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Mar 2016

Stuff Kids Do Behind Your Back

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Human nature keeps on changing as people develop. From the day a child is born to the day he becomes an adult, the body and mind goes through a lot of changes. As soon as a child hits puberty you will start noticing sudden change in his behaviour and this can be very difficult to understand or even deal with. A child goes through many physical and mental changes from the age of 11 till he/she becomes an adult. Nurturing children during this time is very important as the behavioural changes will define how their future is going to be. This change is due to few chemicals in our body called hormones. It could be a frustrating job dealing with children during this period of change as children would want to be more independent. They will learn how the world works and would spend more time with their friends then their parents.

Kids will experience new things and try to figure out how they want to live their life. At this point of time, they will do all kind of crazy things and can also do some stuff that could be bad for them. Parents have to be very open minded and should learn assertive approach of helping their kids to walk on the right path. There are a lot of things a kid could be doing behind you back and we will tell you what are the most common things they do.

  • It’s a Secret: Kids are very good at hiding stuff from parents. If they are doing something that they think can upset you then they won’t share it with you. They may even have friends that you don’t know about who might be a good or a bad influence on your kid but you will never know about it until you become more open minded and more involved in your kids life.


  • They won’t understand: Your kid could be going through some stuff that is affecting them emotionally like a fight with a friend or getting rejected by the girl they liked. Parents should not take these things lightly because the rising rate of hormones could impact your child’s psychological condition and you should deal it with patience and by understanding how important it is for your kids.


  • Watch me – Watch me: A child desires attention without even knowing it. They cross all the boundaries to seek attention of their friends or people in their family. They might start smoking and drinking just to act like grown-ups or being cool amongst all their friends and classmates. It is a parent’s role to pay attention to what their child is doing and not the child’s responsibility to seek their attention.


  • Underage drinking: There could be a number of reasons for a kid leaning towards drinking. Kids are very observant and are influenced easily by the things they observe. Domestic clashes between parents, watching their parents drink, peer pressure could lead them towards drinking alcohol.


Only a parent or guardian could hold a child’s hand and lead them towards the path of development. You let them out of your sight for one moment and you will find them walking towards the unknown. It might be good, it might be bad but you’ll never know until you’ll walk beside them.

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