Debunking Myths About Alcobevs

Debunking Myths About Alcobevs

As the world goes round and round in circles, so do the myths about consumption of alcobevs. With the numbers growing every now and then, it’s only fair to crack the code surrounding it. So here we are, presenting before you a handful of the commonest, tallest and shortest tales which are abuzz.

Myth: Alcohol is digestible

Fact: It couldn’t be funnier and farther from the truth! No, you can’t ‘digest’ alcohol for an important reason- it is absorbed in the bloodstream!

To elucidate it further, when you swallow alcobev, it passes through your food pipe right down to your stomach and small intestine, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Myth: Darker alcobevs are healthier

Fact: Oh, the silly-silly reasons to drink!

Although dark alcobevs such as dark beer, bourbon and red wines have more antioxidants and flavonoids, they are also high in congener content. Basically, congeners are responsible for giving an alcobev its distinct flavour, they also contribute to giving hangovers and worsening them. So, it’s wiser to kick the dark and switch to lighter alcobevs if you want to avoid waking up with a bad hangover the morning after.

Myth: Coffee saves you from getting drunk 

Fact: So think about it, if it were really true, there would be coffee plantations near the bars!

Drinking coffee doesn’t save the day when comes to consuming alcobev. It doesn’t help in diluting alcohol content from the bloodstream, nor does it help in getting rid of that nasty hangover. Skip the coffee and go for that glass of water instead. It keeps you hydrated and helps you in recovering from a wild drinking session.

Myth: Beer is a fantastic post-workout beverage

Fact: This makes for a crazy brain twister! Many people regard beer as a post-workout re-hydrating drink primarily because of the following three reasons:

1) The carbonation helps in quenching thirst;

2) It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins; and

3) The carbs in the beer give instant energy.

It is, however, a known fact that alcobevs are diuretic, which means drinking alcobevs makes one pee more, which in turn leads to dehydration.

One of the side effects of consuming alcobev on liver and pancreas is that oxygen leaves the bloodstream faster, this slows the muscle growth and leads to diminished metabolism.

Moreover, consuming sports drinks after a long run or a workout session can be an alternative because they contain salt, potassium and sugar which rehydrate the body, without the negative effects of alcobevs.

Think again before grabbing that pint of your favourite beer!

Myth: Add juice to your drink to reduce its effect on body

Fact: Please understand a fact, that if and when you drink, mixers won’t score the home run for you! Mixers such as fruit juices and energy drinks only alter the taste of your drink, they do not reduce the effects of alcobev. The alcohol content of your drink remains the same as does the morning after hangover!

We hope that with this short article, we were able to break the false glass ceiling of myths about alcobevs.

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