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Short Term Alcohol Effects You Ought To Know | Drink Responsibly
Binge Drinking

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Mar 2016

Short Term Alcohol Effects You Ought To Know

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Cheating your brain to be happy when you are not can be an almost impossible task but alcohol makes it possible. What people don’t know is that alcohol is also a depressant that depresses the functioning of your central nervous system. So the state of happiness that you achieve is like a mirage in the desert, it isn’t real. Youngsters becoming alcoholics has become a trend these days and the number of teenagers dying because of alcoholism is also on the rise. The major brain disorder occurs in mostly in those who abuse alcohol.

Binge drinking is the first step towards becoming an alcoholic. It all comes down to the number of drinks consumed by an individual. If someone has been drinking for a short period of time the effects of the alcohol could be less lethal. The amount of alcohol consumed on a short period of time could cause the following psychological effects (This also depends on the gender and size of the person):

  • When your system is flushed with one to four drinks it will cause very mild effects on your brain.
    • You will start feeling stress free and will enter into a state of happiness.
    • Your mind will be distracted from the daily things happening in your life and you won’t be able to be attentive.
    • You will feel a little exhausted and find it difficult to move.
    • You will be able to converse more confidently and become more social.
    • Your skin will turn red because of the constant emotional rush in your body.


  • When you have consumed 5 or more drinks then you will start experiencing a few negative effects.
    • It will impact you memory and you will find it hard to remember the stuff that is happening.
    • You will find it difficult to judge or react on a situation and will be confused most of the time.
    • You will start feeling calm and drowsy and won’t be able to control your movements as if you are sedated.
    • If you are more than 10 drinks down then you will start having blurred and unclear vision and effects on other sensory organs.
    • You will have sudden mood swings and start feeling depressed or annoyed.
    • The sensory ability to feel pain will be decreased.
    • These will be followed by dizziness and puking with an unpleasant feeling.


  • When you have crossed the line and have consumed more than 10-12 drinks the effects can be life threatening.
  • Vomiting repetitively in an unconscious state which can also result in puking blood and can be life threatening.
  • Inability to walk properly and control your movements which cause an accident.
  • Difficulty in respiration and increased consumption of carbon dioxide can be very deadly as it can make your organs dysfunctional.
  • It can also leave you unconscious making you an easy target for stealing and robbery.
  • The slow heart rate can lead to heart failure.

Stress and misery are only there so that we can realize the importance of true happiness. There is no way to live a perfect life and no shortcuts to happiness. Cherish the good memories and ignore the pain and misery after all you only live once.

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