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Underage Drinking

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Jan 2016

Are parents responsible for underage drinking?

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When was the last time you saw your precious little daughter and realized that she isn’t your innocent yes-dad kid anymore? Or the last time when your cool son came home drunk after his school got over? In such situations, everything else becomes mute and more often than not, parents start questioning their upbringing and the fact they weren’t that good as parents.

Don’t Undermine Your Upbringing

Truth be told, this is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself. You can’t possibly have any direct control over your teenagers in college hours or school hours for that matter. When they’re not in your proximity, in all practicality they have the world as their oyster. They can indulge in anything and everything possibly.

Stop blaming yourselves and take it on the chin! Find a way to make it better, talk to them, tell them how underage drinking is bad and should be avoided. Tell them about the nasty repercussions and tell them your stories so that they can relate better. A healthy conversation never hurt anybody!

Promoting Underage Drinking Indirectly

See there are factors out there which might point to the fact that parents can promote underage drinking indirectly:

  • By being too lenient
  • By being too liberal
  • By giving their kids all the freedom they need
  • By giving them bundles of money regularly

All these reasons and much more can lead to them indulging in things which they shouldn’t indulge in.
But at the end of the day, the choice is theirs and theirs entirely. Parents are nowhere close to being responsible for their teenagers drinking habits. Unless of course they’re actually promoting it and asking them to do so, which is almost never the case in our proud and respectable Indian families.

Choose Wisely

Adolescents are deemed as adolescents for a reason! They can’t function logically and have the inability to take logical and practical decisions which will benefit their future. At least that is what the trends suggest! Hence, they need to be nurtured with much care and need to be taught these lessons wisely. As far as adults are concerned i.e. those who are above 18, they do have the power of reasoning on their hands. Given their age is still tender and the fact that their careers haven’t shaped up yet, they should be big enough to take wise decisions. Excuses don’t work when you’re that old.

When Parents Drink In Front Of Their Kids

In a way, this does influence kids to a great extent. Parents are example setters, aren’t they? Hence, it directly influences them to at least try it. But then, this can be easily avoided with the help of some secrecy and discreetness on your part and a little thing known as ‘Common Sense’.

After all that has been said and done, one thing is quite clear – parents are not responsible for underage drinking. Parents are parents, they are our only lifelong well wishers on this planet.

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