Spooky Cocktails For Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, are you looking for something spooky to serve your guests this Halloween party? Well! That is why we’ve rounded up some spooky cocktails just for you.

Blood and Sand 

This elegant cocktail is nearly a century old and is a tribute to the 1922 silent movie Blood and Sand starring Rudolph Valentino. Though the components may seem a little odd, they blend seamlessly, and the warming scotch and sweet vermouth are a welcome nod to early autumn. Fruity and only faintly smoky, it’s an approachable drink for people who aren’t sure they like Scotch.

Black Velvet 

The Black Velvet Cocktail is a popular Irish drink made from one of the world’s most famous stout beers, this disarmingly simple combination of beer and bubbly wine is true to its name: rich, smooth, and lush. It’s dark molasses colour with its silky smooth flavour and mesmerizing bubbles that form a frothy head after a pour, one can see why this stout is so popular. Not only is this cocktail delicious and smooth but super simple to prepare.

Black Sun 

The bittersweet orange flavour of Cointreau liqueur adds citrus complexity to this delightful take on the popular Cuba Libre. Add a spooky swizzle stick for a festive note or an orange garnish for a punch of seasonal colour.

El Diablo 

The El Diablo cocktail surely lives up to its name with a devilish combination of sweet crème de cassis, earthy tequila, bright lime, and spicy ginger beer and is a stroke of utter genius.

The Last Word 

The Last Word cocktail is a sweet and sharp drink with a pale green hue. Electric green Chartreuse liqueur is the star of this crisp, Prohibition-era classic.  This little palate cleanser is rich and pungent. It is best suited to those who like a sharp kick to a drink and The Last Word should be the first thing you order the next time you fancy a sweet, citrus hit.

Chartreuse Smash 

This is a cocktail that will make you happy to drink some of your greens. Muddled mint and a bit of brown sugar take the medicinal edge off of the Chartreuse, resulting in a crisp, refreshing riff on the julep that is as delicious as it is eye-catching. Serve with crushed ice in a refreshing tall sipper.

Caramel Apple Punch 

The Caramel Apple punch calls for just four ingredients—apple cider, spiced rum, lemon juice, and a sliced apple for garnish.

Chocolate Malted Martini 

This decadently rich and creamy cocktail made with chocolate syrup and vodka will definitely bring out your dark side this Halloween.

Pumpkin Martini 

Stay away from those cloying pumpkin-flavoured liqueurs, this drink uses pure pumpkin puree, with vodka for the kick.

Vampire Punch 

With a generous mix of Campari and gin and dash of juicy pomegranate seeds which add a sweet-tart bite to every cup, this delish punch will have guests asking for more.

Dark and Spooky 

Use ginger beer instead of ginger ale and dark rum for the deepest, most intense flavour.

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