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Fun Ways By Which You Can Say No To Drinking At A Party | Drink Responsibly
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Jan 2016

Fun Ways By Which You Can Say No To Drinking At A Party

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Believe it or not, sometimes saying ‘No’ actually works! Especially in situations where you need to drive back to your home sweet home after a stellar drinking session. Learning when to stop is the key here because even a single drop more, and you could go back to the pavilion with a duck on your head, if you know what I mean. Funny how euphemisms work, isn’t it?

Well, drinking isn’t bad, never did we claim that. Drinking if done responsibly is far away from being hazardous. Obviously, that comes with a clause, a clause which shouldn’t be broken.

So now you’ve reached your friend’s bachelor party and you’re going to party like there’s no tomorrow unless all you lot are geeks and only mathematic floats your boat. After being a few shots down, you realize you need to drive back home. Let the resistance kick in and to avoid an awkward moment with friends, opt for a funny story why you can’t drink more. For sure, they’re going to take the mickey out of you anyways, but at least you’d have a reason they’d believe:

1. I Have A Bad Stomach:

Just make some weird hand gestures by touching your stomach and tell them what you have. Even if they don’t believe you, they’ll at least be grossed out, grossed out enough to let you go responsibly rather than playing beer pong with your forehead.

2. Breaking News People:

Just claim that you’ve had an emergency and make the most serious and terrified expression that you can conjure. Let your forehead wrinkles do the magic and your friends will definitely believe you. Some might even offer you help and that’s another puzzle you’d have to solve. Don’t go on telling more lies though for karma might come get you then.

3. My Wife/Husband Is Alone At Home:

Just tell them that your better is alone at home and you need to tend to them as soon as possible. Now comes the awkward bit when your friends will realize how stupid you were not to bring them with you. Then move forward and tell them that they’re sick with fever. Ever got out of going to your Maths Tuition on a Sunday because Manchester United was on? You get the gist!

4. Burp Out Loud!

You heard it! Burp out loud and tell them that you’ve eaten the world alive and you can’t take anymore. If you do, you’ll vomit all over the party. Still, if some of your friends insist, ask them to stay close and fake a few vomit sounds in their ears and they’ll back out and let you leave in a matter of seconds.

5. I’m On Meds! Do You Want To Kill Me?

Just give a fancy medical made up name and tell them you can’t mix it with alcohol for it can kill you or you can have a reaction. Personally, this is the safest bet unless one of your close friends’ is a know-it-all-doctor who might bust your facade. Now that we’ve helped out, we sincerely hope you take a note of some of these reasons that will actually work and do the magic for you. At the end of the day, all we want is for you to drink responsibly and get home safely.

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