Wine Serving Tips

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So, you have planned your formal anniversary party, or perhaps you’re inviting some guests over for a house-warming but you’re confused about how to serve wine like a perfect host?  Do not worry, here we come to the rescue to ease the creases, and by the time you’re done reading our quick guide-list, you’ll have your fundamentals right about what temperature should wine be served at, what glasses should you use and general wine serving etiquette.

Read on to serve wine like a pro…


Like many other alcobevs, picking the right glasses to serve wine to your guests is equally important because it enhances the complex taste & aroma of drinks.

Sparkling wine & champagne is generally served in the long-stemmed slender flute glass. The long stem of the glass enables you to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink, whereas, the slender shape retains the bubbles.

The Champagne saucer is a wide rimmed with shallow bowl and long-stemmed glass which is another option to serve champagne.

The round-shaped bowl of red wine glass enhances the oxidation rate of bolder red wines.

White wines are served in glasses similar to the red wine glass, but with a comparatively smaller rim & bowl. It preserves & enhances the aromas & in maintaining a cooler temperature.


Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are generally served chilled. The aromatic and sweet dry sparkling wines can tolerate low temperatures and can be served as low as 8 °C. Ideally, they should be left in the chiller an hour-two hours before opening.

White Wines

In comparison to red wines, the white wines contain lesser tannins and are high in acidity content. The acidic beverages are best served at low temperatures, ideally, the preferred temperature ranges between 10 to 14 °C.

Oaked white wines are better served warmer.

Red Wines

Red wines and Bordeaux are served refreshing at room temperature, not warm.

They contain tannins and are comparatively less acidic than white wines, so they are served at higher temperature. The wines with fewer tannins are served from 14 to 16 ° C, whereas full-bodied and tannic ones can be served at 18 °C.

Fortified and Sweet Wines

Fortified wines are high in alcohol content and taste sweet. To enhance the characteristic sweetness & complexity of these wines, they should be served at a slightly high temperature, of about 14 to 18 °C. In order to accentuate their freshness, it is best to serve them at low temperature, 10 to 14 °C, and the fortified dry wines can also be served at the temperature below 10 °C.

Additional Tip: Remember these few pointers when you serve wine to your guests:

– Serve the ladies first. In many cultures, it is found rude if women are not served before men.

– It’s always polite to ask your guests if they need a refill before refilling your drink.

–  While serving, it is important not to fill a glass full.

– Keep the essential bar tools handy, such as foil cutters and corkscrews, decanters.

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