How To Be A Responsible Host

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One of the great things in life is to throw a great party for people we love and care for. It’s not fun if people end up hurt or sick. Although your guests are primarily responsible for their own safety, here are a few things you can do to be a very thoughtful and responsible host.

Plan Ahead 

Write down all the details in advance and involve your family or friends in planning. You can consider going booze-free, if children and young people are invited or keep an eye on all underage guests to ensure they don’t have access to alcoholic drinks.

Be specific about what you’re inviting people over for. Let them know when you invite them what you’re planning and what to expect. If you know some people are likely to drink too much, talk to them in advance and arrange things in place to keep them safe.

Provide Sufficient Food 

When you’re offering alcohol, make sure that you provide food too that sits in the stomach longer and takes time to digest, food like bread, pasta, potatoes, meat and cheese. Such foods will slow down how quickly alcohol is absorbed into the blood. Make sure there’s a lot available and keep moving it around. And remember to have some vegetarian options too.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks 

Don’t forget to keep some interesting non-alcoholic drinks also. Several individuals may only want to drink non-alcoholic drinks or substitute their alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks. Be innovative. People will often also like something such as grapefruit juice and a tonic with a bit of mint in it.

Provide Water 

Keep the jugs of water and glasses in the accessible areas and keep them filled. You may be amazed to know how much water your guests drink when it’s available. Continue to flow water and non-alcoholic beverages, not just alcoholic drinks.

Hire A Bartender 

Avoid self-serve. Hire a bartender who has alcohol training for the evening. Consider getting one individual who serves the drinks and keep an eye on things rather than a free-for-all. Make sure the bartender is someone responsible who is going to be able to intervene when someone has had enough. Keep in mind that teenager under 18 years of age cannot be supplied with alcohol unless they are approved by their parent or legal guardian, or the person providing them has the explicit consent of their parent or legal guardian.

Drink in Moderation 

Don’t over serve and don’t top up glasses, your guests will thank you. To help your guests keep track of how much they are drinking, use standard measures when pouring your drinks. As the host, don’t over serve yourself. Restrict your alcohol consumption throughout the party to pay more attention to your guests.

Plan Entertainment 

Consider other things to do apart from eating and drinking. Plan events that will help people get up from their seats. Get out all the old sports kit for a cricket, catch, softball or Frisbee game.

Put An End Time 

Inform your guests about the starting and ending time of the party in the invitation itself and then stick to the time.

After Party

Don’t let your guests drink and drive to home. Make sure they have a driver or hire a cab for them.


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