How To Be A Responsible Host

How To Be A Responsible Host?

Hosting a dinner party or a weekend brunch can be fun and exciting. A lot of planning goes into putting together a perfect gathering where all your guests enjoy not only during the party, but they reach home safe as well. As a host, you want to be remembered for the right reasons!

The stakes get bigger if you serve alcobev because as a host, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests reach home sound and safe. The chances of injuries from fall, car accidents get bigger, especially if one is in an inebriated state.

Speaking of drinks, think of a scenario when the excitement gets dampened because a guest gets drunk. It may turn out to be a cause of massive inconvenience and awkwardness not only to you but to the others in attendance as well.

To avoid getting into embarrassing and irresponsible drunken soup, here are some key points to keep in mind while hosting a party responsibly and still have fun.

  • Serve food while drinking alcobevs as it slows down the absorption of alcohol in the body. Slow down serving drinks so that it gives a chance to process alcobev in the system.
  • Plan entertaining activities which involve guest participation, it helps in slowing down alcohol absorption in the body.
  • Monitor your guests’ drinks, and avoid serving shots as it may lead to ‘drinking competitions’.
  • Don’t force your guests to drink. Ever heard of ‘Live and let live’? There’s no point in pushing people to drink alcobev.
  • Keep an eye on the minors, ensure that they are served non-alcoholic drinks.

*NOTE: Underage drinking is unlawful and is a terrible idea which must ‘never’ be encouraged or entertained.

  • Avoid a self-service bar and designate a responsible professional bartender instead. People tend to drink more when they fix their own drinks, and the bartender can save the day by refusing drinks to the ones already high.
  • Discourage mixing of drinks, it’s a sure shot recipe of drunken mayhem!
  • It may get slightly awkward to refuse a drink to an intoxicated colleague, friend or a relative, but stick to your guns. They say ‘prevention is better than cure’ for a very good reason!
  • If you notice that your guest has had a drink too many, discourage them from driving back home. As a responsible host, you can Either designate somebody to drive them home or book a cab.
  • *NOTE: Drinking and driving must never be mixed, it can be potentially fatal.
  • Stop the alcobev service one hour before the party ends. It allows your guests the time to sober up.
  • And remember, as responsible hosts, enjoy your drinks if you must but please do not get drunk!

A quick parting valuable note, as you plan your next party, remember that as much as it’s important to have fun, it is equally important to be mindful of the obligations as a host and party safe.

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