Do’s & Don’t For The New Year Eve – Party Responsibly

As we all know that one of the biggest party nights is just around the corner, and we have to make sure that we party responsibly and take care of the basic thing which is – Don’t drink and drive. And also don’t let others do the same.

Follow our Do’s and Don’ts for New Year’s Eve to have good memories to start off your 2020 and be rest assured that you will have a night to remember!

Planning The Night

Do plan in advance as it’s going to be a very busy night. If you want your New Year Eve to go off without a hitch, be sure to make a decision on time where you want to ring in the New Year. Unless you keep waiting for deals or confirmation from your mates, you could end up paying twice.

Don’t keep scrambling to make plans and figuring out what to do? If you decide to just go out that night and figure it out then, just know there will be a good chance of long lines which can turn your New Year’s Eve into one of the worst nights of your entire year.


Do make a toast. What’s a better way to celebrate than to celebrate with champagne? Many bars and clubs are going to make a free champagne toast at midnight. Just ensure not to get drunk. Everyone copes with alcobev differently, so there’s no perfect number to stick to. Just get a grip on your limits.

Don’t go overboard and get so drunk that you don’t make it to midnight. Champagne showers are fun, but not when it’s you showering the dance floor with vomits because your stomach couldn’t handle it. Be conscious of how much alcobev you’re consuming and keep sipping water after every couple of drinks.

Cash or Card

It’s wise to carry some cash as a backup and not entirely depend on your plastic money. Most of the clubs and restaurants will accept cards but if they don’t, or if your card is rejected at any point due to any glitch, you’ll be out of luck and you may find yourself in a tricky situation.

Don’t bring in too much cash. You certainly wouldn’t want to get pick pocketed or robbed so limit the amount of cash you carry.

Phone Battery

Do charge your phone battery before you leave the house for the night. You want your phone to work if you want to book a cab, call family or friends, click pictures with your buddies, upload stories on Instagram, do party tweets or check-in on Facebook.

Don’t forget to keep a charger or extra battery or power bank. In case your battery drains out due to heavy usage, an extra battery will help you book a cab or call someone in case of an emergency.

Drive Safely  

Do book a cab or hire a designated driver for the night if you are planning to drink and ride safely back home. You don’t want to start the year with a challan receipt for drunk driving or in the hospital after an accident.

Don’t drink and drive. No matter how much drunk you are, you should not drive after drinking. You will not only be putting your life at risk but also you will be risking the lives of all those you come across while driving.

Wishing you all a safe New Year’s Eve and a prosperous Happy New Year ahead!

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