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Walk Your Way to Moderation (Mindful Drinking) | Drink Responsibly
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Apr 2018

Walk Your Way to Moderation (Mindful Drinking)

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It cannot be emphasized enough that moderation is a key to a blissful life. Be it leading a day-to-day life, each step taken in this direction, whether big or small bears fruits. Thus, bearing the torch of moderation forward, it must be noted that drinking responsibly clearly highlights consuming alcohol in moderation.

So, what’s this hullabaloo about drinking in moderation? First and foremost, let’s be clear on the basics, let us recall that WHO defines moderate drinking or ‘low-risk drinking’ as consumption of alcoholic drinks which are not more than 14 drinks per week for men and not more than 7 drinks for women. The given definition clearly specifies the number of alcoholic beverages consumed on any single day and should not be taken as an average over several days.

Set Your Goals and Be On the Right Track

This one’s a rule of thumb, we say. Planning in advance comes in handy here. Pick a realistic number of days and number of drinks which you can stick to. Also, know the standard drink sizes served which in turn would make it easier for you to keep a tab on the number of drinks consumed, especially with mixed drinks.

Don’t Forget the Food

Mark this one in red, never to drink on an empty stomach. Eating food would lead to slower absorption of alcohol in your body. Speaking of food, eating right is very important. Foods you must stay away from are spicy, salty and fried food as they tend to leave you dehydrated with the risk of upset stomach. And watch the sugary-rush; it isn’t the best combination with your drinks. Keep yourself hydrated with the water of life and go slow on the drinks.

Alternatives Are Helpful Too!

Why not try non-alcoholic beverages for a refreshing change? Or perhaps you can try the ones with lesser alcoholic content. While you’re at it, yet another trick you might want to try is to dilute your drink. Alternating your drinks here stands for alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and not mixing different alcoholic drinks.

When In Doubt, Keep That Glass at Bay

This grey area is a territory you most definitely want to avoid. ‘To be or not to be’, when your mind plays this trick, remember ALWAYS choose the safe route and just let it be! Very often we get carried away and misjudge our capacity to hold a drink and we end up drinking much more than we should. Raise your hand if you’ve fallen into that drunken pit?

Don’t Let the ‘Triggers’ Deceive You, Learn To Say NO

It is important to be mindful of what ‘triggers’ you to drink watch out for it. Are there certain places, people or feelings which compel you to drink? The reasons may be aplenty and you may find it difficult to navigate your way through such circumstances but remember that the ‘golden key’ remains with you. Do not let outside circumstances deter you from your resolution to drink in moderation. Friends, feelings, places-draw a thick line between them your resolution.
If you find yourself in the company of alcoholic bullies who force you to drink, it is advisable that you stick with a firm NO like a strong glue.

Small steps make a big difference, so choose better. Drink in moderation and lead a full life. Once you resolve to choose the middle path- the safe path, stick to it even if the stakes are too high. According to some studies, moderate consumption of alcohol is considered as quite beneficial- it is good for the heart and circulatory system. Think about it, drinking in moderation can actually save you a lot of health troubles besides saving you from a lot of embarrassing
episodes of drunken memories. Didn’t we tell you that moderation bears fruits! It is just as important to make informed choices which is why, the wise people say, ‘cheers and drink it up, but drink wisely’!

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