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Why Do I Get Drunk but My Friends Don’t?

‘Why did I get drunk last evening, but my friend was sober?’, raise your hand if you’ve been plagued by this question at least once in your life.

There are people who are more affected by alcohol, meaning that they get tipsy, whereas, some others remain as solid as a rock despite consuming rather large amounts of alcohol. Thus, if this question has troubled you to bits, you’d be relieved to know that you aren’t alone! Sometimes, even the seasoned drinkers are perplexed by this tricky situation after a night of revelry with friends. So, you can sit back & relax as we share some facts that can help to solve this mystery for you!

Now, speaking of capacity or tolerance, how is that different for two individuals consuming the same amount of alcohol? Well it could depend upon various factors which determine what effects does alcohol have on ones’ body, these factors include ethnic, biological traits, age, gender, the interval between drinks, whether one has consumed alcohol on an empty stomach.

Ethnic & Biological Traits

Have you ever heard of the famous Asian flush syndrome? Do you also wonder if the Irish really are heavy drinkers?

Asian flush syndrome is a condition which is found in people of Asian ethnicities particularly China, Japan, Korea.
The primary enzyme responsible for the Asian flush syndrome is dehydrogenase.

The red flush occurs because of a genetic acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency. The blood vessels dilate due to the buildup of ‘acetaldehyde’ leading to the ‘flushed’ reddening of the face and raced heartbeats.

From Asia, as we move on to Ireland, it is pertinent to mention that there is no scientific evidence that supports or suggests that the Irish are indeed comparatively superior drinkers!


It takes time to become a seasoned drinker as the body takes time to become tolerant of alcohol. Paradoxically, as we ripe in age & owing to physical changes & in the brain, the alcohol builds up to a higher concentration & hits us slightly harder.

As postmenopausal women go through changes in their body, another effect of menopause observed is the slower metabolism of alcohol.


Men have a higher water body level which means that they are less likely to get drunk in comparison with premenopausal women.

It is observed that women are more likely to get liver toxicity.

Time Interval

How you consume alcohol really matters, yes it does!

One needs to time their drink as going slow is the key here. The volume of alcohol consumed at a slow pace is more likely to keep you sober. The faster you drink, the drunker you get.


Never drink it up on an empty stomach, carbs & fats ensure that you do not get drunk anytime sooner. Certain foods delay the absorption of alcohol in the body, thus saving the day for us!

To conclude, you can heave a sigh of relief, since you know the contributing factors which are likely to make you drunker than your friends.

Disclaimer: Let’s state here that excessive drinking has adverse effects on health and by no means should one boast about a mighty drinking capacity. One should be mindful of the amount of alcohol consumed & must not drink beyond one’s capacity.

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