Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking

Social Drinking

Social drinking is when people drink occasionally and responsibly. There are no black outs or getting drunk regularly. Social drinking does not interruptyour routine life.You take care of your home, work, family, health and other responsibilities. It does not put you in any financial or legal trouble. Drinking in moderation is the best way to describe social drinking.

Problem Drinking

Problem drinking is considered when people consume liquor frequently.They usually drink more than what their mind and body can handle. They are not aware of what they do when they drink and always regret later. Problem drinkers experience ill effects on their health and no matter how hard they try to quit drinking, they can’t do it on their own.

The effects of Alcobev

Alcobev can reduce stress, cut back apprehensions, and make social collaborations easy. Be that as it may, excessive drinking can be hazardous on health on so many levels.

  • It can be physically and mentally addictive
  • It can cause impeded memory, coordination, and judgment
  • Damage the significant organs like heart, liver, and nervous system
  • Chances of birth defects, if taken during pregnancy.

Individuals who misuse liquor additionally put themselves as well as other people in danger on the off chance that they drive or operateheavy machinery after drinking excessively.

Liquor misuse and vulnerability can begin at any age. There are absolute no indicators of when it might happen. In any case, where there is a family history of alcohol abuse, one needs to be extra careful.  One may even abstain from consuming alcohol in such situations. Some build up a drinking issue later in life. Sometimes, a drinking issue is triggered by major life changes that cause despondency, disconnection, and rejection.  One needs to ensure that this does not happen.

How to drink safe and responsibly? 

  • Always eat before drinking to slow down alcobev’s absorption and its effects.
  • Avoid drinks on an empty stomach.
  • Don’t drink if you are thirsty. First reduce your thirst before starting to drink liquor and always have a glass of water in between drinks.
  • Drink only at appropriate places and time and know when to stop.
  • Avoid drinking games and never mix liquor with any other drugs or medicines.
  • Don’t drink when you are under stress or upset about anything.
  • Never drink and drive.Always have a sober driver available.
  • Remember : Sober is the new high. Drink to enjoy social occasions, not to get drunk.  Stay #Not Out !

Warning signs to look out that need help!

  • Inability to stop liquor consumption once started to drink.
  • Obsessing about alcohol all the time.
  • Extreme difference in behaviour while drunk and sober.
  • Drinking pattern.
  • Being surrounded by heavy drinkers.
  • Being drunk at most of the occasions.
  • Being in denial that there is a drinking problem
  • Not being able to adhere to the limits set for drinking.
  • Using drinking as the only way to reward oneself.
  • Binge drinking.
  • Having blackout after drinking excessively
  • Not being able to imagine life without drinking.

Don’t let any discomfort, guilt or shame stop you from getting help for the life you deserve.Alcoholism is a treatable medical condition.

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