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Almost all conversations around fertility and health of the developing baby are overwhelmingly targeted towards women. Primarily because it is absolutely true that the health of the mother has direct consequences on the healthy development of the baby, but it wouldn’t be so wise to ignore other factors like environment and more importantly the health of the father. A research suggests that men who are planning to be fathers also stand the chance to seriously reduce or altogether abstain during conception.

According to the U.S. Centres of Disease Control & Prevention, more than 3.3 million women – or roughly 10 per cent of all pregnant women are at the risk of having their babies suffer from alcohol induced disorders. The spectrum of these devastating disorders are characterised by severe developmental difficulties and problems of the central nervous system.

Also note that this report was widely criticized and on occasions, even misinterpreted as saying that women should abstain from drinking alcohol altogether. Some women also felt judged for having sex! Of course, the naivety of these claims that took an unexpected and dreaded sociological perspective had little to do with the health of the baby when it in the womb. Later on, it was clarified that the report was limited to only pregnant women and not women who fall in the child-bearing age. Perhaps, the most gender-biased aspect of the report was that it spoke about what women should do when there is enough research evidence that consumption of alcohol by men also greatly affects the quality of sperm and therefore the child.

Here is an experiment that was performed on the effects of alcohol on fertility in rats. (which can also be the case with humans) –

In 2013, a study was conducted on rats which found that male rats which had been exposed to alcohol fertilized females rats which gave birth to babies that had much similarity to Foetal Alcohol Disorder Syndrome. The baby rats in this case had nervous or brain damage. The control group that had no exposure to alcohol produced healthy offspring. We’re yet to find concrete evidence, but it definitely is very possible for human males to affect the health of their baby by excessive consumption of alcohol.

It is also of little surprise that the overall health and living environment of the future father also greatly affects the health of the baby. These include the absence of a healthy diet, chemical exposure, and alcohol consumption. These are some things that are universally linked to decreased fertility amongst men and a poor birth rate.

Another psychological aspect that is often overlooked is the supportive role of the man during pregnancy. It is easier for the woman to successfully combat stress and overcome any hurdles during pregnancy by the support and well-being of her husband. Always remember to drink responsibly and enjoy life to the fullest!

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The ability to create and nurture life is the biggest blessing that has ever been bestowed on mankind. Giving birth to a young one is the purest form of creation. Women all over the world dream of having healthy and happy families but only special couples are blessed with absolutely healthy babies. Unfortunately, a range of imbalances, diseases and disorders have to be considered before conception. Most infections happen to children after birth. However in grave circumstances, the baby may show deformity or ill-health even before they are born – and many times, knowingly or unknowingly, mothers are responsible for making their babies fall prey to circumstances. Drinking before or during pregnancy is one such instance where babies are unconditionally exposed to the worst form of alcohol abuse – the one that happens even before birth.

What happens when you drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy predisposes the growing baby in the womb to a multitude of disorders. So much so that doctors attribute a whole spectrum of diseases to irresponsible consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. Drinking at any time during the pregnancy or even at the time around conception has shown to have serious consequences. Some common diseases associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy are –

  1. Premature Birth – Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may induce premature birth of the baby in which case they are born in time less than 37 weeks of gestation.
  2. Alcohol can cause massive damage to the baby’s developing brain.
  3. Alcohol may also induce birth defects in the developing baby and may cause harm to the heart, hearing or vision. Birth defects, generally speaking are disorders that are caused during birth and may include malfunctioning or distorted organs which are not physiologically fit to function in the long run.
  4. Mothers who drink alcohol during or before pregnancy often complain of low birth weight of their babies.
  5. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy may also result in miscarriage – a condition where the baby dies in the womb, even before completing 20 weeks.
  6. Stillbirth also is an unfortunate circumstance when the baby dies in the womb after completing 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  7. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is characterized by individuals who have intellectual or learning disabilities which mean children may have difficulty in communication, understanding and getting along with regular life to an extent that they may feel misfit for the society. FASD may also delay or be responsible for underdeveloped physiological development. FASD lasts all life and has no real cure, and is generally seen in individuals who suffered in the womb from their mothers binge drinking.

It is also noteworthy that many mothers boast of healthy babies even after drinking during their term of pregnancy, whereas some unfortunate women succumb their greatest creation to alcohol related disorders even with very little drinking. For now, with ongoing research, it has been determined that every pregnancy is different from any other – that every baby is special and there is no known way to determine the ‘safe’ limit of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Always remember to drink responsibly!

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Winter in India is awful for many reasons.

  1. Most of us do not have central heating systems in our homes.
  2. Taking off warm clothing even when you’re indoors can give you the flu.
  3. Exercising without sunlight is next to impossible.
  4. The only respite is in coastal areas.

This leaves us adults with lesser choices of enjoying the time we spend together. Surprisingly, in the winters, alcohol comes to our rescue! When consumed in the right quantity with the right snack, alcohol can actually induce a feeling of warmth inside our bodies. Before we go into details about the kind of drinks you can look forward to drink (with responsibility, of course), let us shatter some myths related to drinking in the winter months.

Alcohol doesn’t increase your body temperature, but in fact, lowers it.

Alcohol, on consumption does not go through the process of digestion but is directly picked up by our blood steam. Alcohol dilates blood vessels and drives blood from organs etc. towards the skin, giving the feeling of warmth, but never adding to it. In simpler words, alcohol only drives the heat at the core of the body to the surface, inducing a feeling of warmth. Unfortunately, it takes away the heat from where it is most needed, the core.

Here are some ways to make alcoholic drinks to drink responsibly in the winter –

  1. Kahlua, Absolut Vodka & Club Soda

To get you some help with the sweet tooth, Kahlua is a chocolate based drink which is just a little more fancy than the good old hot-chocolate. Mixed with Vodka, this drink is smooth in your mouth and throat.

  1. The Manhattan Martini

This fancy looking martini is a magical mix of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, and perhaps apome of cherry as a fashion accessory! The martini glass will surely keep you looking classy, maybe a little more upmarket than you originally planned.

  1. Hot Butter Rum

As comforting as it sounds, life really does not get better than having a hot glass of buttered rum on a frozen winter day. Dark rum, butter, some garnishing (like cinnamon, clove) from the home kitchen and some nutmeg will do the trick for you. Heaven!

  1. Adam’s Apple

This one is the simplest vodka drink in the history of alcohol. Just some alcohol with apple juice, and this is good to go. However, don’t fill up on this just because it is easy to make – to enjoy a drink fully, always remember to drink responsibly.

  1. Bloody Mary

This is an ideal winter drink. Filled with the goodness of vitamin C (from tomato), salt and spices, Bloody Mary can be a boon on a chilly winter night if consumed with responsibility.


A shot of whiskey will do just as much benefit as any of these cocktail drinks. Drinking in the winter, when done with responsibility is always a warm and happy experience.

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