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Apr 2016

Moderation Management – A New Definition of Recovery

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We’ve all heard of alcohol rehabs and addiction centres but hardly will you ever come across an alcohol management centre which drives on drinking moderately. Speaking honestly, drinking alcohol isn’t half bad! Now indulging in abusive behaviour is a different playing field altogether. The name of the game is to drink responsibly so you don’t prove harmful to yourself or to others around you. Moderation management is the need of the hour per se, much more than alcohol recovery programs. Both have applications in our current society but statistics point towards the need of the former, a need which is far from fulfilled.

As per the study of multiple independent researchers, the number of problem drinkers in the country is at least three times more than the number of alcoholics. This argument says something! People are indulging in alcohol abuse every passing threat causing a threat to society. Also, you will find thousands and thousands of alcohol-related programs and schemes which are resorting to the betterment of a minority alcohol drinking community. Doesn’t make good sense, does it?

Ergo, incorporating moderating programs is a foregone conclusion. Before we hit the nitty-gritty, let us first understand what a moderation program is!


What is a Moderation Management Program?

For all those people who are concerned about their bad drinking habits, Moderation Management (MM) is a behavioural change program which aims to educate people when it comes to making some much needed positive lifestyle changes. One of the prominent values of this program is to make people accountable for their actions, which allows them to accept the responsibility of choosing their own path on the road to revival to be it abstinence or moderation.

The various actions that one needs to undertake via this program are:

  • Timely identification and recognition of the development of a riskier drinking behavior.
  • Creating awareness about the downside of binge drinking, alcohol abuse and how moderate drinking mitigates all those risks.
  • Understanding that permanent change occurs in a progressive manner and that there is no quick fix in situations like these.
  • Make good use of the mutually supporting environment mustered during the program.
  • Implement goal setting measures, practices resistance and track your progress.

Need For A Moderation Program


First things first, there is an incessant need of a moderation program because currently, there are none! Every alcohol based program out there resorts to fixing extremes i.e. turning alcohol addicts into completely sober individuals which don’t work for the best every single time. Such an 180-degree change often sees people take drastic measures as and when they either return to full-time drinking again or harming themselves physically or picking some other addiction to compensate.

By the time individuals reach a stage where they are totally alcohol dependent, bringing about a permanent change becomes all the tougher. A moderation management program firmly believes that these situations need attention in their nascent stages so that the aspects of control and resistance can be practised and put into action from the get-go. This makes the moderation programs less expensive and more effective. Apart from this, the programs are much shorter in duration and are usually less intensive in nature.

The fight between ‘Moderation Management’ and ‘Abstinence’ has been an age old struggle. One functions on bringing a positive change slowly but surely and the other functions in extremities. You don’t need to look far to know which method is more effective.

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