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May 2018

Exotic Local Alcoholic Drinks In India

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As it turns out, tasting the finest alcohol in the world is not enough, you haven’t tasted the best until you have tried the local alcoholic drinks of India. Based on how adventurous you are and whether you are an alcohol enthusiast or not, you must try the exotic drinks found across the length and breadth of our country. We bring you a short list of the exotic intoxicating wonders found here.

Lugdi- Manali

Image Source https://www.picbon.com/media/1742116161455492210_738063108

Lugdi is a local crude beer made from the fermented rice or barley, popular among the locals and tourists in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.


Chhang- Sikkim, Ladakh

Image Source https://www.scoopwhoop.com/inothernews/local-indian-alcohols/#.nlxcqxzbu

Another local alcoholic beverage of the Himalayan region is ‘Chhang’ which is a sweet-sour frothy beer made from distilled barley, millets or rice grains. Chhang is a favoured drink in Ladakh and Sikkim, it is said to have warming properties and considered good to fight against the biting cold of the mighty Himalayas. It is also a popular drink in Nepal.

Chulli and Angoori- Kinnaur

Image Source https://topyaps.com/facts-about-land-of-kinnaur

 Chulli is a light drink and quite popular among the locals of Kinnaur region of the mystical Himalayas. This sublime fruity drink is brewed from apples and dried wild apricots, and clear in appearance like vodka.

Angoori is a potent wine made from fermented red and green grapes from Ribba region of Kinnaur. It offers a great cure for the cold-related ailments. The red grapes angoori (5.10% v/v) has a higher alcohol content than the green grapes angoori (3.44% v/v).

Apong- Assam

Image Source https://thenortheasttoday.com/here-are-northeast-indias-best-locally-brewed-wine-across-the-country/

Apong is a rich fermented rice beer and the ‘heritage’ drink of Assam. It is made in nearly every household of Mising and Adi people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Zawlaidi- Mizoram

Image Source https://thenortheasttoday.com/here-are-northeast-indias-best-locally-brewed-wine-across-the-country/

This grape wine is bubbly and sweet in taste. Often termed as the magic ‘love potion’ of Mizoram, Zawlaidi is perhaps one of the best wines brewed in India.

Coconut Toddy- Kerala

Image Source https://steemit.com/india/@earningsmugglers/24-country-liquors-and-homemade-alcohols

 This mild wine is made from the fermented sap, which is collected from the coconut palms. The longer the fermentation process, the stronger and the headier the toddy tastes. It is said that this drink tastes best when it is stored in mud vessels.

Feni- Goa

Image Source https://www.ozy.com/good-sht/79-wtf-is-feni-the-tropical-indian-liquor-you-need-to-try/80412

Feni is a popular local drink of Goa, and being a classified country liquor it cannot be sold outside the state. Based on the base ingredient there are two types of Feni, cashew feni and toddy palm feni. Cashew feni is a triple-distilled liquor and is made from only the tree-ripened cashew apples. Coconut feni is made from distilled fermented toddy from the coconut palms and it is consumed in the southern parts of Goa.

Zutho- Nagaland


Image Source https://imgur.com/gallery/o7oUn

 Made from fermented rice grains, Zutho is a traditional mild beer found in Kohima, Nagaland. It is a popular alcoholic beverage among Angami Nagas or the tribes on Nagaland. It is our Indian version of Japanese Sake with approximately 5.5% v/v of ethanol.

Zutho is also believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Royal Mawalin- Rajasthan

Image Source https://www.ohmyrajasthan.com/royal-liquor-of-rajasthan/amp

This fine wine from the land of the royals is made with 39 ingredients, which include dates and dry fruits. This aromatic drink tastes bitter with a rich texture and is consumed throughout the year. It is believed to have medicinal properties and owing to its inherent warm properties, it is consumed in small quantities to treat the common cold and mild aches. In winters it is usually consumed with warm water whereas, in summers, it is served with ice.

Drinking the local way offers a different kind of high altogether as it makes for a memorable experience. So, remember to add the above-mentioned names to your bucket list. Try these distinctly flavoured local drinks as you pack your bags for your next soulful voyage.

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