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How To Cope With An Alcoholic Partner | Drink Responsibly
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Apr 2016

How To Cope With An Alcoholic Partner

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The line between moderate drinking and excessive drinking is pretty thin and when someone close to you cross that line then it becomes difficult for us to deal with them. Some of us might feel that life is too short to deal with this kind of situation. This feeling would never emerge if you knew how to cope with your partner’s shortcoming.

There will be a time when you’ll feel hopeless because you won’t have the power to do something that can change the person or guarantee that they’ll stop using alcohol. But, the one power you have is to get a hold of yourself and prevent your family from being dysfunctional.

Studies have found that the primary reason for a family to be classified as “dysfunctional” is because the earning members of the family are alcoholic which leads them towards the path of self-destruction. An alcoholic’s mind stops working the way it is supposed to and sleep deprivation due to alcohol abuse might impact their professional life too.

Research have found that if an individual try not to stress too much on partner’s being an alcoholic then it could impact the well-being of the entire family and influence others, specially kids to follow their footstep too. It is important to put your family’s well-being on the top of your priority list because only when you’ll get a hold on your own life then only you’ll be able to persuade someone else to walk on the righteous path.

Humans are not meant to live alone and all by themselves, on the contrary we need someone to talk to and support us in the time of family crisis. So, you need people who understand your problems and care enough to be available for you at all times. A support group, family member, self-help group could be the shoulder you could lean on.

A positive attitude towards life could change your destiny. When your partner is an alcoholic and is hard to deal with then a positive attitude give you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

Children have the power that mature people don’t have; such is the power of ‘resilience’. Living with an alcohol abuser could be difficult and the domestic conditions could impact a child’s mind. Being able to recover from an emotional trauma could be hard for an adult but it is child’s play for a kid which helps them getting over things quickly. Explaining your kids the dependence over alcohol could help them understand the situation and will help them cope with it.

An intervention is one regime that has been widely practiced by families and rehabilitation centres. Emotions can help a person getting rid of alcohol or at least cut down enough to be functional. Gather the family members who have good rapport and can easily connect with your partner. Sometimes words become the medicine that can cure the incurable.

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