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Apr 2016

Drink Like A Gentleman – Alternatives To Complete Abstinence

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When people talk about getting over alcohol abuse they have complete abstinence in mind. In fact, most research institutes have believed that complete abstinence is the only way to quit alcohol. Well, this isn’t the only option.

Recent research has shown that people who switch to drinking moderate amount of alcohol could help in getting rid of alcohol addiction. Alcohol abuse and addiction are two different things. Addiction means being dependent on a substance and inability to resist yourself from consuming it which leads you to alcohol abuse that is drinking alcohol in excessive quantity and more than you intend to drink which could harm your internal organs.

The term “Moderation Management” isn’t something we made up but it is actually a thing. Sometimes will power alone isn’t enough and man has to find alternate ways to cope with alcoholism and moderation drinking is one such alternative. For an alcoholic there are only two ways towards a long and healthy life one is abstinence and the other is moderation.

Abstinence is the practice of restraining oneself from alcohol and tries to quit it for good whereas moderation is drinking an average amount of alcohol and avoiding extreme or excessive drinking. Both of these practices can be achieved only by sheer will power and controlling oneself.

Meditation, self-discipline and support from your family members could be the compass that could point you in the right direction. Even if you are alone these thing could lead you towards the path you desire and where you have the control over thing with a little help from your friends.

It might be a little difficult for someone to quit something they are dependent on in an instance so the ways to complete abstinence go through the valley of moderation. The first thing you need to do is to convince yourself and understand the risk of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse is the root of many lives threatening condition including liver cancer, pancreatitis, fatty liver disease, alcohol poisoning and it can also increase the chances of heart related condition. An individual start drinking to feel calm & relaxed and to run away from the stress and tension of daily life but the irony here is that the route that he has chosen leads him to the destination i.e. misery.

So, don’t you think that it’s better to train yourself to drink moderately like gentlemen do? Whenever someone forces you to drink or luring you towards another peg just remember drinking doesn’t make you a man. A man is someone who has complete control over his life and whose life is not controlled by alcohol. Be the person who knows when to stop. Everyone needs a little break from life and it isn’t bad to drink a little bit. The line between binge drinking and moderate drinking is pretty thin and only you are the one who can draw that line and decide which side you want to be on.

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