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Alcohol – Changing ‘The You’ in You | Drink Responsibly
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Mar 2016

Alcohol – Changing ‘The You’ in You

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Life is a like a puppet show without a puppet master, no one is pulling the string but we still dance and play along. Some of us who get tired of playing find ways to run away from it. When life leaves them high and dry they lean towards whiskey and rye. Some people say alcohol is like the liquid version of Photoshop, it edits the reality into something beautiful but the truth is the reality remains the same.

Life might look better when you are drunk but alcohol is only a mask of happiness as soon as it wears off the harsh reality remains the same. Alcohol affects you physically and mentally. A study on alcoholism recommends men to consume a maximum of two drinks a day and women to limit it to one drink a day. If an alcoholic is consuming alcohol in the recommended quantity then it can also be a little beneficial for a person. It decreases the chances of someone getting coronary heart disease, blood clot, kidney and gall bladder stones and it has also been observed to increase bone density in females.

People who consume larger or more than the recommended quantity are more likely to experience the negative effects of alcohol. It includes many kinds of cancer, shrinkage of the brain, memory loss and change in personality. Long term use of alcohol could have many effects on you.

  • Abusing alcohol could increase the chances of heart disease.
  • It also makes an individual an addict which could lead to self-destructing behaviour changes. A person becomes lethargic with continuous consumption of alcohol and also becomes less functional which affects their working abilities.
  • This hugely affects their professional life. If the parents in a family are alcohol abusers then the kids are more likely to think that this is a normal thing. This kind of dysfunctional atmosphere can impact a kid’s mind deeply. There is a higher chance of depression in kids if the kids are brought up in a dysfunctional family.
  • Reports have shown that a majority of people who committed suicide have been abusing alcohol to run away from the daily stress.
  • Alcohol can also lead to pancreatitis which makes the pancreas hyper active and releases acid in the body affecting other organs. An acute pancreatic patient can have severe stomach aches and burning sensation and it also increases the chances of having sugar and other conditions.
  • Insomnia is another commonly found condition in alcoholics. Alcohol abusers find it hard to sleep without drinking which leads to other psychological problems.
  • Alcohol is known to damage the liver which helps purifying the blood that pass through the digestive tract and also produce proteins that make it possible to clot blood.
  • It causes brain to shrink and it impacts daily life of an individual. Alcohol causes conditions like Alzheimer’s disease where a person is not able to recollect memories.

It about time you take control over your life and push away the alcohol that can drive your life towards nothing but destruction.

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