Rum Cocktails You Need To Try At Least Once

Rum is one of the most versatile drinks when it comes to making a cocktail. Have you tried all of the essential Rum drinks? Here is a list of some of the popular and everyone’s favourite Rum cocktails which you should try at least once.


When we talk about Rum cocktails, the first drink that comes to our mind is Daiquiri. This cocktail is the easiest, and simplest of all the Rum drinks. It’s just a 3 ingredient drink, you need Rum, lime juice, and sugar, and it’s done. This is the one cocktail which you should not only taste but learn to make it too.


Once you have tasted and learned the art of making Daiquiri, it’s time for another crowd-pleaser the Mojito. It’s a refreshing drink made with Rum, mint, lime, sugar, and soda. If you like, you can toss any fruit of your choice to make fruit flavoured mojitos.

Pina Colada

It’s a fantastic summertime cocktail which you can enjoy throughout the year. A delight for coconut’s lover, this drink includes light Rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. You can either blend it or shake it. So sip, relax, and sit back to enjoy it.


This is not your basic cocktail with few ingredients. Rather the list of ingredients in Hurricane is quite extensive. Filled with flavours, this cocktail has both light as well as dark rums in it. Apart from that, it has passion fruit, orange, lime juice, simple syrup, and grenadine. It’s an iconic cocktail with a refreshing and powerful taste and a signature drink of New Orleans. So don’t forget to order your signature Hurricane next time when you are in New Orleans.

Planter’s Punch

The classic planter’s punch is a tall, refreshing drink with lots of fruits in it and which fruit to put in your drink is a matter of an individual’s choice. Some prefer passion fruit, other’s pineapple and some like to have a piece of every fruit. No matter what flavour you decide your planter’s punch is a great summertime drink.

Hot Buttered Rum

As the name suggests Hot Buttered Rum is a perfect cocktail for cold winter months. Rum is known for its ability to warm up the body. To make this cocktail perfectly, all you need is dark rum, vanilla extract, brown sugar, butter, and a combination of winter spices which are easily available in your kitchen. So when the winters hit your town next time enjoy some Hot Buttered Rum to feel warm and cosy.

Dark and Stormy

This cocktail is a must-have for any Rum lover, especially after a long tiring day at work. It’s a tall, refreshing, and easy to pour drink that’s why it’s a number one choice for happy hour. Just a two-ingredient cocktail, with Rum and ginger beer in it and it goes best with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.

Cable Car

It is one of the great modern classics. To make a cable car cocktail you need spiced rum as the base. Also, you need orange Curacao, fresh lemon sour, and garnished it with a cinnamon-sugared rim. Like any other sour drinks, it has a sweet as well as a sour element to it.

Just go ahead and try all the delicious Rum cocktails.

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