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How to Deal with Drinking Urges when you’re expecting? | Drink Responsibly
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Mar 2016

How to Deal with Drinking Urges when you’re expecting?

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Urges are strong desires or impulses that tempt you to do something. When we are addicted to something we get these random impulses that force us to do those things. Drinking urges works in the same way. A regular drinker gets drinking urges every once in a while. These urges could be because of absolutely no reason or there could be something that is triggering it. A stressful or tension ridden situations could be the trigger to these urges. Cutting down your alcohol consumption could be another cause to have these cravings for alcohol.

Drinking is not a crime but drinking when you are pregnant is a crime committed in nature’s court. Drinking alcohol when you are an expectant mother can cause life threatening medical complication for the child. When an expectant mother drinks alcohol it also reaches to the baby in the womb through the placenta. Drinking during pregnancy could cause Miscarriage, Still Birth or a group of medical conditions called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). FASD could cause physiological or psychological harm to a child.

Tips to control these urges

Controlling the urges to drink could be a mentally difficult task but it isn’t impossible. If you know how to recognize the types of impulses then it will be a lot easier for you to control these triggers. Urges can be either internal or external and you should try to control them accordingly.

Once you are able to identify the type of urges then it will be easier for you to cope up with the triggers.

  • Internal Urges can leave you a little flustered because they come out of nowhere. When you get these urges to drink, at that time you should focus on the thought because of which is forcing these emotions in your brain. These emotions could be a positive feeling of excitement or could be due to something depressing or sad. Besides psychological emotions this urges could also be triggered by a physical sensation like headache, nervousness, tension or anxiety.
  • A note to yourself: Always keep on reminding yourself that why have you chosen a path where alcohol is there. You can write down the reason why you are not drinking on your phone’s notepad that will keep on encouraging you to control the internal urges.
  • A good listener: It is always good to have someone close to you by your side in difficult times. When you are trying to stop doing something on which you are debating with yourself whether it’s right or wrong at that time all you need is someone who care enough to listen to your problems and motivate you to do the right thing.
  • Identifying External Urges is like a child’s play. It could be a person, place, party or a thing that triggers these urges. Whenever you see a person drinking or offering you a drink then you get these cravings and you are not able to resist it. Avoid being in these kind of situations.
  • The power of a positive no: When someone offers you a drink a gentle no would be sufficient to get you out of that situation.

“When you drink something, the baby drinks the same with you”.

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