Whiskey Myths Debunked

Whiskey drinkers tend to boast about their knowledge of whiskey. For centuries now, the refined art of whiskey drinking throws its share of diverse and conflicting opinions like the only real bourbon is Kentucky bourbon or the only way to drink whiskey is neat, flummoxing the most seasoned whiskey connoisseur. While whiskey has always had its loyal following, it’s garnered a new fan base over the last few years. Whiskey has as much mystique as ever, and bartenders are crafting cocktails that highlight whiskey’s rich flavours. Still, amid all the taxidermy and upgraded old-fashioned, many myths about the brown spirit persist.

Here is the truth behind a few lingering myths about whiskey. Let’s debunk some common myths and buzzwords surrounding the world’s greatest spirit.

Whiskey – Older the better!

Older means expensive, and people seem to be under the perception that if it is expensive it must be better. This is not true. Often older is better, but it’s not a golden rule by any means. It depends on your taste as whiskey is entirely subjective. The distiller decides based on the experience and the style of whiskey they are trying to produce that how long a whiskey should stay in the barrel. One person might find an 8-year-old whiskey tasty, whilst the next person may prefer a 25-year-old whiskey. Every whiskey is different, which is the beauty of it! The longer the spirit stays in the barrel, the more liquid gets absorbed into the wood (or evaporates), concentrating the liquid and infusing it with more and more charred oak flavour. However, age is not the only method of creating a taste profile. More and more master distillers are using “wood management” to create taste profiles.

Whiskey – Neat or water?

The best way to drink whiskey is to drink it the way you like it but often we hear murmurs about whether to add water or not to whiskey. A lot of people are anxious about adding water or ice to whiskey but adding a little water actually opens up the whiskey and release more flavours and volatile aromas allowing you to fully appreciate it. Everyone is free to experiment a little bit after all whiskey is not that delicate.

Whiskey – A man’s drink?

Many people’s initial perception of whiskey is that it is a man’s drink. Not anymore! Thanks to female whiskey drinkers, female bartenders and female whiskey ambassadors who are growing in numbers. Whiskey is too good, too interesting and too exciting to confine itself to the perception that it is just for men and it’s about time whiskey should be considered a drink for everyone. Also, according to science, a lot of whiskey tasting is about the notes you get on the nose, and women are scientifically proven to be better at detecting smells.

Whiskey and cocktails

Whenever we hear cocktails sugary sweet concoctions come to mind but if we are making a cocktail, we want to use best of ingredients. Whiskeys make great cocktails. Whiskey cocktails have been enjoyed for decades. Good quality whiskey is used within the cocktails so that the flavour of the ingredients and whiskey complement each other. Whiskeys with high proof have bigger flavours, which work perfectly in cocktails as they stand up to other mixers.

Whiskey for winters

Many people think whiskey is for winter only but one can drink whiskey all year-round, even in the heat of summer. Whether you’re mixing whiskey with club soda or having it with ginger ale or on the rocks, it is very refreshing to drink and a squeezing lime into it sometimes helps.

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