Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

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Have you ever thought of mixing your favourite cocktail with your coffee? Well, it’s the perfect season to mix coffee with your choice of booze. Coffee alcoholic drinks are flavoursome, a delight to drink and, quite often, extremely easy to blend.

Mixing a little booze to your cherished freshly brewed coffee is a splendid way to bring it an additional boost.

Below are some of the best coffee cocktails to tickle your taste buds –

  1. Irish Coffee – Irish coffees are the most desired blend of alcohol and coffee, both because they are full of flavour and because you can get away with them in family brunches. The quintessential cocktail is made up of hot coffee mixed with Irish coffee, melted brown sugar, and fresh cream, and the whole thing is served in a fancy glass.
  2. French Connection Coffee or Cafe Amore – Instead of whiskey, the French prefer the spirit of Cognac and the taste of Amaretto. A classic French connection is equal parts cognac and the liqueur of Amaretto. Just add an ounce of Cognac and an ounce of Amaretto to a glass of ice and stir. The coffee version, however, is served warm and is often called Cafe Amore.
  3. Italian Coffee – It’s an herbal blend, golden in colour from the saffron infusion. When infused with hot coffee, it unlocks a wild aroma of mint, fennel, and juniper, along with more than 60 other herbal ingredients. The recipe for this liqueur has been a secret since 1860, when it was first produced in Campania, Italy. This is a bright, light-bodied liqueur that packs up to 80 proof of a punch.
  4. Maple Bourbon – Utter the word maple and bourbon to most people, and they’re super happy. Each of these flavours is phenomenal on its own – bring them together with coffee and oh my, what a wonderful day.
  5. Siciliano – A Siciliano is made up of sweet Italian vermouth, Amaro Averna, and cold-brewed coffee, and although it’s not meant to be a strong drink, it makes for an incredible after-dinner drink.
  6. Anatolia Cafe – An Anatolia Cafe is almost like a Sicilian, but instead of vermouth, you use cognac, and instead of amaro, you use cherry liqueur and cinnamon powder. Combine all that up, add a cup of coffee to taste, and top it off with some whipped cream, and you’ve got a delicious cocktail on hand.
  7. Hot White Russian – This boozy coffee drink certainly looks amazing: it contains coffee, heavy cream, Kahlua, and just as much vodka as you can handle, additionally you can top it off with more heavy cream as a garnish.
  8. Espresso Martini – Martinis is the favourite fancy drink of many. The Espresso Martini is a particularly good drink for people who like coffee and James Bond movies. They’re served chilled, they contain vodka and coffee liqueur, and they tend to be served with espresso beans as a garnish.

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