How To Know You’ve Found A Good Bartender

Bartenders are not created in a day, they are made by spending time behind the bar learning and experimenting. One of the toughest roles to hire for is the bartender. It takes time to find, hire, and train the new bartender so they can fit in and be successful. As you search for the new bartender, several qualities and skills are desired and required for this position in a potential candidate, to ensure you’ve found the right person for the job. The top bartenders are serious about the craft. So serious that they set themselves up for booming evenings, to brag and make conversation that leads drinkers away from the usual and toward getting the best cocktail for into their hands.

One can always look for these skills and qualities to know that you’ve found a good bartender-

Do Homework

Even if you don’t know the pronunciation of many of the fancy drinks, don’t worry your good bartenders do. They do their homework properly. From the difference between styles of gin, styles of whiskey, what aging does to spirits, and why a spirit is or isn’t worth top dollar, they know it all. Some even know the history behind drinks. They have a wheelhouse of classics which they can make from the ingredients in their bar in case a guest requests for an off the menu drink.

Sharp Memory

Even the smallest bar requires a bartender to have a great memory to remember how to make all the drinks on the menu. During a busy weekend, you simply cannot afford to have a bartender that’s slow and struggling with the process. Often, a good memory can enable the bartender to remember the regulars as well.

Remain Calm

Being shaken quickly isn’t a good quality to have when it comes to being a bartender. Many things can go wrong even on less busy nights. Being able to remain calm, to analyze the situation and to react appropriately is the key. With so many things happening at once behind the bar, a good bartender is capable of dealing with various situations that they are thrown into. Also, being able to multitask is of great importance for the bartender.


Experienced bartenders always question the status quo. They have done the tinkering already; know how to adjust, and when to adjust as per guest taste and preferences. Your ace bartenders have opinions, preferences and integrity. They will field modifications with grace.


Interacting with the customer is a key component of the job. Being social, outgoing, and friendly are characteristics that will help a bartender be successful, sell more drinks, and keep customers happy. Always remember that being friendly and outgoing are very important as the underlying job of a bartender is to sell drinks. Having a salesperson’s mentality can be a great beneficial trait to have.


Customers tend to know when things aren’t the same as the last time they visited, whether that’s food, drinks or service, and it’s very important to have your employees be consistent across all facets of their jobs.


It is extremely important to keep the bar, utensils, and drinkware clean before, during, and after the shift. A disorderly and messy workstation leads to errors, mishaps and even serious violations of the health code so there is a certain level of cleanliness that should be maintained and required.

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