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Commute Alternatives After Drinking At A Party | Drink Responsibly
Drinking and Driving

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Jan 2016

Commute Alternatives After Drinking At A Party

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So you go to visit your best friend who is shifting to greener pastures abroad and you know you won’t see him for the next two years. And of course! It is a ‘drink till you drop’ party. Now you tell yourself that you’re going to stop after a couple as you need to drive all the way back to your home where your beautiful wife will be waiting for you.

But we’re never religious about our drinking norms are we? So you start with a couple just like you thought and then your fun friend toasted to you, and so you had to drink again. And then came the shots! 2 or 3 shots down you realize that you’re no longer capable of driving back. What in the world would you want to do now? Don’t even think about driving even for a millisecond.

Next time when you get to know that your friends are planning a party, here are some commute alternatives per se which will make getting home a whole lot easier and safer:

  1. Hire A Driver:

Of course it might not make sense to hire someone for just a party, but then safety knows no bounds. You can’t possibly endanger your life and the life of others as well by driving drunk. So either a hire a driver before the event or if you have deep pockets, you could ask your permanent driver to do the job for you. Opt for services like UrbanClap, DriverBulao, HireADriver, MeraDriver and more.

  1. Call A Cab:

This is a no brainer! With the recent influx of multiple tax and cab services across the nation, taking a taxi is no longer a huge feat. Everybody’s doing it! The services are convenient and comfortable in entirety, so much so that you can call a cab within seconds with the simple click of a button. And they’re economical too! What more do you need? There are plenty of options like Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure and more.

  1. Veto And Decide A Designated Driver:

If you’re accompanying a friend to the party, or a group of people rather, decide amongst yourselves and pick one who won’t drink at the party at all. There should be at least one person who stays sober so you can reach home safely. You can decide by simply voting or a rock-paper-scissors fiasco.

  1. Spend On A Nearby Hotel Room:

If you’ve done the deed of drinking heavily, then there’s no hiding. Spending a few more bucks on a hotel room which falls in the vicinity makes good sense. You can even ask some friends to accompany you and make a party out of it. Make sure your vehicle is parked in a safe zone though.

  1. Call Your Sober Friends:

Ask any one of your sober friends to either drop you home or take you back to their own place. Its good to have all kinds of friends now isn’t it? Or you could also call on your younger brother or sister who can help you in your time of need. No point feeling guilty of having hidden their PlayStation now!


We’ve all been there. There should be a sense of responsibility in everybody who is going out to drink at a party. Only then can safety be ensured.

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