Revisiting The Local Alcoholic Drinks In The World

Here’s a quick food for thought as you set out to explore the world…

A journey remains incomplete if you haven’t soaked in the vibe of the place, tasted the local delicacies and drank the local alcobev.

As you go out and about globe-trotting, don’t forget to indulge your senses with the local-way.

To give your travel tales that extra punch, with this article we bring you a list of six must-try local alcobevs from around the world. So, fasten your seatbelts because here we go…

Siam Sunray – Thailand

This dreamy-named signature drink was created in 2009 to promote tourism in Thailand. It’s a unique vodka-based cocktail which offers a blast of flavours of coconut liqueur, lemongrass, chilli pepper & kaffir lime.

Don’t forget to sip on this light & refreshing tropical wonder on your next trip to this exotic land.

Konyagi – Tanzania

This local alcobev from Tanzania should be on your list of ‘must-try’. Made from sugarcane/molasses, the versatility of this clear drink delights the taste buds and wins you over with its distinct taste.

Pastis -France

The delightful anise-flavoured apéritif is something you must try while visiting the fascinating French lands.

With 40-45% ABV, it is one of the bold yet one of the favourite drinks in France. It makes the summers even more beautiful with its slightly sweet taste. As you sip on this yellow-coloured drink leaves a sweet taste like a fond memory, like the typically irresistible French charm!

Slivovitz – Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland & Bulgaria

Slivovitz is a heady plum brandy primarily produced in central & eastern Europe. Known for the distinctive bitter taste & the superkick with 50-70% ABV, it has rightly earned a reputation for itself.

Baijiu – China

This funky and complex drink is considered to be the national drink of China and its roots can be traced to the provinces of Sichuan & Guizhou.

Baijiu is white or clear alcobev which is usually distilled from fermented sorghum. However, other grains such as wheat, barley, maize are also commonly used in its production in southern China.

While most Baijiu is about 50% ABV, some are above 60% ABV as well. Since it is high in ABV content, the people who are unaccustomed to its taste, often take time to develop a taste for Baijiu.

There are four varieties of Baijiu which are produced, classified by the aroma –

Strong fragrance;
Light fragrance;

Rice fragrance; and

Sauce fragrance.

Soju – South Korea

The quintessential Korean wonder is one of the most widely consumed drinks around the world by volume. It is popularly believed that an average adult Korean drinks about 90 bottles of Soju a year.

Its alcohol content varies from 16.8% to 53% ABV, and even though it looks like vodka and gin, this distilled, rice-based clear alcobev tastes sweeter. Thanks to its distinctive sharp taste, it is quite easy on the palette, and the subtle flavours it can be consumed with a variety of foods.

Traditionally consumed chilled & neat in a shot glass, Soju is also used as a base spirit in cocktails these days.

Hoping that this list has given you a little encouragement to add a few more stories to your valuable travel adventures, we wish you a bagful of enchanting experiences and glassful of local drinks to take your mind for a spin!

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