Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

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Have you ever thought of mixing your favourite cocktail with your coffee? Well, it’s the perfect season to mix coffee with your choice of booze. Coffee alcoholic drinks are flavoursome, a delight to drink and, quite often, extremely easy to blend.

Mixing a little booze to your cherished freshly brewed coffee is a splendid way to bring it an additional boost.

Below are some of the best coffee cocktails to tickle your taste buds –

  1. Irish Coffee – Irish coffees are the most desired blend of alcohol and coffee, both because they are full of flavour and because you can get away with them in family brunches. The quintessential cocktail is made up of hot coffee mixed with Irish coffee, melted brown sugar, and fresh cream, and the whole thing is served in a fancy glass.
  2. French Connection Coffee or Cafe Amore – Instead of whiskey, the French prefer the spirit of Cognac and the taste of Amaretto. A classic French connection is equal parts cognac and the liqueur of Amaretto. Just add an ounce of Cognac and an ounce of Amaretto to a glass of ice and stir. The coffee version, however, is served warm and is often called Cafe Amore.
  3. Italian Coffee – It’s an herbal blend, golden in colour from the saffron infusion. When infused with hot coffee, it unlocks a wild aroma of mint, fennel, and juniper, along with more than 60 other herbal ingredients. The recipe for this liqueur has been a secret since 1860, when it was first produced in Campania, Italy. This is a bright, light-bodied liqueur that packs up to 80 proof of a punch.
  4. Maple Bourbon – Utter the word maple and bourbon to most people, and they’re super happy. Each of these flavours is phenomenal on its own – bring them together with coffee and oh my, what a wonderful day.
  5. Siciliano – A Siciliano is made up of sweet Italian vermouth, Amaro Averna, and cold-brewed coffee, and although it’s not meant to be a strong drink, it makes for an incredible after-dinner drink.
  6. Anatolia Cafe – An Anatolia Cafe is almost like a Sicilian, but instead of vermouth, you use cognac, and instead of amaro, you use cherry liqueur and cinnamon powder. Combine all that up, add a cup of coffee to taste, and top it off with some whipped cream, and you’ve got a delicious cocktail on hand.
  7. Hot White Russian – This boozy coffee drink certainly looks amazing: it contains coffee, heavy cream, Kahlua, and just as much vodka as you can handle, additionally you can top it off with more heavy cream as a garnish.
  8. Espresso Martini – Martinis is the favourite fancy drink of many. The Espresso Martini is a particularly good drink for people who like coffee and James Bond movies. They’re served chilled, they contain vodka and coffee liqueur, and they tend to be served with espresso beans as a garnish.

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Vodka Cocktails

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Vodka is the most versatile and useful alcoholic beverages in the bar. From sweet to savoury or dry to spicy, the spirit’s clear, clean flavour blends well with any taste. There is a vodka beverage for every occasion.

Among this comprehensive list of vodka beverages, some of the standouts are labelled to be highly desirable. These are the most famous drinks that everybody should taste at least once and if your beverage of choice is vodka; you’re probably tired of a traditional vodka tonic – so why not try something different?

With distinctive flavours and easy recipes, it has never been easier to replace that flat-forward beverage and try some amusing cocktails that any vodka drinker is sure to love.

Cosmopolitan – Vodka is the perfect base for light fruit flavours. Cosmopolitan is a beautiful, fruity cocktail made with vodka, cranberry and lime juices.  Popularly referred to as cosmo, you can adapt it to suit your taste.

Apple Martini – One of the most famous fruit martinis, it’s difficult to avoid the taste of a well-made apple martini. Although you may be acquainted with the bright green variant, there are a lot of variations on this awesome cocktail.

Vodka Martini – Vodka-based martinis fill the cocktail menus, and there’s no scarcity of ingredients to mix. Yet, there’s only one real vodka martini, and it’s incredibly simple. All you need for this drink is vodka, dry vermouth, and bitters, which is nothing more than a classic gin martini with a vodka base. It’s crisp, clean, and the finest way of showing off the top-shelf vodkas in your bar.

Black Russian – If you’re searching for an uplifting and brief vodka drink, black Russian is the ideal choice. It needs just two components — vodka and coffee liqueur and mixes in a matter of minutes.

Sex on the Beach – One of the perfect cocktails in the summer, sex on the beach is always a smash. There are a lot of fruity flavours to cherish in this recipe. You’ll combine the bright flavours of orange juice and peach schnapps with the darker fruit of cranberry juice and crème de cassis (black currant). It’s just wonderful with a vodka base.

Screwdriver – A lot of vodka cocktails are high on the fruit, and highballs like a screwdriver are nothing more than spiked fruit juice. It’s great all day from brunch to happy hour. Furthermore, fresh orange juice is recommended and makes a better screwdriver, although this is not a prerequisite.

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The Rules for Drinking Gin

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Gin is a popular drink among all of us–it’s no longer the exclusive preserve of ladies of a particular generation! But what’s the safest way to drink? Although there are no clear rules for drinking your gin, knowing the best way to mix your alcoholic beverage will do you a lot of good. It is, however, one of the most versatile spirits that can blend in with other ingredients to produce an exciting cocktail. Whether you try gin for the first time, or you want to play with something different. Here are a few ways you can drink the gin you probably had never heard.

On the rocks

You can drink your gin straight. Some people will only suggest that this is the only way to drink gin. Only pour the gin over a few ice cubes, and if you like, throw in the lime wedge. Of course, to enjoy a neat spirit, it must be of good quality— nothing worse than a dirty, sour, cheap gin. Gins come in almost any form of flavour you want, ranging from chocolate, citrus, herbal, cinnamon or caramel.

If you want to test your palate with a nice pour of straight gin, we suggest you look for bottling infused with botanicals that you already enjoy regularly. If you are citrus, lemon notes, then Malfy Con Limone, Portobello Road and Four Pills Rare Dry Gin are all good bets. If you like a little spice and are on an exotic edge, grab a bottle of Junipero or Berkshire Mountain Greylock Gin.

Gin in Cocktails

Gins, particularly in martinis, can be taken as a significant ingredient in cocktails. In a Martini, you can try any of your favourite Gin brands, any other neutral drinks, and you’d be surprised how soft and sweet your favourite cocktail can become. Gins are perfect for cocktails, and not only they blend in, but they can amazingly lift the drink to a new level.

Gin and Coke/Tonic

Since the 1700s when British colonialists invented it in India, the great mixture of gin and tonic water has been delighting drinkers. Look for gins that suit your tonic of choice. Classic London’s dry gin blends well with a variety of tonics, just as it does with a lot of carbonated beverages and soda. It is to be believed that one should let the ice melt before drinking this combination. Although it may sound strange to melt the ice and dilute the flavours, it is a way of combining the subtle notes of gin with the tonic, resulting in an all-around better cocktail. Once the ice starts to melt, it not only makes the drink warmer, but it also helps to blend all the flavours.


The temperature tends to change the taste of a lot of drinks. The texture changes when the gin is frozen and becomes more dense and viscous. The taste profile opens up as it warms up, making you feel better at tasting the notes. You may want to keep your bottle in the freezer and let it travel to room temperature to get a better drink before drinking.

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