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Foods To Avoid With Alcohol | Drink Responsibly
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Dec 2017

Foods To Avoid With Alcohol

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They say that it is wise not to consume alcohol on empty stomach and that one should eat in between the drinks, do you know why? Here’s why…a tummy-full of food leads to slower absorption of alcohol in your body. Excessive alcohol messes up your system in multiple ways which include physical, mental, emotional and social after-effects. It is safe to say that binge drinking is directly proportional to binge eating. Picture this- waking up with a terrible hangover and now imagine the after effects of outrageously bad food pairing with alcohol! We bet that it is something you wouldn’t possibly want to experience, now would you? Once again, we come flying wearing our cape of good Samaritans to your rescue.  We’ve made a short list of food you must avoid pairing with alcohol.

Salt Isn’t So Good

Alcohol consumption in excess leads to dehydration as it is diuretic. It simply means that consumption of alcohol leads to a decreased production of anti-diuretic hormone which is used by our body to reabsorb water, thus leading to loss of fluid through excessive urination. Salty snacks make you feel thirsty and unless you are opting for a glass of water in between your many drinks, you’re in the danger zone because you’d be left dehydrated even more. Avoid pairing salty snacks with alcohol and give your bladder a break!

Honey, Watch The Sugar Rush!

Sugar and alcohol aren’t the best combination for your blood sugar levels. Plus, combining sweets with alcohol tends to aggravate the intoxication caused by alcohol and makes you feel dehydrated.

Talking about sugar, let’s divert to sugar in aerated drinks. We know that alcohol affects your blood sugar level by altering it negatively. So even though you might love that bourbon with aerated drink or love to enjoy your rum with cola, it ain’t helping you much besides making your blood sugar level go into a maddening overdrive and adding unwanted kilos to your weight.

Ditch the Dairy Products

Why, you ask? Because it’s a myth that dairy products act as coating to your stomach lining to avoid getting drunk. Most of the alcohol is consumed through small intestine so consuming dairy products won’t help you much. On the contrary, combining alcohol with dairy products is likely to give you heartburn and cause indigestion because they’re difficult to digest.

Go Easy On Spicy-Greasy

Again, eating spicy-greasy foods is not going to make you the cleverest of Toms in town. Combining alcohol with such foods can cause reflux and severe gastritis. Alcohol disturbs the digestive system and acts as an irritant to lower esophagus by relaxing it which causes acidity from stomach to reflux. Next time, when you feel the urge to place an order for that bucket of spicy chicken wings with beer- think twice, think thrice.

We part ways with you with few more words of wisdom, drink responsibly and ‘be mindful’ of what you drink and what you eat.

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