How to Flame Cocktails?

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We are often attracted to flames, and when alcohol is involved, we can’t resist. We’re all aware of and we’ve seen videos online where flaming cocktails go from the coolest thing to do to an emergency room visit in just a few minutes. Lighting alcohol on fire is dangerous. Especially if the person doing this is not both skilled and trained. There is a lot of stuff that comes with a ‘don’t try this at home’ warning, and most of them involve fire. However, when it comes to cocktails, the current rise in bartenders flaming to skilfully enhance the taste profile and the presentation of their cocktails makes the desire to give it a swirl almost overwhelming.  So when you’re ready to add some fire to your home bar routine, the tips, tricks below from the professional flame-throwing bartenders make sure your cocktail is glowing — without burning it down.

Safety comes first 

  • Let get this basic fact straight: Alcohol is highly flammable. Anything that is over 80 proof is going to light on fire. The higher the proof, the faster it will catch fire.
  • Don’t let the cocktail burn longer than needed. It could burst, scattering melted glass and fluid fire everywhere.
  • Don’t ever try to blow a blazing shot. Not only is it not going to work, but you also have a high chance of throwing flammable alcohol on your friend’s face, your friend’s curtains or carpets, or your friend’s equally flammable beverage. Alternatively, always put an end to the flaming shot by either dropping it into a beverage or dousing it with a mug or a shaker tin.
  • The fire is blazing hot. Be vigilant when handling a lighted drink or a cocktail, even after the fire is vanquished. Even when a shot or a drink is extinguished, the glass is hot as well as the drink inside the glass.
  • Do not drop high-proof liquor into an already burning cocktail or a drink. The flame can move up a bottle, triggering it to burst into flames in our hands.
  • Don’t try to drink a cocktail while it’s on fire unless you want to get third-degree burns all over your beautiful face.

Tools Required to Flame Cocktails

  • Shot Glass
  • Lighter
  • Coffee Mug or Shaker Tin

Steps to follow 

  • Fill your shot glass with high-proof alcohol. It is recommended to choose the above 100 proof. But when you get up to 151 and above, you are playing with a very volatile kind of flame.
  • To ignite the shot of alcohol, Use lighter preferably the one with a long reach.
  • Put out the flame by placing a coffee mug (or shaker tin) over the shot glass or in some cases the flame can be extinguished by submerging the lit shot into the cocktail itself.
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