How To Stop From Binge Drinking On A Night Out?

What is binge drinking?

Binge drinking is having five or more drinks for a man and four or more drinks for a woman in one sitting. Binge drinking is the most common pattern of excessive alcohol consumption and is a common problem in many countries worldwide. The compound effect of regular binge drinking can be more harmful than you might think. Binge drinking may lead to the chances of physical injury and violent incidents and is not the way to enjoy alcohol.

There are simple yet powerful ways to stop binge drinking: 

Decide before you start – Going out for a drink with your friends? It’s better to decide how much you’ll drink that night. A maximum of two and each time you finish a drink, note it in your phone and hydrate yourself with a glass of water. This strategy will slow down your drinking pace since you can only have a limited amount. And once you reach your limit, switch to water or soft drink.

Don’t drink before a social event – Don’t turn up to a party, pub or social event with a couple of drinks under your belly already. If a friend wants to have a few at home before you head out, just say you’d rather drink there and try enjoy drinking  with a bunch of friends.

Drink water between drinks – Drinking a glass of water or a soft drink between each alcoholic drink to slow down the effect alcohol has on you. But don’t just gulp water and then order another drink. Sit on the water the way you would drink an alcoholic drink. There’s no shame in trying not to get drunk, and telling your friends you’re drinking water might remind them that they should have one too.

Don’t get into social pressure – Having rounds of drinks will speed up the pace of drinking to keep up with each other, and you end up having drinks you don’t want. So it advisable not to get into rounds. Don’t drink just to be polite or risk offending someone who bought you a shot.

Eat food – Don’t be hesitant to go crazy on the menu when you’re drinking. Eating food will make your body take longer to digest the alcohol, and you’ll drink more slowly in between bites. Always eat before the event and continue to eat throughout your drinking session.

Do something other than meeting just to drink – Try to incorporate activity into your drinking session to slow down your pace of drinking. This could be playing games or bust some moves on the dance floor when you’re up in the club or bar.

Drinking and stress – Most people turn to drink when stressed or depressed but drinking excessively will only make you feel worse.

Rather choosing activities like running, swimming, meditation, yoga or an intense workout will help you in the long run by putting you in a better frame of mind which will result in less binge-drinking.

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