reason to stay away from it.

Amitabh Bachhan

One of the legendary actors of Hindi cinema, who at this age still experiments with roles and has evolved brilliantly in his craft. Amitabh Bachhan has many a times played the character of raging alcoholic so convincingly that it would come as a surprise to you to know that he abstains from alcohol consumption! Now think of all those songs and movie scenes which he performed almost as if he is one barrel down or even two perhaps!

Abhishek Bachhan

It would most likely be a cliché to drop ‘Like father like son’ here, but quite apt nevertheless. The actor has also refused meaty offers to endorse any liquor or tobacco based brands for a simple reason that being a teetotaler he wouldn’t promote something harmful to health as alcohol, something he himself doesn’t believe in. Principles – Impressive and inspiring!


This Bollywood actor is a role model for a healthy living. A complete fitness freak,he doesn’t consume alcohol and doesn’t smoke and he is particular about his vegetarian diet. SonuSood sets out a positive example for the masses that you don’t need to follow the mainstream herd and yet you can stand out.

Pareeniti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor are some other celebrities who say no to alcohol and follow healthy lifestyle involving strict fitness regime, and look they’ve shed some extra kilos too by restraining from alcohol consumption!

In an industry which has the potential to inspire and influence the impressionable minds of the masses, it is quite a rarity to see such disciplined celebrities who promote a healthy and alcohol-free lifestyle.

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Aug 2017

Rise of Alcohol in Post-Independence India

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Progress might not appear spotless on the eyes but it does come with a few chinks in its armour, without one shadow of a doubt. In the same vein, some so-called harmless evils have entered the fray ever since our country achieved its glorious independence back in the day. Why I say ‘so-called’ is because they don’t look ‘evil’; they’re perfect normal in today’s advanced day and age.

Intake of alcohol is one such facet, which if consumed without caution can turn into something drastic not only for the person in question but for the surroundings as well. Lets not beat around the bush anymore.

This is about the change of air pre and post independence putting alcohol intake under the microscope.

Top Brands Come Calling

According to a survey, sales are estimated to surpass 39 billion dollars this year; you heard that right! In a country of 1.2 billion individuals, India brings forth a massive market for any liquor brand to tap. No wonder big time juggernauts like Pernod Ricard and Diageo have expected big time growth from our country given the rising exposure of the youth population, improving economies and a change in the attitude towards alcohol; an influence of the western culture isn’t too far behind.

How It Used to Be

However, this is not how the tide always was. For many years after the nation gained its independence, there was a lot of chatter of alcohol prohibition altogether. Many governments came, many disappeared, but this remained a hot topic. Morarji Desai was one person who put his foot down and took a vow to curb alcohol intake within his tenure. This was the case in 1977 when he was acting as the Prime Minister of India. Such efforts time after time were all in vain though.

Money Talks

Why was it never curbed? Because alcohol brings in a whole lot of money. Period!

States gained millions and millions due to the sale of liquor and banning it never seemed profitable. Only idealists used to stir things up every now and then but after all that was said and done; at the end of the day, alcohol intake prevailed. It well and truly affects the numbers of a state; so much so, that it accounts for a quarter of the revenue for some states.

Alcohol – A Stigma Long Back

However, there was a time when alcohol was badly stigmatised. This thought was made even more concrete thanks to those classic Bollywood films back then; wherein they’ll always showcase an alcohol-savvy character whose life will plummet to destruction because of the sheer temptation of alcohol. It was men who did the drinking back then, sometimes covertly.

Alcohol Has Come Out of the Closet

With massive exposure, western influence, rise of social media, easy access, enhancement of average incomes, urge for a better lifestyle, social conventions and peer pressure; alcohol has well and truly come out of the closet. It is no more frowned upon; to an extent it has become a normality. Starting from high school kids, it has been labelled as something ‘cool’.

Rural Vs Urban

This ideology is yet to percolate throughout the entire society though. In rural areas, alcohol intake is mostly linked with degenerates; a major contributor to violence, poverty and ill behaviour against women.

Battle With the Bottle

How drastically times have changed though! Nowadays, individuals are suffering through massive dependency issues. They just don’t know how to quit as they struggle through withdrawal symptoms day in day out. As the lights go down and the glasses are up all high and nice and the music takes over; there’s next to no resistance that can be seen amongst the youth of the country.

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Aug 2017

One Drink may lead to a Dozen

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The night never quite ends at one drink does it? Alcohol more often than not, takes over an individual without one shadow of a doubt. Just like a dripping chocolate brownie, you’re almost never done. Such is the grip of alcohol, the resistance of even the most stubborn individuals wears down sooner rather than later.

The Urge of Drinking

Since time immemorial, alcohol has taken millions under its wing. Night after night, day after day, it is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and there are many reasons why.

Be it the light headed after-feeling or the feeling of metaphorical immortality or the confidence that oozes out one’s body; the reasons are endless. Even if we like to admit or not, it leaves a captivating effect. Many have come and many have gone, alcohol remains in an unchartered territory.

Imagine what a few vials of liquor can do to you! Having said that, there’s nothing good about drinking alcohol; it comes with a myriad of risks attached, not only to the individuals who is drinking but to his surroundings as well.

Where Resistance Ends, Peer Pressure Takes Over

You heard it right! Even if you go into a party thinking you’ll limit yourself just because you have a working day the next day; the chances of you sticking to what you decided are next to none.

There’s a reason why everyone’s flocking to gym these days rather than working out in a park or at home. It’s a matter of lack of will power, which is the Achilles heel in many cases. Even if a person is resistant enough, peer pressure takes one down.

You’re at a dear friend’s birthday party and everyone’s dancing to some new tunes with a glass in their hands. A little tough to hold on to a soft drink, isn’t it? Often you’ll hear phrases like ‘just one drink’ or ‘take one in my name’ or ‘this is the last one, I promise’. All it takes is a single second of weakness and the trail begins. The point of no return is reached and voila! There you are maxed out in a washroom trying to puke it out just to get it out of your system.

Even though the line of being in control is thin, it takes massive resistance on an individual’s end not to breach it. A variety of parameters enter the fray here. The surroundings matter a lot. A casual get together near your place is far different from a bachelor’s party at a high-end pub. The reasons for drinking can be endless; but you have to hold on to your end valiantly.

How can you do that? Here are some ways by which you can ensure that one drink doesn’t lead to a dozen at the end of a session:

How To Effectively Limit Yourself

  • Don’t stay for too long: This is the best decision you can make. Clearly, the sooner you leave, the better it gets for you. If you plan on staying till the end, something or the other might trigger the urge which you might regret later on.
  • Stay near individuals who don’t drink at all: This will set the peer pressure right. If you can, stay in a group of completely sober individuals or friends who don’t drink at all.
  • Make a promise and keep it: Be it with yourself, your partner or your best friend, make a promise of not drinking that much and keep it. It will cost you some resistance; but it’ll all be worth it at the end.

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Aug 2017

Teenage Binge Drinking – A Devil in Disguise

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We won’t stop drinking till we see the sun! Its his 18th birthday, drink up! One last shot! All these phrases have become far too common these days and there are good reasons why. Teenagers across the world are flocking towards bars and drinking joints left, right and centre. It’s the new ‘cool’ per se as per their immature lingo.

And yes, we’re talking about teenage binge drinking if you were still wondering.

What is binge drinking you ask?

Binge drinking is the state wherein an individual drinks a substantial amount of alcohol in a short period of time as if there’s no tomorrow. Capiche? It often involves mixing of different types of alcohol which is harmful in ways more than one.

Binge Drinking – A Normalcy in Teenagers

When was the last time you promised yourself that you won’t drink beyond 2 pegs, but ended up maxed out on your friend’s sofa? This is what binge drinking does to you. In today’s party and social media savvy age, binge drinking has become a norm for adolescents and teenagers; so much so that even school kids have become a part of this.

Whether it is a ‘turning 18’ birthday party of a friend’s sister’s wedding or an end-of-exam celebration or India winning the World Cup; the pressure to drink is immense. Most teenagers run on impulses which inhibits their reasoning and practicality. Whatever resistance remains is taken care of by peer pressure. Today, you won’t find a teenager who isn’t into any form of intoxication; this is what it has come down to.

Binge Drinking After Effects

Not just illegal, but by indulging in binge drinking, teenagers are not only putting their lives under peril but risking the life of others as well. Since the amount of intoxication reaches astronomical levels, there is no semblance of control whatsoever. This is where their ‘high’ self takes over and decision making moves out of the picture. Period!

Some proven after effects:

Vomiting – Vomiting is one of the most common after effects of binge drinking. In hindsight, it is good for you as it removes the alcohol content from your body quickly.

Brain Damage – Yes! You read that right. Binge drinking might cause temporary or permanent brain damage in some cases. How alcohol works is that it kills brain cells irrespective of the intake. In general cases, those cells regenerate quickly; however, binge drinking heavy amounts might slow the regeneration process causing irreparable brain damage.

Anxiety and Depression – Since cognitive thinking and reasoning is nowhere to be seen once you’re high, binge drinking can trigger cases of anxiety and depression.

Alcohol Poisoning – Since a teenage body is not fully developed physically, there’s only so much it can take. Massive amount of alcohol being taken in fairly quick time increases the chances of alcohol poisoning. This is a serious ailment which might take weeks for proper recovery depending on the severity of the condition.

Memory Loss – Again, since the brain cells might get permanently or temporarily damaged, the individual might suffer from memory loss. And we’re not just talking about not remembering what happened last night; but about memories of the past.

Saying ‘No’ Isn’t Half Bad After All

If you’re wondering what to do if you’re out in public and want to avoid binge drinking; here’s what you can do:

  1. Know when you’ve crossed your limit.
  2. Don’t be too wary about what others might think.
  3. Pre-define your alcohol intake and stick to it.
  4. If you’re worried about being labelled a ‘spoil-sport’, you can imitate drinking using a coloured non-alcoholic mocktail.
  5. Try and stick to the sober part of your group; the company you keep is all that matters.
  6. Don’t give in to peer pressure.

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Aug 2017

Maturity Matters – Not everyone can handle Liquor

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Just like everything else in life; even when it comes to liquor consumption, maturity matters. Say what? How can maturity be linked to drinking alcohol? Well, alcohol is not an everyday item which comes without a permissible limit. Its an occasional entity; if not taken with caution, can have multiple uncalled for after-effects.

Its not like other food/beverage items in the sense that it is not meant for everyone. Not every body type can get used to alcohol. There’s a reason why there’s a legal age limit. Our body is not accustomed to the intake of liquor up until a certain age.

Alcohol might not induce the death or damage of brain cells directly; but it certainly affects how brain cells interact or communicate with others. This way, solid decision making goes out of the picture and bad things happen.

The intake of alcohol is often dependent on a variety of factors:

  1. Sleep – Lack of sleep can get you drunk fairly quickly because your inhibitions aren’t tightly wound like always.
  2. Food – An empty stomach not only has the potential to intoxicate you quickly but also make your stomach upset as well; since there is no food (inside your stomach) which can absorb the alcohol rushing in.
  3. Capacity – If you’re used to doing 20 push-ups each day; vowing for 35 might come with some trouble isn’t it? Hope you get the gist.
  4. Company – The company you keep largely affects how well you’re settling in and having a ball. The closer the people; less conscious you are whilst drinking.
  5. Surroundings – Being in a crowded place with loud music pumping through your veins and strobe lighting all around often does the trick.
  6. Liquor Quality – The more you spend; the better the quality is. On the flipside, taking in cheap alcohol can cause serious damage.
  7. Body Type – If you’re heavyset, the probability of alcohol affecting you after a couple of pegs is different if you’re skinny.

Knowing that every individual has a different experience post intake; here’s what you can do to not end up flat on the floor:

1. Know Your Limit

If you’re not an amateur, you should have a threshold set i.e. you would know the number of drinks acceptable to your body whilst staying in control.

2. Know When To Stop

Knowing when to stop is one thing and stopping when the moment comes is a whole different ball game. Make sure you exercise your will power when it is needed the most. It is just like forcing yourself to go to gym day in day out even when you’re short on motivation.

Certain Things Come With Age

This is one rule that works in life no matter what. You can speed everything up, but age. The older you get; the better your immunity is which will make you more capable of handling alcohol at a respectable level.

Excess of Everything Is Bad

Another case of common sense, no matter the age or time, excess of everything can be lethal. Learn to pace yourself and never go overboard. Even though it might not seem like it in the moment, there’s always a tomorrow in store.

There’ A Reason Behind The Legal Age Limit

There’s a reason why the legal drinking age in our country is 25 years. Deserves some sort of respect now, doesn’t it? Maturity definitely helps both of the mind and of the body. And it is something which comes progressively, in time. There’s no quick fix for everything in life. Patience!

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