The Rules for Drinking Gin

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Gin is a popular drink among all of us–it’s no longer the exclusive preserve of ladies of a particular generation! But what’s the safest way to drink? Although there are no clear rules for drinking your gin, knowing the best way to mix your alcoholic beverage will do you a lot of good. It is, however, one of the most versatile spirits that can blend in with other ingredients to produce an exciting cocktail. Whether you try gin for the first time, or you want to play with something different. Here are a few ways you can drink the gin you probably had never heard.

On the rocks

You can drink your gin straight. Some people will only suggest that this is the only way to drink gin. Only pour the gin over a few ice cubes, and if you like, throw in the lime wedge. Of course, to enjoy a neat spirit, it must be of good quality— nothing worse than a dirty, sour, cheap gin. Gins come in almost any form of flavour you want, ranging from chocolate, citrus, herbal, cinnamon or caramel.

If you want to test your palate with a nice pour of straight gin, we suggest you look for bottling infused with botanicals that you already enjoy regularly. If you are citrus, lemon notes, then Malfy Con Limone, Portobello Road and Four Pills Rare Dry Gin are all good bets. If you like a little spice and are on an exotic edge, grab a bottle of Junipero or Berkshire Mountain Greylock Gin.

Gin in Cocktails

Gins, particularly in martinis, can be taken as a significant ingredient in cocktails. In a Martini, you can try any of your favourite Gin brands, any other neutral drinks, and you’d be surprised how soft and sweet your favourite cocktail can become. Gins are perfect for cocktails, and not only they blend in, but they can amazingly lift the drink to a new level.

Gin and Coke/Tonic

Since the 1700s when British colonialists invented it in India, the great mixture of gin and tonic water has been delighting drinkers. Look for gins that suit your tonic of choice. Classic London’s dry gin blends well with a variety of tonics, just as it does with a lot of carbonated beverages and soda. It is to be believed that one should let the ice melt before drinking this combination. Although it may sound strange to melt the ice and dilute the flavours, it is a way of combining the subtle notes of gin with the tonic, resulting in an all-around better cocktail. Once the ice starts to melt, it not only makes the drink warmer, but it also helps to blend all the flavours.


The temperature tends to change the taste of a lot of drinks. The texture changes when the gin is frozen and becomes more dense and viscous. The taste profile opens up as it warms up, making you feel better at tasting the notes. You may want to keep your bottle in the freezer and let it travel to room temperature to get a better drink before drinking.

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