Drinking Etiquette Around The World

Alcohol also finds a place in celebrations & traditions around the world and drinking is an enjoyable part in the lives of many people. The ones who enjoy drinks & love to travel would agree that no holiday is complete without high spirits. It gives them the opportunity to explore the local cuisine & drinks.

However, as you go about planning your next vacation to a different country, it is important to revisit few a basics here. Remember to be mindful of the local laws and customs. Also, know your limits when you go out drinking in foreign lands, you wouldn’t want to be caught in a messy situation that ruins your trip.

To make things easier, with this article we intend to bring you a list of drinking to-do’s as you plan your next sojourn around the world.

Denmark & Germany

The drinking culture is quite strong in Germany and the people sure do love their beer. A common thing between the Germans & the Danish is the way they toast while drinking. They like to maintain eye contact while toasting, it is symbolic of ‘trust’, and the person is considered untrustworthy if they fail to abide by it.

Czech Republic

The Czechs, like the Danish & Germans, make eye contact while toasting, it is considered rude if you don’t look people in the eye while clinking your glass. Also, make a mental note not to cross your arms as you clink.


The French are polite & they like to take it slow! You never fill your glass of wine more than halfway, pour a little and take it slow, don’t gulp it down like a shot!


The Russians consider it rude if you put your glass of vodka shot down without finishing it, it has to be downed in one go. Remember not to leave your glass on the table once you’re done, place it on the floor instead.


Clinking glasses when drinking beer is a big no-no in Hungarian culture. The aversion is rooted in the revolution against the Habsburgs dating back to 1849 when the Austrian soldiers drank beer & clinked glasses while the Hungarian martyrs were hanged.


When in Spain, ‘always’ toast like the Spanish, and we’ll tell you why. So it goes like this, the Spaniards believe that you experience seven years of bad sex if you toast with a glass of water!


In a social gathering in the Japanese culture, the elders are served first, and people ensure that no one’s glass is empty. Pouring a drink for yourself is considered outright rude, and as a part of extended camaraderie, people pour a glass of drink for each other.

And…Here’s a quick parting tip for you, when in doubt, always take the lead of the local. It not only helps you in enjoying the customs of the place you’re visiting but, it also helps you in making friends with the locals. Besides it is advantageous to learn to toast like the natives, it might earn you additional brownie points with your new friends!

Disclaimer: Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful. Whether it is to celebrate or to unwind, it goes without a doubt that one must be a responsible drinker.

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