Gin’s Growing Popularity in India

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Previously thought of as old-fashioned, millennials are now warming up to gin. Grain spirit, the main flavour of which is juniper berries, is seeing a resurgence of new varieties of gin as well as new consumers.

India, too, is joining this worldwide trend, with gin slowly regaining popularity in metro cities across the country. While making a comeback, the spirit is also getting a makeover and is no longer confined to traditional aspects. It has set out to upend the cocktail experience with its new recreations of home-grown infusions or craft gin.

This has given rise to a new trendy drink that has incorporated ingredients ranging from citrus, floral and fruity to spices and herbs. It’s an essence whose subtle taste endears to the Indian palate and an indication of Indians ‘ rising love of spirit is the country’s first gin bar, Juniper in Andaz Delhi.

As the spirit continues to expand in popularity, experimentation with a wide array of depths and aromatic intensity is likely to boost in the New Year and decade. Not only the creators, but the drinkers, too, are anticipated to get more innovative with their gin. 2020 will see the introduction of more personalized domestic gin brands with competitive price points take over the Indian market. In addition, the demand for sensory experiences around gin as well as mixology workshops among Indian consumers will also increase. Gin’s alliance with India traces back to an era of British rule.

Increasing the versatility of the craft

The rise of crafts has resulted in the resurgence of historically suffering genres, such as gin. This point to the potential for craft drinks to develop across other spirit categories in India as well. The growth in craft placement is an example of how luxury is transforming – from accessible indicators to more subtle ones. Millennials, in particular, now see such luxury as a way of showing their discernment and how it makes them stand out.

Gin gets an update

Gin was considered a ‘ old man’s liquor ‘ in Western markets just ten years ago, but the craft has breathed new life into the spirit all over the world, including India. In reality, cocktails have proved to be key to rising gin’s popularity in India. Restaurants and bars in urban India are experiencing a higher demand for gin cocktails, despite the fact that they are less sweet than regular cocktails.

Inclination to Home-grown brands

Nearly half of Indians prefer to buy local brands over global brands. According to reports, almost half of Indian consumers prefer to buy local brands rather than global ones. Home-grown brands will utilize this to strengthen and broaden their presence in India. More brands are joining a rising tribe of premium home-grown food and beverage companies that appeal to customers with a global outlook searching for similar experiences in India. Many buyers have adapted beyond considering foreign brands to be of higher quality and are proud of what their own country has to offer.

In the area of alcohol, as Indian consumers begin to demand higher quality at less exorbitant prices compared to imported brands, there is scope for local brands to step up and fill the market gap.

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