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Why Underage Drinking Is A Cardinal Sin | Drink Responsibly
Underage Drinking

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Jan 2016

Why Underage Drinking Is A Cardinal Sin

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First things first, even if it might not be a cardinal sin which we’re going to get to later, it definitely is a legal sin. One will always be traversing thin lines doing something illegal. Even if we stop with the practicality, there’s a question of drinking responsibly. Are teenagers known to drink responsibly? I think we all know the answer to that.

There’s a reason why there’s an age limit for such things. One needs to have that kind of maturity, that experience, that balanced head to perform these acts diligently. You might be able to have a huge brain which can process things faster than everybody else, but you can’t buy experience can you? The way with which to handle yourself in public and the all important power of resistance.

Peer Pressure

No need to roll your eyes with the ‘here it goes again’ look because peer pressure is definitely there and how. Its the disease which every single teenager suffers no matter how sought after one is. In their grand lives, there must’ve been one single tiny moment when they would’ve succumbed to the cries of ‘let’s do it bro’. And that’s all what it takes to take the plunge. There’s a reason why we never talk about peer pressure in the adults. Because there are some things which only age can teach you.

Resistance Vs Innocence

These are the 2 major parameters which drive underage drinking. Even if you’re resistive enough, innocence might take you over. Because of the innocence factor in their tender years, some kids get to realize the world as their oyster and that they’re free to do and get away with anything. Due to this, students and teenagers across the globe get the power of accessibility. And with that, you’re nearly halfway there.

Whenever you do feel indulging in underage drinking, ask yourself?

  • What will my parents think about it?
  • What will my aunt think about it if she sees me?
  • What if my breath smells when I go home?
  • Can I stop when the right time comes?
  • Do I even know when I have to stop?
  • If things go south, will the people around take good care of me?
  • Is it good for my health?
  • Am I setting a good example for my younger siblings?

More often than not, you’ll come right on track once you answer these questions to yourself honestly.

Worth The Wait

We can tell you from experience, that when you do hit the legalized age you would feel that it was worth the wait. At least you won’t have the fear of getting caught by a big bellied policeman or by your uncle who just loves to bring you down in front of your parents. Also, the fact that you’ll be able to take care of yourself better and responsibly is just the icing on the cherry. Win-win situation if you think about it. Which side are you on?

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