Traditional Christmas Drinks

Here’s wishing you an amazing holiday season with the utmost joy and happiness for you and your family. Now, when it comes to Christmas most people think of the decorations, the food, the Christmas tree and the impeding New Year.

But there is more than about just a handful of drinks as well that are synonymous with the holiday season, and what’s better than just brining them all into one place so that you have a bucket list of drinks to chug this holiday season:

  1. Cider
    It’s hot and it’s buttered. And though it might sound a bit gross, but a can of cider would never hurt anyone, in fact just coupled with the honey spirit it starts to sound pleasant enough.
    The drink is fermented and tastes like juice, but it does get a great amount of love and following across the holiday season.
  1. Eggnog
    Eggnog is a drink that has not only been popular for centuries, but is consumed wholeheartedly all across the world. Made using cream, sugar, eggs and coupled with a breeze of alcohol, the drink is full of nutrients including important ones like calcium, protein, etc.
  1. Hot Buttered Beer
    Buttered Beer can also trace its roots all the way back to medical times. It is a mix of spices, egg yolks and whip sugar. The final brewed product tastes a sweet form of beer and is a very popular Christmas drink.
  1. The Candy Cane
    Candy cane is a cocktail that contains white chocolate liquor and hint of peppermint schnapps. You can choose to add to the visual appeal of the drink by adding a rim of crushed candy canes.
    Another version of the drink made for adults is the Candy Cane Punch, which is an easy non alcoholic drink that gets the traditional Christmas flavour from the use of peppermint ice cream.
  1. Cranberry Margarita
    Just as the name suggests the drink is a mixture of lemon, strawberries and margaritas. And since it is holiday season, you can add the traditional flavour of tart cranberries and viola, you have a tasty Christmas drink. You can also add a touch of orange liqueur for the orange flavour and get the traditional cranberry-and-fresh-orange sauce.
  1. Mistletoe Mojito
    The Mistletoe Mojito is a mojito that is spiced up using the flavour of pomegranate. The fruit itself is deeply associated with Christmas and its even Christmas coloured. You can add to the taste of the mistletoe mojito with mint and lime.
  1. Gingerbread Apple Cocktail
    The Gingerbread Apple Cocktail gets its signature taste from ginger liqueur and apple cider, while you can also choose to add vodka for the kick. For adding a visual appeal, you can add crushed gingersnaps to the rim and keep them in place with honey.
  1. Hot Buttered Rum
    The drink requires spiced rum, brown sugar and creamed up with butter and spices. The resulting beverage has a slight brown shade and a slight spicy taste. The unique blend of ingredients has given the drink a traditional status and great following.

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Is Eggnog Good for You?

Eggnog is a drink that can easily trace its roots as far back as the 14th century medieval Englishmen. Come forth the American colonies and the drink’s popularity skyrocketed all across.
Drank profusely in the Holiday season, the hot cocktail also known as ‘milk punch’ is generally a bend of milk, cream, sugar and egg. The drink tastes sinfully delicious and for the people out there who care about the nutritional content of the drink and wonder whether the drink is healthy for you, you’ve got to read on.

What’s in the cup?

Eggnog is made using whole milk, cream, eggs and sugar. It has a rich content of nutrients and half a cup of serving can fill you up to 180 calories and about 6 grams of saturated fat (which accounts for about 30 percent of the daily recommended limit). However, there’s also about 70mg of cholesterol in the same amount of eggnog, which is again about a quarter of the daily permissible limit. Another optional but mostly used ingredient in the drink is alcohol, which only adds to the already overflowing love and following for the drink.

Although, you do have a lot of options that you can choose from when it comes to eggnog. You can pick from several commercial brands or you can choose to mix up your own drink. If you’re picking up the latter, you must make sure that you use pasteurised eggs so that you repress the risk of salmonella, because it can make you violently ill. Using pasteurised eggs is even advised by the FDA.

There is also one very important ingredient that is present in eggnog, and that is calcium. About half a cup of calcium delivers about 13 percent of the required daily dose, and also gives you about 5 grams of protein in just half a cup of serving.

An Unhealthy Obsession?

Even though it has a plethora of nutrients, all of which have their own share of pros and cons, the drink has a large following among holiday drinkers. The drink has its own shares of concerns because in regards to food and food safety, eating under cooked products is hardly a good idea, and its obvious why people raise eyebrows when they learn that the key ingredient in eggnog is raw eggs. There is a small chance that Salmonella form raw eggs might effect the drinker.

But the fact remains that drinkers all across are undeterred by the drink, in fact about 122 million pound of Eggnog is consumed annually in America alone, about half a cup of drink per person. Regardless of whether you are on the side of eggnog or are more of a cider person, there are certain precautions that you can take in order to ensure that you stay safe this holiday season.

This includes, cooking the egg base, using pasteurised eggs and storing the eggnog for a while before drinking.

Sure, it requires a sheer will power to stop yourself from immediately chugging down the whole glass, but it’s safer to store it first.

So, imbibe safely, and enjoy your share of the delicious Christmas drink.

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