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Are You A Responsible Drinker?

While drinking is an accepted norm in our society, it is essential to be a responsible drinker. But, what does ‘responsible drinking’ mean anyway, one might wonder?

Let’s simplify it for you, it implies the suggested low-risk alcohol consumption guidelines, to minimize the health risks associated with excessive drinking. It states that consumption of alcohol for men should not exceed 3 units per day, no more than 15 units a week. Whereas, for women, the consumption of alcohol should not be more than 2 units of alcohol per day, and should not exceed 10 units a week.

So, is drinking within the suggested limits enough to be a responsible drinker? Well, responsible drinking involves many other aspects.

With this article let’s breeze you through a short checklist of steps which you can take to drink responsibly. You might as well give yourself a little pat on the shoulder for staying within the suggested space.

Manual Of A Responsible Drinker

A Responsible Drinker Remembers To Stay Hydrated

Because he knows the importance of the water, the responsible drinker stays hydrated while consuming alcohol.

A Responsible Drinker Remembers To Eat

Because he understands well that food slows the absorption of alcohol in the body, a responsible drinker never drinks on an empty stomach!

A Responsible Drinker Does Not Push Himself To Drink More

It is wise not to push your limits, and it’s wiser to let go! We all have alcohol tolerance capacity which varies from person to person, depending upon various factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and many more.
So, while it is important to drink and make merry, it is also important to know where to stop & stay within the safe limits. A responsible drinker firmly believes in it and understands it.

A Responsible Drinker Knows The Power of ‘No’

He is not afraid to most respectfully sayeth ‘No Means No’!

Even though many mature heads respect your choice of limiting your alcohol consumption, we come across the foolish lot & the bullies who have digestive issues with your decisions & choices. When such situations come to the fore, a responsible drinker remembers to stand his ground and reminds himself of the mantra ‘No succumbing to the bullies, please’.

A Responsible Drinker Remembers To Detox

Eating right diet is important and sometimes, switching to non-alcoholic beverages is also a wise choice. A responsible drinker knows it by heart, and is not ashamed to choose wisely!

A Responsible Drinker Doesn’t Fall In A ‘Heavy Drinking’ Soup

Be mindful & brave enough to acknowledge when the scales of drinking tip over and you find yourself slipping away from responsible drinking to binge & heavy drinking. If you find yourself stuck in a situation which warrants heavy boozing, excuse yourself or be firm to say no and stand your ground. A responsible drinker is mindful of this fact.

A Responsible Drinker NEVER Drinks & Drives

He marks it in red and bolds in his mind, and there is no other way around it. A responsible drinker ‘never’ gets tempted to drink and drive, because he knows that he must book a cab home when he’s out drinking & partying with friends. Period.

Above all, whenever out partying, he reminds himself of the golden words ‘choose better, choose wisely’ and that makes him a responsible drinker!

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Revisiting The Resolutions This New Year (Alternatives To Drinking In Moderation Or Taking A Break From Alcohol)

The new year has ushered the new & positive energies. It has presented us yet another chance, to let go of the overindulgence, limiting beliefs & bad habits, and start afresh. Although one can abandon these negative habits on any given day, however, now that the new year has just begun, how about making some fresh resolutions and finding the right balance?

The important point to bear in mind is that we need to ‘unlearn to relearn’. Unlearn all the limiting & unhealthy patterns which we have acquired, becoming a clean slate, turning the leaf over and relearning all over again. It’s like beginning over with a new set of eyes.

Now you may wonder what are these ‘limiting & unhealthy patterns’ being referred to here? In simplified words, all that which leads us away from leading a healthy & blissful life, anything which strays us from the path of moderation. These dependencies include overindulgence in unhealthy eating & drinking habits, leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Unhealthy drinking habits refer to binge drinking or excessive drinking which limits us from leading a fruitful life.

Here, we bring you a brief list of things that you might want to consider investing your time, energy & money in. It’s about understanding the fact that dependencies are a major roadblock in our mind & our lives, we must find the right balance for a wholesome life.

Focus On Fitness

It cannot be emphasised enough, how important being fit in mind, body & soul is. Rather than looking forward to the repetitive parties which might tempt you to overindulge in drinking, focus on your fitness. Remind yourself that it’s okay to take a break from that overindulgence. Challenge yourself to follow a new regime that pushes your boundaries. You might as well shed those kilos which excessive alcohol gifted you!

Join A Book Club

Oh Boy…the wonderland of books!

Let your imagination soar high & you can have your own slice of bliss. Dig-in, dive-in to find a new meaning, not in a glass of alcohol but in books which broaden your intellectual horizons, the one that brings you closer to living a happy & healthy life.

 Travel – Explore

Give your system a much-deserved break from the maddening hustle-bustle of daily routine, work & excessive consumption of alcohol. Talk long strolls all by yourself, hike your way around. Find new mountains to climb or find new shores to touch, your mind, body & soul ‘deserve’ this break. Be safe, find new places to explore or visit the ones which bring you joy.

Learn A Musical Instrument

Come to think of it, what is life without music? Can you imagine, because we’d dare not! Besides, hitting the right chords gives you a different kind of high altogether.

Did you have a dream, a wish as a child to learn a music form? Did you, as a teenager wish to learn to play the guitar as a cool rockstar? Or perhaps find that music buried deep in your heart. You know what, it’s now time to pursue that!

Learn A New Dance Form

Dance is a wonderful way of expressing your emotions & a brilliantly breezy way of staying fit. Make a resolution to stay healthy, become an observer of your feelings as dance liberates you from the worldly worries. This time let the rhythms of dance bring you that high, the idea is to invest in ‘yourself’ to lead a happy life.

Polish Your Linguistic Skills

Stimulate your brain a little more and learn a new language, learn about new cultures. The chances are that you might end up making travel plans, forming new friendships, or even finding a new hobby. You might end up seeing the world upside down, albeit in an absolutely different manner. So go on, try it!

Volunteer To Those In Need

Take the kind & courageous steps to help the ones who are in need. Think about it, would you not be willing to invest your energy & money to make a difference in the lives of those who need help. Set a ‘give-away’ week or month or perhaps, block a weekend. Take a break from putting your bucks on booze & be of service to the society. Invest your time in educating others about the impact of excessive drinking, alcoholism, binge drinking. Help those in need, and it’s going to fill your heart with gratitude & bring you peace.

Cook Your Heart Out!

Improve your culinary skills, learn new cuisines. This time fill your time and tummy with new skills & delicious food and as you do so, raise a toast to yourself for making the efforts to strike the right balance to great health & living fully.

It’s time to bury the ghosts of the years past and begin anew. Drink, but do so in moderation, do not let the excess of it to consume you. It’s time to shed old skin, to let go of binge/excessive drinking, or addictions of any kind to live in moderation. There’s a world out there waiting to be explored, and all you have to do is ‘BEGIN’!

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Why Do I Get Drunk but My Friends Don’t?

‘Why did I get drunk last evening, but my friend was sober?’, raise your hand if you’ve been plagued by this question at least once in your life.

There are people who are more affected by alcohol, meaning that they get tipsy, whereas, some others remain as solid as a rock despite consuming rather large amounts of alcohol. Thus, if this question has troubled you to bits, you’d be relieved to know that you aren’t alone! Sometimes, even the seasoned drinkers are perplexed by this tricky situation after a night of revelry with friends. So, you can sit back & relax as we share some facts that can help to solve this mystery for you!

Now, speaking of capacity or tolerance, how is that different for two individuals consuming the same amount of alcohol? Well it could depend upon various factors which determine what effects does alcohol have on ones’ body, these factors include ethnic, biological traits, age, gender, the interval between drinks, whether one has consumed alcohol on an empty stomach.

Ethnic & Biological Traits

Have you ever heard of the famous Asian flush syndrome? Do you also wonder if the Irish really are heavy drinkers?

Asian flush syndrome is a condition which is found in people of Asian ethnicities particularly China, Japan, Korea.
The primary enzyme responsible for the Asian flush syndrome is dehydrogenase.

The red flush occurs because of a genetic acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency. The blood vessels dilate due to the buildup of ‘acetaldehyde’ leading to the ‘flushed’ reddening of the face and raced heartbeats.

From Asia, as we move on to Ireland, it is pertinent to mention that there is no scientific evidence that supports or suggests that the Irish are indeed comparatively superior drinkers!


It takes time to become a seasoned drinker as the body takes time to become tolerant of alcohol. Paradoxically, as we ripe in age & owing to physical changes & in the brain, the alcohol builds up to a higher concentration & hits us slightly harder.

As postmenopausal women go through changes in their body, another effect of menopause observed is the slower metabolism of alcohol.


Men have a higher water body level which means that they are less likely to get drunk in comparison with premenopausal women.

It is observed that women are more likely to get liver toxicity.

Time Interval

How you consume alcohol really matters, yes it does!

One needs to time their drink as going slow is the key here. The volume of alcohol consumed at a slow pace is more likely to keep you sober. The faster you drink, the drunker you get.


Never drink it up on an empty stomach, carbs & fats ensure that you do not get drunk anytime sooner. Certain foods delay the absorption of alcohol in the body, thus saving the day for us!

To conclude, you can heave a sigh of relief, since you know the contributing factors which are likely to make you drunker than your friends.

Disclaimer: Let’s state here that excessive drinking has adverse effects on health and by no means should one boast about a mighty drinking capacity. One should be mindful of the amount of alcohol consumed & must not drink beyond one’s capacity.

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