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Dec 2018

Interesting Facts About Alcohol You Didn’t Know About

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Alcohol remains one of the most consumed beverages in the world. But do you know all that you need to know about alcohol? Let’s take you through a quick list of interesting facts about alcohol you probably didn’t know about.

Alcohol takes about six minutes to reach the brain

Yes, that is the time alcohol takes to reach your brain cells. According to the researchers, the link between alcohol consumption and rapid changes in the brain cells was established!

Etymology of alcohol

The origin of the word ‘alcohol’ was first traced to mid 16th century when it initially meant a ‘fine powder from distillation’. The word has its roots in Arabic word ‘al-kuḥl’ and ‘alcool’ in French.

What does the world like to drink?

More than 45% of alcohol consumed is in the form of spirits, next comes beer at nearly 36%. Consumption of wine in Europe is the highest in the world and alcohol is illegal in the Middle East.

Highest consumption

This one might come as a bit of a shocker but the Czech Republic is the highest beer consuming nation, leaving the Germans far behind!

Moldova and Belarus are the countries with the highest alcohol consumption in the world.

Per capita consumption of alcohol in Moldova is 17.4 litres closely followed by Belarus at 17.1 litres.

Which is the strongest?

Bottled at 95%ABV, Spirytus Rektyfikowany which is the rectified spirit from Poland remains the strongest spirit in the world. It is recommended to not be consumed neat and mostly used as base alcohol for liqueurs.

‘Snake Venom’ by Scottish brewery Brewmeister is the world’s strongest beer with 67.5% ABV.

Earliest consumption

The earliest consumption of fermented beverages is recorded to have developed around Neolithic Age about 1000 years ago.

How many grapes make a wine bottle?

It takes about 600-800 grapes to make that bottle of wine.

Bubbles in a bubbly

There are about one million bubbles in a champagne flute.

Pressure in a bottle

There is three times more air pressure in your champagne than in your car tyre, quite literally and interestingly!

Alcohol and body temperature

Alcohol does not warm your body, it dilates the blood vessels under your skin which makes the blood flow shunt closer to the periphery.

Alcohol and manometer

Alcohol is used in manometers because it has a low vapour pressure which more accuracy can be maintained in pressure difference.

Mercury vs alcohol

The earliest glass thermometer used during the 1600s contained alcohol instead of mercury!

Human body produces alcohol

Surprised? Yes, it’s true and it is called ‘Auto-Brewery Syndrome’. It is a condition in which a certain bacteria present in the gut produces yeast which is similar to ‘Saccharomyces’ or ‘brewer’s yeast’.

Alcohol cannot be digested

Alcohol can’t be digested because it gets directly passed on to the bloodstream.

Alcohol cravings

Dipsomania is a term which describes the excessive cravings for alcohol.

Alcohol for sustenance

So the fact goes like this, a human body requires thirteen essential minerals to sustain and guess what, all thirteen can be found in alcohol!

Muscular means less drunk

And this holds true as well! The more muscle mass a person has, the higher the tolerance for alcohol as compared with a person with more body fats. Muscle has more water hence the alcohol gets diluted.

One beer or one vodka shot?

One beer is equal to one vodka shot and one glass of wine.

Milkshake and alcohol

During 1885, the word ‘milkshake’ implied eggnog-like beverage which was originally made from whisky and over the centuries, the meaning obviously changed.

Alcohol is a disinfectant

Alcohol kills bacteria which is why it can be used as disinfectant and sterilizer.

Alcohol ban for Russian women

COnsumption of alcohol was banned for Russian women under the reign of Empress Catherine, the men, however, could drink!

Hope you had an enjoyable time reading about these interesting facts!

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