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Dec 2017

Foods To Avoid With Alcohol

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They say that it is wise not to consume alcohol on empty stomach and that one should eat in between the drinks, do you know why? Here’s why…a tummy-full of food leads to slower absorption of alcohol in your body. Excessive alcohol messes up your system in multiple ways which include physical, mental, emotional and social after-effects. It is safe to say that binge drinking is directly proportional to binge eating. Picture this- waking up with a terrible hangover and now imagine the after effects of outrageously bad food pairing with alcohol! We bet that it is something you wouldn’t possibly want to experience, now would you? Once again, we come flying wearing our cape of good Samaritans to your rescue.  We’ve made a short list of food you must avoid pairing with alcohol.

Salt Isn’t So Good

Alcohol consumption in excess leads to dehydration as it is diuretic. It simply means that consumption of alcohol leads to a decreased production of anti-diuretic hormone which is used by our body to reabsorb water, thus leading to loss of fluid through excessive urination. Salty snacks make you feel thirsty and unless you are opting for a glass of water in between your many drinks, you’re in the danger zone because you’d be left dehydrated even more. Avoid pairing salty snacks with alcohol and give your bladder a break!

Honey, Watch The Sugar Rush!

Sugar and alcohol aren’t the best combination for your blood sugar levels. Plus, combining sweets with alcohol tends to aggravate the intoxication caused by alcohol and makes you feel dehydrated.

Talking about sugar, let’s divert to sugar in aerated drinks. We know that alcohol affects your blood sugar level by altering it negatively. So even though you might love that bourbon with aerated drink or love to enjoy your rum with cola, it ain’t helping you much besides making your blood sugar level go into a maddening overdrive and adding unwanted kilos to your weight.

Ditch the Dairy Products

Why, you ask? Because it’s a myth that dairy products act as coating to your stomach lining to avoid getting drunk. Most of the alcohol is consumed through small intestine so consuming dairy products won’t help you much. On the contrary, combining alcohol with dairy products is likely to give you heartburn and cause indigestion because they’re difficult to digest.

Go Easy On Spicy-Greasy

Again, eating spicy-greasy foods is not going to make you the cleverest of Toms in town. Combining alcohol with such foods can cause reflux and severe gastritis. Alcohol disturbs the digestive system and acts as an irritant to lower esophagus by relaxing it which causes acidity from stomach to reflux. Next time, when you feel the urge to place an order for that bucket of spicy chicken wings with beer- think twice, think thrice.

We part ways with you with few more words of wisdom, drink responsibly and ‘be mindful’ of what you drink and what you eat.

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Dec 2017

Count Your Many Calories

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Have you ever wondered the amount of calories you’re welcoming as you gulp down that fifth shot right around midnight? Well, its more common than you think. But then we never get around to actually looking for the answers, do we?

Contrary to popular belief, its not just the food or the taste-changers we eat while drinking that give us the belly-guilt. Getting right to the point; let’s look at a wide array of popular alcoholic drinks and dissect their calorie counts.

*We’re dealing with standard volumes i.e. a glass of champagne and wine, a can of beer and a shot of all others.


Why did we start with champagnes when almost every party ends with one? Because we love irony that’s why.

A standard glass of champagne contains 96 CAL, which should bring good news to all such partyholics out there.


Here’s one which which will grab the most attention given its popularity. We’ve often heard that non-coloured drinks or spirits have the least amount of calories when compared with other kids of alcohol on the market. This is where vodka and gin enter the fray.

A standard shot of vodka/gin contains 96 CAL. Just that! Remember this next time when you refuse to take a shot with somebody whilst settling for the next whiskey-coke peg.


Giving some much needed warmth to your body isn’t the only reason why we love rum; especially come winter season.

With an impressive calorie count of 97 per shot, rum with water should be on the top of your priority list right from November to February at least. Why water? Even though rum with coke is clichéd, it is a very high-on-calorie option because of the latter.


Another recommended option is the tequila. Agreed it’s a very occasional option come birthdays or graduation parties, but a calorie count of 104 might change your mind.

Also, its alcohol content per shot is relatively higher than most of the other options readily available. However, do proceed with caution as it tends to hit instantly after a while.

Whiskey & Scotch:

Just like vodka and gin, whiskey and scotch follow the same numbers. With calorie counts of 105 per serving, they’re not too far behind.

Where things go wrong however, is when mixers like coke, red bull or juices are picked. This just takes the calorie count to a whole new level. Not only does the buzz come later, it just dampens the overall taste and gives you carbs that you don’t need.


Be it red or white wine, the calorie count ranges between 120-125. The sad thing for wine lovers is the fact that wine-drinking doesn’t involve any mixers.

There’s no option but to drink it neat and it doesn’t hit quickly either. So, if you’re 6-7 glasses down, you can imagine the plight. It truly doesn’t make for good reading. An interesting fact is that white wine on average is carb-lighter than its red counterpart.


And last but not the least; here’s the most loved drink internationally – Beer! The calorie count does suggest otherwise though; but I guess the taste is just too enticing.

1 can of beer has about 145 CAL which makes for a pretty high number. What’s worse is its alcohol content; you have to drink more if you want to feel something substantial.

How to handle these calories?

  1. Always go with water as a mixer hands down.
  2. Avoid fizzy cold and sugary drinks.
  3. Better to eat a decent meal at home rather than hogging on starters and tasters whilst drinking.
  4. Don’t just sleep right after you eat.
  5. Limit the amount of alcohol you intake. Don’t go overboard.

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Nov 2017

‘A’ for Alcohol, ‘A’ for Avoid!

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Alcohol as an intoxicating substance not only impedes your sense of judgement, it also leads to various physical, psychological and social complications. We bring you a short list of things which you absolutely must avoid combining with alcohol.

Antibiotic Medicines and Alcohol

It is advisable not to consume alcohol if you are under medication. Many antibiotics come with a warning about the side effects of the medicine. The reactive symptoms may result in shortness of breath, skin allergies, headaches, chest pains, nausea and vomiting to name a few. Consuming alcohol may worsen the side effects. Medication and alcohol must not be mixed callously as it can lead to severe health problems. In some extreme cases it can also turn fatal.

Drunk Driving

It cannot be emphasized more, it is an absolute NO. You mustn’t risk your life or put that of others in danger by driving under the influence of alcohol. No matter how confident a driver you are or how sober you think you may be, never try this.

Overconfidence can unfortunately turn fatal in this scenario. Hail a cab, ask a sober friend to drop you home, or crash at that friend’s place you partied with. We don’t want you risking your life over an irrational decision.

Foods To Avoid

Let’s move ahead to discuss how alcohol and food pairing affects you. Going on alcohol spree increases the tendency to binge eat, however there are few vital points one should be mindful of while drinking and eating.

  • – Consumption of alcohol in excess can lead to dehydration. Even though you may crave to opt for salty foods, it is advisable to curb that craving. Salty foods tend to further add to dehydration.
  • – Sugar rush doesn’t make things easier if you crave for those sinfully sweet chocolates or brownies to finish off your drink with. We suggest that you curb that urge as it is likely to leave you dehydrated even more.
  • – Consuming dairy products with alcohol is likely to give you that heartburn and indigestion because they are difficult to digest.
  • – Many people experience reflux and severe acidity after consuming alcohol and spicy-greasy food tend to aggravate the condition even more.


  • – Avoid cross-fading to cut out chances of getting trapped in greening-out effect. Cross fading is a commonly used term which means mixing marijuana and alcohol together. Usage of these two together leads to side effect known as ‘greening out’.
  • – The ‘greening out’ effect is likely to make one feel sweaty, dizzy and nauseous followed by an urgent need to lie down. Rolling that much prized joint after getting drunk may give you a unique high temporarily but it would also leave you feeling uniquely blasted. You wouldn’t want to feel that way, now would you? Besides, it may even turn out to be fatal.
  • – Alcohol is a depressant, it affects the central nervous system by slowing it down. Marijuana slows down your body functions and alcohol blood level leads to faster absorption of THC compound. The concurrent usage of alcohol and marijuana can have severe and fatal results.

Drugs and other Psychosomatic Substances

Alcohol as a depressant combined with drugs such as cocaine or heroin is like waiting for a disaster to occur.

The stimulant in cocaine makes your mind more alert whereas the depressant in alcohol tries to slow it down, it severely affects your brain by pushing it into an overdrive.

Again, the depressant in heroin combined with the depressant in alcohol is bound to slow your mind even further. It is never a wise idea to mix drugs with alcohol.

Drunk Dialing

  • – Consumption of alcohol leads to an impaired judgement. Besides adversely affecting your physical health, it also leads to many socially embarrassing situations. Riding high on alcohol, one such common mistake many people have ended up committing is drunk dialing.
  • – There are many embarrassingly epic situations a lot of us have willfully landed up in because we were too hammered to think straight. Embarrassing situations such as drunk dialing an ex or your boss or someone who you aren’t particularly fond of, the list is quite long.
  • – The repercussions and recollection of such acts may land you in muddy waters of embarrassment the following day. Also, wallowing in regret doesn’t offer much help either, does it?

Caution is the keyword to watch out for while consuming alcohol. We leave you with your better judgement.

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Nov 2017

Alcohol and a Glassful of Myths

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Let’s pull the curtain and clear that alcoholic daze a little more- we’ve now donned the hat of a myth buster and have adorned this role quite seriously. The number of myths from across the world can collectively and selectively create a folklore of its own. However, from the many myths surrounding consumption of alcohol, we get you a handful of the most common ones.

Alcohol keeps you warm in winters

A very comfortable myth for the ones who love to get all warmed up over somedrinks in winters. With the onset of winters, it is pertinent to break this warm and fuzzy bubble for you.What alcohol does is, that it dilates the blood vessels and you temporarily feel warm as the blood gushes right under your skin. In actuality, alcohol lowers down your core body temperature. It does not keep you warm for long during winters and it most definitely can’t prevent hypothermia from setting in.

They say- ‘Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear’

No and no – to both! Let’s sum it up here in fewer words that it does not matter which alcoholic beverage you prefer to have first, what matters is the amount of alcohol content that your drink holds.As the common sense goes, we must mention here that mixing your drinks can definitely make your tummy sicker!

 More alcohol means better action in bed

Well, what to say about this one without breaking your heart, your performance under the sheets depends on various other factors and not alcohol. Ever heard of ‘Dutch courage’, yeah it’s simply that! For the uniformed ones, alcohol only gives you a false sense of confidence besides impairing your judgement.It doesn’t matter whether you sip a glass or two of alcohol or even if you guzzle down a barrel, for a better action in bed you might as well learn a new trick or two. Period.

Mixing fruit juices with alcohol reduces the effects of alcohol

It’s a no brainer here, neither fruit juices nor energy drinks can dilute the effects of alcohol. It may alter your taste buds and make you hold your drink for longer but the alcohol content of your drink remains unchanged and so does the hangover effect if you drink like there’s no tomorrow.As you ‘drink’, so shall you reap!

Eating before meal can prevent you from getting drunk

Even though drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach is a very bad idea, eating heavy meals before drinks does not guarantee that one wouldn’t get drunk. Our body absorbs alcohol through small intestine and stomach lining, so if you’ve had your meal before grabbing that drink, it’ll take longer for you to get into that buzz. Eating food beforehand can slow down the process but it can’t stop it altogether.

 Drinking coffee can prevent you from getting drunk

Simply put, coffee is nothing but a trickster here.Neither does it dilute the alcohol content from your body nor does it cure a hangover. What may come to your rescue here is gallons of water, well not quite literally so. Give yourself time and a good amount of water to feel better as it will keep you hydrated.

Check out this space to find out more as we break that glassful of myths for you!

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Nov 2017

Sinfully Sweet- Alcohol and Desserts

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What a brilliantly idea it is to gulp down your drink and eat it too? This one’s for the sweet toothed foodies who are also much too in love with their drinks. We’ve found some amazing desserts laced with alcohol.

Baked Alaska with Rum pudding Ice Cream

Source bhg.com

With this classic French dessert, it’s literally raining Rum here! This baked beauty is infused with rum, raisins and cream pound cake on the inside while it has meringue on the outside. Try it on a lazy Sunday brunch, It is bound to take you on a different level of ‘high’.

 Red Wine Velvet cake

Photo bybyGentl&Hyers

Source oprah.com

Impress your beau with this dessert at a special candle light dinner at home. Uncork that bottle of your favourite red wine and bake this strikingly toothsome red velvet cake with vanilla cream frosting. You’re surely going to score that home run.

Spiked Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Source lemonandmocha.com

Tucked away in the comforts of your bed, this cream rich hot chocolate laced with alcohol is sure to keep you warm and happy during winters. Enough said.

Chocolate Fudge with Brown Sugar

Photo by Michael Graydon Nikole Harriott – Source bonappetit.com

This deliciously glazed boozy fudge with bourbon sugar is sure to leave you asking for more.

Easy Baileys Chocolate Dessert Pots

Photo Source ciaoveggies.com

Preparation 15 mins

Total 15 mins

Author Christine

Yields 4-6 portions

A 3 ingredient, 15 minute Baileys dessert to impress. Rich and flavourful, with a super creamy, luxurious texture similar to chocolate mousse. I pack it with a double shot of Baileys per portion, but it can be made much lighter if you wish!


  • 400g (14oz) can of coconut milk
  • 200mls (3/4 cup + 2 Tblsps) Baileys Irish Cream (This will be very boozy! Reduce for a more subtle result)
  • 200g (7oz) dark chocolate


  1. Before you get started, you’ll need to refrigerate the coconut milk in its can overnight, or freeze it for a few hours. This allows the coconut milk to separate.
  2. Open the can of coconut milk and the thick cream should have set on the top. Spoon the cream out into a mixing bowl and discard the water left behind (you can keep this in the fridge and re-use it in a smoothie if you like)
  3. Melt the chocolate in a double broiler, or a microwave, whatever works for you. Set aside.
  4. Using a stand or hand mixer, beat the coconut milk on a high speed until it’s silky and airy. It will take a few minutes.
  5. Add the Baileys to the coconut milk very slowly, followed by the melted chocolate, mixing continuously to incorporate them whilst letting as much air in as possible. Be sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula on occasion.
  6. Once all of the ingredients are in, mix on high speed for an extra few moments for good measure.
  7. Portion into ramekins, small glasses or wine glasses.
  8. Place in the refrigerator for a few hours to achieve a silky, pudding-texture, or overnight for a more firm / set result.

Source ciaoveggie.com

Now that we’ve shared this list of boozy drinks with you, it does seem like a happy ending after all.

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Sep 2017

When you are imprisoned on the ‘inside’, you cannot find escape outside

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Alcohol is an escape from the drudgery of life- Or is it really? Does it magically make all problems big and small diminish or is it merely a stubborn denial to accept the woes of life as they are?

There is always an underlying psychological and/or emotional cause which leads to alcohol abuse. Causes ranging from stressful situations at work to challenging relationships, from deep rooted childhood issues or other traumatic emotional wounding, to name a few. Reasons to alcohol abuse may be many and may vary from one individual to another, yet the common thread which binds them remains the same- the need to escape. People try to find ‘escape’ owing to their inability to either solve difficult personal or professional situations or the complete refusal to confront the on-going or long forgotten traumatic events. What they do not realize is that in order to escape those inner demons, they land up at the doorstep of another poisonous devil- alcohol.

But the question is- can you really escape what you are running away from, whether they are relationship troubles or work related issues, or those emotional wounds which still haunt you, ‘without’ dealing with the issues? And if yes, then how far can you actually run away from the problems piggybacking on alcohol? The answer is –not too far and not for very long. Eventually you are going to stumble down on this addictive passage the hard way because the road to alcohol abuse only leads to a dead end.

Known as both- a depressant and a stimulant, what alcohol actually does to your brain is to slow down its functioning by affecting the central nervous system resulting in slurred speech, altered actions and thoughts. Initially it may provide you that ‘kick’ wherein you drop the inhibitions to ‘loosen up’ and feel ‘free’ when you socialize or it may give you that ‘Dutch courage’ to finally approach that love interest you couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to otherwise. In some situations you may feel that your problems have magically disappeared and life becomes good again as you guzzle down a drink or two whereas what alcohol actually does is only to suppress it temporarily. It doesn’t really provide you ‘freedom’ from your problems, in reality it only acts as bondage while you get hooked on to the self-destructive ‘buzz’.

It is essential to overcome the evil of alcohol dependency and have other alternatives to reduce stress before the scales tip over. The importance of realization and acceptance cannot be emphasized enough, it is ‘half the battle won’. The next brave and courageous step is to seek help, it is important to have a strong support system in your friends, family or AA support groups. Timely intervention is crucial here. Engage in recreational activities when you feel that stress creeping in, to calm you down. Talk to your friends and family to get that load off your chest- talking really helps. Write down those nagging troublesome thoughts, confront those deep emotional wounds and heal. Seek professional help- schedule that meeting with a therapist. Play with a pet –never underestimate the power of the furry beings, they are huge stress busters. Spend time in nature, meditate, take a break and go to the mountains or to the sea, if you please. Take charge of your life.

Alcohol as a means to ‘escape’ is like that devil which tempts you. It hampers your cognitive abilities, negatively impacts your relationships and can prove to be fatal for your physical health too. Without timely intervention it has the capacity to push you over the edge and take the reins of your life. It is that evil which isolates you and before you know it, it claws its way to gain complete control of your life – slowly and gradually. Would you want to be a mute bystander of your own life and let this poison deplete the joys of your life? Would you rather not summon the devil and deal with the problems head on as they arise and soak in all the blessings of this beautiful life?

This poison is never to be confused as that superhero which comes to your rescue, YOU are that hero of your life. There would be problems aplenty that may arise and your mind may get clouded to search for the answers to all those problems or you may feel the need to escape, but remember that alcohol is NEVER the answer. Break free from this self-destructive cycle and say no to alcohol abuse. Don’t let your problems and this poison squeeze out the joys from your life.  The key is to stop living in denial and recognize your own super power of ‘strong will’. Go, be that superhero of your wonderful life-story!

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Sep 2017

A Booze-Free life doesn’t mean a Snooze life- Learn from these Bollywood Celebrities!

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Glitz, glamour and indulgence in the finest of luxuries that money can buy, of course all this along with  prolific talent- that’s a sneak peak of ‘Bollywood’ for you. Very often we see actors consuming alcohol on screen, it’s quite rare though that they keep away from it off-screen. The booze culture has evolved quite a lot, both on screen and off-screen. In the race to remain at the top of the game amidst many controversies and the constant struggle to ‘remain clean’ in the public eye, there are few actors who have maintained the ‘clean’ image quite literally. Before you roll your eyes and let your imagination wander with your tongue wagging out, we mean ‘booze-free clean’ here, just FYI!

 Akshay Kumar

Now you can let your tongues wag and we won’t judge you if you drool too, if you know what we mean! This disciplined actor is by far one of the fittest celebrities we have in the Bollywood bandwagon. Couple it with brilliant acting skills and a teetotaler – what an inspiration! Some of his contemporaries have jokingly complained about his ‘disciplined’ life but the man remains unfazed by their opinions and continues to endorse embracing a healthy lifestyle which includes staying away from alcohol. Looking at him we wonder that you can age as amazingly as wine without actually having a drop of alcohol. He says that for him ‘staying away from alcohol has never been a sacrifice’.

 John Abraham

Drool some more for this one…we totally feel you!

The actor turned producer is pro-vegetarianism and has strong opinions against the use of tobacco and alcohol. With a super fit body and that smile to die for, this actor proves that you don’t need alcohol to up your hotness or coolness quotient. Intense fitness regime, sticking to a healthy-vegetarian diet AND staying away from alcohol-tobacco is far cooler!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

This gorgeous lady with sculpted- hourglass figure to die for, stays away from alcohol. Fitness is a way of life for her and she endorses practicing yoga along with healthy eating… Ladies, are you reading this?

Anushka Sharma

Besides the obvious reason of ‘staying fit by following a healthy lifestyle minus alcohol’, this stunning powerhouse of talent confessed in an interview that people have spilled some of their well kept secrets under the influence of alcohol- So, there’s one more reason to stay away from it.

Amitabh Bachhan

One of the legendary actors of Hindi cinema, who at this age still experiments with roles and has evolved brilliantly in his craft. Amitabh Bachhan has many a times played the character of raging alcoholic so convincingly that it would come as a surprise to you to know that he abstains from alcohol consumption! Now think of all those songs and movie scenes which he performed almost as if he is one barrel down or even two perhaps!

Abhishek Bachhan

It would most likely be a cliché to drop ‘Like father like son’ here, but quite apt nevertheless. The actor has also refused meaty offers to endorse any liquor or tobacco based brands for a simple reason that being a teetotaler he wouldn’t promote something harmful to health as alcohol, something he himself doesn’t believe in. Principles – Impressive and inspiring!


This Bollywood actor is a role model for a healthy living. A complete fitness freak,he doesn’t consume alcohol and doesn’t smoke and he is particular about his vegetarian diet. SonuSood sets out a positive example for the masses that you don’t need to follow the mainstream herd and yet you can stand out.

Pareeniti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor are some other celebrities who say no to alcohol and follow healthy lifestyle involving strict fitness regime, and look they’ve shed some extra kilos too by restraining from alcohol consumption!

In an industry which has the potential to inspire and influence the impressionable minds of the masses, it is quite a rarity to see such disciplined celebrities who promote a healthy and alcohol-free lifestyle.

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Aug 2017

Rise of Alcohol in Post-Independence India

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Progress might not appear spotless on the eyes but it does come with a few chinks in its armour, without one shadow of a doubt. In the same vein, some so-called harmless evils have entered the fray ever since our country achieved its glorious independence back in the day. Why I say ‘so-called’ is because they don’t look ‘evil’; they’re perfect normal in today’s advanced day and age.

Intake of alcohol is one such facet, which if consumed without caution can turn into something drastic not only for the person in question but for the surroundings as well. Lets not beat around the bush anymore.

This is about the change of air pre and post independence putting alcohol intake under the microscope.

Top Brands Come Calling

According to a survey, sales are estimated to surpass 39 billion dollars this year; you heard that right! In a country of 1.2 billion individuals, India brings forth a massive market for any liquor brand to tap. No wonder big time juggernauts like Pernod Ricard and Diageo have expected big time growth from our country given the rising exposure of the youth population, improving economies and a change in the attitude towards alcohol; an influence of the western culture isn’t too far behind.

How It Used to Be

However, this is not how the tide always was. For many years after the nation gained its independence, there was a lot of chatter of alcohol prohibition altogether. Many governments came, many disappeared, but this remained a hot topic. Morarji Desai was one person who put his foot down and took a vow to curb alcohol intake within his tenure. This was the case in 1977 when he was acting as the Prime Minister of India. Such efforts time after time were all in vain though.

Money Talks

Why was it never curbed? Because alcohol brings in a whole lot of money. Period!

States gained millions and millions due to the sale of liquor and banning it never seemed profitable. Only idealists used to stir things up every now and then but after all that was said and done; at the end of the day, alcohol intake prevailed. It well and truly affects the numbers of a state; so much so, that it accounts for a quarter of the revenue for some states.

Alcohol – A Stigma Long Back

However, there was a time when alcohol was badly stigmatised. This thought was made even more concrete thanks to those classic Bollywood films back then; wherein they’ll always showcase an alcohol-savvy character whose life will plummet to destruction because of the sheer temptation of alcohol. It was men who did the drinking back then, sometimes covertly.

Alcohol Has Come Out of the Closet

With massive exposure, western influence, rise of social media, easy access, enhancement of average incomes, urge for a better lifestyle, social conventions and peer pressure; alcohol has well and truly come out of the closet. It is no more frowned upon; to an extent it has become a normality. Starting from high school kids, it has been labelled as something ‘cool’.

Rural Vs Urban

This ideology is yet to percolate throughout the entire society though. In rural areas, alcohol intake is mostly linked with degenerates; a major contributor to violence, poverty and ill behaviour against women.

Battle With the Bottle

How drastically times have changed though! Nowadays, individuals are suffering through massive dependency issues. They just don’t know how to quit as they struggle through withdrawal symptoms day in day out. As the lights go down and the glasses are up all high and nice and the music takes over; there’s next to no resistance that can be seen amongst the youth of the country.

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Aug 2017


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It’s often said that once a child comes into the lives of its creators, everything changes for the good, as if it were a blessing in disguise. Responsibilities do tend to bring about changes in the lives of the people connected to it, especially to a woman expecting her child, from eating a right healthy diet, changing basic drinking habits, to avoiding numerous things, just to be the perfect mother for her developing unborn.

Alcohol, caffeine lover? We’ve got it all covered!

Here, is a list of drinking alternatives for women expecting a child.

1. No Alcoholic beverages-

  • Alcohol consumption can lead to ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’ (FAS). FAS has showcased strong links with central nervous system ailments and many psychological problems. Apart from this, it might also lead to uncalled for facial factures and some heart issues as well. Even limited exposure to alcohol in the womb can lead to growth deficits as well as intellectual and behavioural problems in the unborn baby.


 – Club Soda with Fruit Juice

Pomegranate juice can be a striking stand-in for red wine. Go for a fizzy and fruity non-alcoholic beverage for a refreshing and satisfying treat and to beat the alcoholic craving!

– Mocktails

Why mocktails you ask? Well, carbonation helps to settle down the stomach by getting rid of the uneasy feeling. One thing which will definitely work for you – Ginger Ale!

– Seltzer

Seltzer water is essentially water with added carbon dioxide, which makes it fizzy. The carbonation can make you feel full if you drink too much too quickly, but seltzer can help you stay hydrated and help you avoid water boredom.

– Mixed fruit juices, Vegetable juices

Spinach and mint; carrot and gooseberry or bottle gourd and carrot, these are wonderful combinations for juices. Having fresh juices as a daily activity is very good for health in general as it provides some much due hydration, which proves to be critical come summer season.

2. No Caffeine-

Excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy can lead to miscarriages or other health related issues in the foetus. It is better to exercise moderation here and limit intake.


– Decaf Tea

Switch to decaf tea sooner rather than later. It doesn’t matter if you want to intake it cold or hot, regular tea drinking can provide essential antioxidants to your body apart from keeping you constantly hydrated. Especially if you choose green tea, the number of health benefits is immense. Another noteworthy point is the fact that green tea contains caffeine as well; but not as much as coffee.

– Smoothies

You might recognize this as a popular Sunday treat in shops all around. However, often its merits are overlooked on account of taste. A smoothie is essentially fruit and milk blended together; which in its entirety bring a wide array of benefits. One proper glass of home made smoothie contains fibre, protein, calcium which are all essential elements for the human body. Opt for chickoo, banana, mango or any other fruit which you fancy.

Like its said, ‘OLD IS GOLD’, this saying becomes true for this situation too. Its best to stick to the basics even when your body is at cloud 9, craving for a beverage you must avoid.

– Choose Lemonade

This is one entry that needs no introduction. Famous since time immemorial when it comes to hydration and replenishment, lemonade should be a part of your daily diet with or without pregnancy. All you need is a small lemon, a glass of water and some sugar/salt according to your liking. One of the most refreshing beverages out there, it will definitely do you good if taken on a daily basis.

– Choose Coconut water

This is surely a wonder drink for pregnant woman. ‘Coconut water is loaded with micro minerals and helps to tackle fluctuating BP.

And finally,

– ChooseWater

Have at least two and half to three liters of water a day. This will keep you hydrated, help you deal with other pregnancy niggles, beat mood swings and keep your energies up too!


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Jul 2017

Post-Pregnancy Drinking – How long should one wait?

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Browsing through hundreds of websites online will give you only one answer to the question of “How long should to wait before you start drinking post pregnancy?”, and that is that there is no definite timeline. Every individual processes alcohol at different speed and has different responses to alcohol.

While the safest option is to not consume alcohol at all while you are still breastfeeding because even the slightest amount of alcohol in your breast milk can harm your child, affect his/her appetite and even hinder growth. However, there are ways by which you can include a couple of drinks in your day and continue nursing unaffected:

  1. The safest way to go about is to not go too heavy on the alcohol. A beer or a glass of wine is processed by an average woman in 2-3 hours. Thus a drink or two a day is safe for the child, as long as you do not nurse the child immediately after drinking.
  2. If you need to nurse immediately after having alcohol, throw away the milk as the alcohol content in the milk might be high, making your child drowsy and reducing his/her appetite.
  3. The popular wisdom is to avoid alcohol for at least the first 3 months of breast-feeding. These initial months are crucial for both the mother and the child and thus no compromise should be made with the health and nutrition of either.
  4. Alcohol affects your capability of responding to your child too. Drinking heavily when you have an infant to look after can make you drowsy and less aware about your child’s need.
  5. The safest time of the day to enjoy a couple of drinks is to schedule it around your child’s sleeping pattern. If he/she sleeps for 3-4 hours at a stretch, that is the best time-window for you to put your feet up and enjoy that glass of wine.
  6. While there are no studies to prove it, many mothers claim that dark barley malt beers have resulted in an increase in their milk production. It also softens the breast tissues by dilating the blood vessels, resulting in an easier flow of milk. Thus, replacing that glass of wine with beer might have a two-fold benefit.
  7. With fast advancing technologies, you can easily get hold of over-the-counter tests to detect the level of alcohol in your breast milk. These tests are easy to use and will give you a fair indication of whether the consumed alcohol is a threat to your infant.

Thus, if you are careful and well aware about the quantity of alcohol you are consuming at a time, you are good to resume drinking right after delivery, provided your doctor allows you to. However, what never should be forgotten is that the safety of your child is your foremost priority and as a parent you should never compromise with his/her health.

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