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Nov 2016


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Winter in India is awful for many reasons.

  1. Most of us do not have central heating systems in our homes.
  2. Taking off warm clothing even when you’re indoors can give you the flu.
  3. Exercising without sunlight is next to impossible.
  4. The only respite is in coastal areas.

This leaves us adults with lesser choices of enjoying the time we spend together. Surprisingly, in the winters, alcohol comes to our rescue! When consumed in the right quantity with the right snack, alcohol can actually induce a feeling of warmth inside our bodies. Before we go into details about the kind of drinks you can look forward to drink (with responsibility, of course), let us shatter some myths related to drinking in the winter months.

Alcohol doesn’t increase your body temperature, but in fact, lowers it.

Alcohol, on consumption does not go through the process of digestion but is directly picked up by our blood steam. Alcohol dilates blood vessels and drives blood from organs etc. towards the skin, giving the feeling of warmth, but never adding to it. In simpler words, alcohol only drives the heat at the core of the body to the surface, inducing a feeling of warmth. Unfortunately, it takes away the heat from where it is most needed, the core.

Here are some ways to make alcoholic drinks to drink responsibly in the winter –

  1. Kahlua, Absolut Vodka & Club Soda

To get you some help with the sweet tooth, Kahlua is a chocolate based drink which is just a little more fancy than the good old hot-chocolate. Mixed with Vodka, this drink is smooth in your mouth and throat.

  1. The Manhattan Martini

This fancy looking martini is a magical mix of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, and perhaps apome of cherry as a fashion accessory! The martini glass will surely keep you looking classy, maybe a little more upmarket than you originally planned.

  1. Hot Butter Rum

As comforting as it sounds, life really does not get better than having a hot glass of buttered rum on a frozen winter day. Dark rum, butter, some garnishing (like cinnamon, clove) from the home kitchen and some nutmeg will do the trick for you. Heaven!

  1. Adam’s Apple

This one is the simplest vodka drink in the history of alcohol. Just some alcohol with apple juice, and this is good to go. However, don’t fill up on this just because it is easy to make – to enjoy a drink fully, always remember to drink responsibly.

  1. Bloody Mary

This is an ideal winter drink. Filled with the goodness of vitamin C (from tomato), salt and spices, Bloody Mary can be a boon on a chilly winter night if consumed with responsibility.


A shot of whiskey will do just as much benefit as any of these cocktail drinks. Drinking in the winter, when done with responsibility is always a warm and happy experience.

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Nov 2016


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Drinking alcohol is a game that comes with strict instructions and directions of use. It is never advisable to binge drink, be it just one type of drink or a concoction of many, drinking irresponsibly can cost lots of effort and time to recover. The primary function of alcohol is to relax the mind and loosen the body, making one feel uninhibited and happy. Different types of alcohol have different concentrations, and therefore, different potency. Some alcohol like whiskey and vodka are stronger than others like beer or champagne. Mixing these together can be dangerous and may land you in unexpected, or physically threatening situations.

Mixing types of alcohol is not dangerous, but not knowing how much of what you have consumed is a potential threat!

Yes, this is true! There is nothing wrong with mixing different types of drinks. The real problem begins when a person, excited and young, tries to experiment with whatever they find in sight. Beginners often start light, with some beers, wine coolers or cocktails. As the evening progresses, the bottles start to get emptied and they start to look for ways to drink more. They try to find more options, booze stores, family bars and friend’s homes just so they can get another drink and yet another one. This puts them at the risk of getting exposed to harsher drinks like gin or whiskey. A little bit of responsible tasting never hurt anyone, but nasty drinking can land you into trouble. Already drunk people end up drinking more and way too much of alcohol which may severely affect their bodies in the long run, or even be the cause of a medical emergency.

People who mix alcoholic drinks are always at the risk of excessive drinking and they sometimes become absolutely sloshed (in a dangerous, no-fun way) than those who count their glasses and drink responsibly. In simpler words, mixing drinks make you drink way more than you planned. However, eating snacks or munching on something while you drink always has a positive influence.

Mixing food with drinks is an evergreen, tried-and-tested habit that positively affects the way we drink. Alcohol is one of the very few substances (besides glucose and aspirin) that are directly picked up by the bloodstream. If there is no food in your stomach, alcohol is picked up faster and goes right up to the heart and the brain. Drinking on an empty stomach is bad, binging is worse and mixing drinks is the worst form of alcohol you can put yourself through.

In the unfortunate event of alcohol poisoning, the best thing to do is to go straight to the emergency room. Practised medical officers are trained at handling alcohol overdose or poisoning much faster and more effectively than a friend or family member. Always make a conscious effort to drink responsibly and try to get your friends and family to follow a healthier was of life!

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Nov 2016


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City-life is difficult. We work too hard, or don’t work at all. We eat too much, or don’t eat at all. We have way too many friends or we are a drunken ball of loneliness walking towards home. When it comes to adjusting to a bunch of friends or colleagues who are young and reckless and love to party, one must always be careful of one’s behavior and aware of every decision. It is a matter of concern for everyone, especially young women. Unfortunate as it sounds, it is a fact that women are most prone to be put in unpleasant situations by strangers, acquaintances, colleagues and even close friends.

It is never about the way women dress or the things they talk about that exposes their vulnerabilities, but the situations they are in when they’re out drinking that makes them face trouble. Not many women move around singular, drive their own cars or live in their own houses. Here are some things that might help women find their way to a night of responsible drinking, dance and frolic!

  1. Know your limit!

It is true that men process alcohol faster than women. This puts women at the risk of getting ‘more drunk’ than men on the same amount of alcohol at the same time. The best thing to do for women who like to drink is to become aware of their bodily response to alcohol and then adjust dozes and habits according to what and how much as you like. You never want to stumble, worse fall, feel dizzy or throw up. Try to figure out what you like, how you feel about beers, wine or vodka – and what you should be drinking for the evening. Vodka & tequila are generally served at dance parties and wine is perfect for a romantic evening. Becoming aware is the first step towards responsible drinking.

  1. Eat before and while you drink!

We know you want to watch that waist-line, but if you’re a drinker, you have to be ready to have some love handles! Weight-gain is a despicable side-effect of drinking and rightly so, because one has to work hard at the gym and then have will-power and motivation to stop doing something enjoyable! The way out of this is to eat before you drink, and keep munching while you’re still drinking. Alcohol is directly picked up by the blood stream and having some food in your stomach slows the process of alcohol absorption.

  1. Drink for quality, not for quantity!

Women, this is of foremost importance! Quality of alcohol that you drink should never be exchanged for the amount you’re drinking. Having 2 drinks of good quality alcohol is always better than 8 drinks of an inexpensive brand that you’ve never tasted. Mostly because cheap quality liquor can make our bodies in unexpected ways – the buzz can hit you when you least expect it, and you could easily be in a situation you were never prepared for.

Keeping these three things would help you have pleasant evenings with laughter and relaxation. Always remember to drink responsibly, respect your body and soul in entirety, and always live to the fullest!

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Oct 2016


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We all love to feel elated and comfortable. With alcohol, these emotions are easier to achieve. However, happiness quickly evaporates when we step from the happy-high zone to the buzzed-drunk place. Here are some tips specific to women who love to drink sometimes.

Better to be safe than sorry.
With the growing uncertainty of women security in India,Pepperspray is a must have accessory.   Just as much as you need to walk out with your perfect lipstick, pepperspray is that one weapon that can work wonders in times when you need to safeguard yourself the most.Apart from this, learn to use self-defence strategies to always have an upper hand over others. Always stay alert.

Know your limit and plan ahead.
Yes, parties are fun and what more to ask for when we have good company and a couple of martinis. Knowing your body’s capacity only makes you aware how much alcohol one needs to consume so as to be sober in indecisive situations. And yes, always keep your loved ones informed.

Book a taxi instead, don’t drive.
Alcohol at times can make you think from a lioness’s perspective. And since women are such amazing multi-taskers it can be hard to keep up with not smudging your mascara or eating up your lipstick by the end of the night and since a lot of women tend to touch-up on road,it is better to look your gorgeous self and let the taxi driver drop you home. Afterall, your life is precious.

Pour your own drink.
When you’re at a bar, be careful of asking an unfamiliar person to pour your drink without paying attention to it. Crime rates are high and vultures are always looking for their easy target and what can be simpler than mixing your drink with a foreign drug if you aren’t paying attention. So women, be smart and take control.

Drink to improve social relationships, not substitute for one.
Serve alcohol as an adjunct to an activity rather than that being your sole primary purpose. We often get carried away with time and into misleading counting of the number drinks we’re consuming. If you find yourself in these situations then it’s time you sip your pina-coladas slowly, listen more and react less. Trust us, you will be thankful the next day.

Never give in, never give up. Always know your people.
Alcohol heightens every response or reaction. For instance in regular life scenarios situations can be ignored or condoned but when your gushing high on emotions/aggression/adrenalin, everything can suddenly make you feel out of control of the situation. Going home is the safest option in such cases.

Take a leap of faith. Inform about your whereabouts.
Hiding or lying about alcohol and parties is absolutely normal as most have us have gone through this phase of growing into young alphas and queens. But trust yourself enough to tell about your whereabouts to your loved ones, because only they know how to protect you when darkness crawls in. If you haven’t, give it a try. Parents will always protect you, never damage you!

Practise these tips and remember to have fun when you celebrate! Always drink responsibly. Cheers, ladies!

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Sep 2016

Booze Rules

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The views expressed in this blog are slightly provocative and personal, and might change your habits.

(…for the better, of course!)


There is a philosophy which says ‘stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don’t drink too much…but then, don’t drink too little.’ Sullen-faced books try to tell us alcohol if abused, can act like slow poison in the long run. No one likes to think about symptoms and causes of liver cirrhosis when they are binge drinking with their friends, but nonetheless, there is a fine line between doing it right and over-doing it. So here’s a gospel of unspoken rules and principles that would help you strike a balance between drinking-too-much and not-drinking-at-all.

Here’s the thing – if you are aware of your habits, things that make you comfortable or the ones that overwhelm you, you’d be able to integrate a couple of harmless party nights in your life as a social or a solo drinker.

  1. Start your night early

Start with a light beer when the sky turns orange. If you’re an ale-drinker, dunking in some orange peel will make your drink sprightly and the vitamin C will help your body cope with the lack of energy when you’re in high spirits later in the evening. If you’re not a beer bear, ask for some gin and tonic water with a slice of lime. You’d be sparkling light after a glass or two! Starting early just helps you beat the clock and crash in time to be able to sleep. If you chug all night and hit the sack at sunrise, chances are your sleep cycle would topple over the power brakes.

  1. Settle in some small snacks

Peanuts. Salad. Bhel. Tikka. Cutlet. Fries.

I mean, absolutely anything. Keep your teeth busy. It is not so difficult to munch when you’re still getting there. When you’re munching, the buzz hits slower and smoother, so you get the feeling of slow relaxation and ever-soft sinking into the bliss that alcohol can give you at times. How alcohol makes you feel depends a lot on how feel when you’re sober. If the plan is to enjoy every little sip, treat yourself nicely. Have a tummy full of a meal and try to get more sleep before and after the drinker’s little delight.

  1. After-Party at home

As a rule of thumb, drunken people make silly choices. For instance, a sudden bout of bar-hopping becomes club dancing in no time. Besides making sensible friendships and senseless jokes, have a sleepover at home. When you’re partying home, you have free access to everything you need – most of all, home is safe. You won’t be driving, using public transport, getting a cab or asking a friend to help.


People drink to bond, find a tribe, make a team, celebrate a happy memory or drown a sorrowful one. The most basic requirement for anyone’s well-being is soundness in physical and mental health. It is only by exploring oneself, that one can know their limits and find a safe place to enjoy their relationship with alcohol. Getting a dog from hell can be fun, but more so if that dog is tamed.


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Aug 2016

Food to cure hangovers

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After a long night of partying and perhaps drinking more than you intended on, a morning filled with regret, a greasy burger and yesterday’s pizza in the fridge seems like the best solution. Your head is bursting and comfort food feels like the only cure to the problem! But, contrary to popular belief, greasy foods make your hangover the opposite of better because it causes you to feel more lethargic, irritable and certainly doesn’t help your week’s hard work in the gym. Therefore, here are some healthy options which will eventually help your hungover morning as well as keep you satisfied.


Having a big breakfast certainly helps the hangover- instead of going for something hard to digest like cheese, white bread or parantha, try eggs! Eggs will fill your stomach and you can even add some vegetables if you scramble it or make an omelette. Studies show that eggs are filled with amino acids which help your liver after copious drinking as well as help your headache.

Herbal Tea

Taking enough fluids and rest is the optimal method to make your hangover better. Try to void caffeine drinks which will make you dehydrated and only make your headache worse. Instead, try drinking a lot of teas- teas with citrus like lemon tea or peppermint tea help immensely with a hangover as they make you feel more energised and make your next day highly productive.

Tomato or chicken soup

While soup is usually associated with a flu or fever, it is also an effective remedy when you are hungover. The sodium in tomato or chicken helps retain the water. Moreover, if you have been puking all morning, soup will be helpful for the salt and potassium lost by your body. Add spices, vegetables or bread crumbs


Eating a fruit is always advisable every day but during a hangover, bananas particularly help you with the morning ordeal of nausea. Packed with potassium and water, this will make your stomach, head (and your conscious) relaxed.

Ginger or honey

Instead of fretting over meals you can cook to reduce your hangover or just because you feel too lazy, try natural ingredients which can boost your morale and enable you to function all day! Eat a ginger candy or dissolve some ginger and honey in a glass of water with some lemon- natural ingredients which are full off nutrients will improve your mornings more than a fast food meal!


Remember to be wise the next morning by keeping yourself well rested and hydrated. While these foods certainly help you function throughout the day, frequent usage of copious amounts of alcohol will only result in loss of will to work, laziness, physical problems and even depression. Therefore, be wise and drink in moderation to have a good time as well as keep yourself grounded. Let hangovers be an anomaly not a frequent habit!

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Aug 2016


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A hangover is no longer the thing that spins irritable thoughts in your dizzy head, but now is the official proof that you are not as lucky as some others. A recently performed research suggests that you get the susceptible to walk that walk of shame to your house on Sunday mornings by the virtue of your parents. And your Grandparents and their parents and so on. The study also suggested that 20% of the world’s drinking population does not suffer from hangovers and that is a trait that surely makes us jealous.
Surprising as it may sound to you, how hung-over you get after a round of partying is more or less determined by your genes!

An Australian study which was conducted on twins and some 3,000 other people concluded that the intensity of your hangover is half determined by genetic factors, the rest of the 50 % being governed by physical factors like health, state of mind, age and so on.

Here are some things that happen to your body when you’re hung-over.

  1. Why does the head banging not stop –

The throbbing headache is actually the result of your neural membranes sticking to you skull, trying to draw whatever water is left in your body. Your headache is primarily the result of dehydration that your body is trying hard to cope with. The best way to cope with dehydration is by increasing your water intake. Drink as much plain water as you can and when that gets boring, look for ways to make good old water more fun by adding some naturally flavours or by just soaking in some slices of lime.

  1. Why do you need more zzzzz.. even after you’ve slept all night.

Sleep is never enough when your body is hung over. Alcohol has the property of interrupting normal sleep patterns which means your body may not be able to rest fully even when you’re sleeping for long hours. If you’re badly hung over, you always need more sleep even if you went to sleep at usual time. Alcohol depletes the glycogen (energy) reserves in your liver and leave you feeling drained.


  1. Why do you need to go to the loo often

Alcohol is directly absorbed by the intestines and you may find yourself running to the loo next day too often. The bowel movements are also uncomfortable and even you may be craving for high calories, rich and fried food, it is best to stick to comfort food that is easily digested and keep away from heavy indulgence.


The only way to cope with hangovers is by drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, hot comfort food and sleeping in as much as possible. The best way to avoid a hangover is by not drinking too much the night before. Do not drink on an empty stomach and always remember to drink in moderation. Cheers!

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Jun 2016

Why Alcohol and Exercise Should Go Hand in Hand

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Alcohol and exercise seem two things that cannot coincide, come what may. However, there are lots of myths that keep perpetrating around without any facts to them. Alcohol happens to be one of the most widely misunderstood elements. There are a number of people who like to enjoy a chilled beverage after a heard day’s work. This moves from one drink to two and much more. If this is not combined with exercise, chances are that you might be attracting a lot of uneasy fat your way which might just not be unappealing to look at but also lead to a number of ramifications.

Excess of everything is bad and this goes for both exercise and alcohol. In addition, one should never gain precedence over the other. It is thereby imperative to make sure that alcohol and exercise go hand in hand.

Here are a few considerations:

  1. Sweat it out: If you are one of the regulars who love watching sports or movies with alcohol, make sure you follow that up with regular exercise. This maintains your metabolism and keeps unwanted diseases at bay. Alcohol in moderation along with exercise is in fact considered good for the body. At the same time, do not exercise so much that you end up exerting your body. Also, allow considerable time lapse between two activities.
  2. Never follow exercise with alcohol: Drinking straight after a good work out session is not advisable. You must refrain from such a thing. If you combine these two in this order, your body will have to fight unwanted mixture of alcohol and lactic acid. Why put it through so much?
  3. Moderation should be the key: Both exercise and alcohol should be taken up in moderation for best results. We are not asking to give up on beer or other alcoholic beverages for a great body and flexible muscles but at the same time we do not endorse getting sloshed either.


Sometimes it may be difficult to follow the above mentioned tips, especially at once. Here are a few practical suggestions to moderate the alcohol intake for best results:

  1. Eat before you take in alcohol: One of the most practical tips for limiting alcohol intake is increasing food intake rather eating slowly along with drinks. It paces the drinking.
  2. Be choosy: You must ensure to choose drinks wisely. Low alcoholic beers make for a good option.
  3. Don’t mix drinks: Drink one drink at a time and never mix up two or more kinds of alcohol together. They tend to wreak havoc on the metabolism.
  4. Rehydrate before calling it a night: If you have drunk to your heart’s content, make sure you drink loads of water to hydrate. This won’t interfere with your workout in the morning and will make for a good alcohol and exercise camaraderie.
  5. Stick to schedule: Always have your day worked out on the basis of a schedule that you follow. This puts things in order and then you could enjoy your few drinks every now and then without hampering your exercise schedule.


We hope you would gain some perspective on how to combine alcohol and exercise by the aforementioned tips. Once you get in practice, it won’t seem daunting, to say the least.

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Apr 2016

Choosing The Wine That Is Healthiest For You

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Clinking glasses of wine is the classic way to cheers and celebration for parties, get-togethers, weddings and special occasions. We often pick the type of wine depending on the occasion we’re celebrating and the quality of its dryness or sweetness of taste. Wine is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which are required by the human body in micro quantities and are known to have considerable health benefits. Antioxidants fight off free radicals, thereby preventing oxidation reactions in the body which is the primary side effect of ageing. Polyphenols prevent the occurrence of degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer.


However, one must always remember that wine is beneficial only when consumed in small to moderate quantities – and that is about one glass per day. Different types of wine have different types and concentrations of goodness. For instance, Red wine may have certain upsides that are not seen in sparkling white wine or vice versa. An unusual but extremely healthy way to pick wine comes from the awareness of the benefits and drawbacks of different types of wine. Here are three most common types of commercially available wines and their properties.

Red Wine


Red Wine has the greatest amount of reversterol, the antioxidant that comes from the skin of grape and is known for promoting heart health. This substance also lowers Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). LDL is synonymous with bad cholesterol and is closely associated with heart disease.


Most of the studies that suggest the goodness of red wine have been conducted on mice. As we know, the effect of alcohol is directly related to body size, the degree of its influence on humans is not clear.  Especially when it comes to gender differences and age, the exact quantity of wine and its projected benefit is blurry. Also, just one glass of red wine has a whopping 130 calories or more which is equivalent to 15 minutes on the treadmill.


White Wine


White wine has a surprising health benefit for the lungs! Most lungs diseases are caused due to the lack of vitamins and antioxidants. White wine is a storehouse for anti-oxidants which aid lung function and protect them from diseases.


Even when white wine is good for your lungs, it could have a mild side-effect on your mouth. The corrosive action of white wine is detrimental to the health of your teeth and may lead to faster decay. Most white wines are acidic and are bad for teeth. In addition, white wine has far less heart healthy and cancer preventing compounds than red wine, but both have equal amount of calories.


Sparkling Wine


When it comes to health benefits, sparkling wine is almost as good as Champagne. A glass of sparkling wine has the same amount of goodness in the form of polyphenols as a glass of hot chocolate. Sparkling Wine also has lesser number of calories than white or red wine – just about 80 calories per glass in contrast to the same amount of red which has close to 130 calories.


Sparkling wine has been identified as a common trigger for migraines for most people.


All these health benefits can also be tapped from sources other than wine. Strawberries, blueberries, plums Cocoa powder, dark chocolate and coffee are safer sources of polyphenols. All green vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, avocados, beetroot and spinach have lots of anti-oxidants and consuming them is safer and healthier than drinking wine. Let not the health benefits of wine become an excuse for you to drink. Always remember, alcohol is best enjoyed when consumed in moderation.

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Apr 2016

The Right Way To Drink Like A Man

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Bloating like a drunken fish is probably the last thing you’d want to do on weekends, and blacking out like a first-timer on cheap vodka is definitely not your idea of a perfect night at the bar. Most of us chug beers down to celebrate and have a great time with family and friends. Drinking irresponsibly or in copious amounts every time may begin to hamper your body’s ability to process alcohol which means your body asks for more alcohol every time , weakening your liver and making it prone to deadly diseases.


Even when the occurrence of these diseases are found across races, the incidence of ill effects of alcohol are found more on  women than on men. This is not a genetic tendency, but as conclusive research suggests, this has more to do with the difference in physiology of men and women. Before we get into how people are affected, lets us first understand why people either do not identify or stop themselves from binge drinking.


In 1967, a revolutionary theory was presented by Hoffman which explained ‘Tolerance’ as the primary cause of alcohol-related addiction and disease. Tolerance as term is much misunderstood even today and has become a blurry zone between guidelines as recommended by government bodies and doctors who treat thousands of people inflicted with tolerance and addiction every day.


What is tolerance?

By definition, tolerance is “the capacity to endure continued subjection to something such as a drug or environmental conditions without adverse reaction.” That just means you need more and more alcohol to achieve desired effects. For instance, you may have felt the alcohol buzz setting in after 2 glasses of wine. As you develop tolerance, you may have to guzzle down many more cups of wine to attain the same degree of drunken elation. As a result, you get thrown into an endless loop of drinking more and more. Some factors that affect tolerance include –

  1. Gender
  2. Body size
  3. Stress
  4. Medication


  1. Gender – A woman can never ‘drink like a man’

Men in general have higher tolerance for alcohol than women of the same age. In party terms, women get drunk faster than men. (Unfortunately, that is a real-world fact). This happens because Women have a smaller body size than men. Also, the dozen of enzymes that process alcohol are almost double in concentration in men than in women. This may be the reason for the study by the University of Notre Dame, IN which suggests “a woman will absorb about 30% more alcohol into her bloodstream than a man of the same weight who has consumed an equal amount.”

Although, there is definitely an upside to this! Given the fact that men have a higher degree of tolerance, they are exposed to a greater risk of alcohol abuse and possibly, acute alcoholism. On the other hand, women with lesser tolerance are comparatively safer than their male counterparts.


  1. Body Size – Elves or Cowboys

People with smaller bodies tend to get drunk quicker than the biggies. The degree of alcohol consumption and effects is measured by body weight. The smaller a person, the faster the alcohol sets in into their bloodstream and the sooner they get drunk.

  1. Stress – Don’t drown your sorrows

Studies have shown stress can make you drink more than usual. When the body is under stress (be it emotional as in the case of sadness, or physical as in the case of injury), alcohol is absorbed faster into the blood stream. This is clearly not an effective coping mechanism and has serious ill-effects. When you’re most tempted to binge-drink is the time you’re at maximum risk of alcohol going wrong.

  1. Medication – A Doctor’s shot

This is one of the cardinal rules of drinking. Medication when mixed with alcohol can throw the liver off balance. This is closely related with tolerance, because reactions that may take place inside the body when alcohol mixes with medication can be extremely dangerous.


In conclusion, when it comes to alcohol consumption and health, moderate drinking is essentially the key. There is no standard formula that can help you calculate the ideal ‘moderate’ limit for you, but in general, women are advised to drink not more than 2-3 units of alcohol (ie, roughly 2 pints of beer or 2 glasses of red wine) and men to not exceed 3-4 units of alcohol in a day. These of course, are approximations and alcohol consumption should be kept to minimum as far as possible.

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