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How to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption When You Are Out | Drink Responsibly
Curbing Alcoholism

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Jul 2016

How to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption When You Are Out

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It is Saturday night and after a week of working, getting totally drunk with your friends sounds like the ideal solution. However, the thought of a sleepless night and a terrible morning hangover doesn’t come to your mind, does it? Repeat this cycle two or three times and you realise how lazy, unproductive and irritated you are. Be it for friends, to get rid of stress or to just take a break – drinking seems like the solution. But mostly, it is the break you want, that is, alcohol is just an excuse to socialise, have fun and let yourself go. Therefore, after a certain point it is wise to get rid of (some) alcohol from the equation and use these pointers to stay in the group and sober when you go out.

  • Don’t drink in rounds

In most groups, each friend buys a round for the entire group which seems hassle- free. But this leads to more alcohol consumption than anticipated if the group is bigger. For instance, who wouldn’t want to take that ‘supposedly’ free glass of wine your friend offers? Well, this wouldn’t limit your consumption and ultimately lead you to drink more than you can take. The only way to escape this is to get your own drinks. Don’t comply, and drink at your own pace!

  • Take smaller units

Everyone finishes the drink they order, regardless of the size. Moreover, to be in pace with your friends, you tend to order whenever they order. But you can be smart here. Instead of ordering a big glass of wine or a drink with more alcohol contents or a pint of beer, go for a small size. You will drink less, be in pace with your friends and stay sober.

  • Get friends to cut down too

If you see ‘drinking less’ as a fun activity with a friend, then it will motivate you further to pursue it. Find alternate ways to spend time together than going out for a glass of wine- join a cooking class, a sport or go for a walk, the idea of meeting is to connect and have fun. Keep a night out to drink a special occasion instead of a daily or weekly event.

  • Track your drinking

There are several mobile apps which can help you track your drinks and tell you when you are crossing the limit. Therefore, you do not need to worry about how much you are drinking because there is another friend keeping a track of that! Slowly you wouldn’t require such apps and have the perseverance to stop drinking when you reach the limit. Why should you go have a morning of hell after a night of fun?

  • Eat before you drink

Drinking empty stomach is the worst because your body reacts to alcohol faster and you get drunk quickly. What is worse is the fact that you feel like eating greasy or junk food when you are wasted. Therefore, this results in you getting drunk quickly, consuming food with high calories and having the next day wasted because greasy food makes you lazy. Be wise and eat a heavy meal preceding a night out. This will lead you to even drink less because your body doesn’t lack the specific nutrients or energy you need when you are out.

By following these tips, you can be a wise drinker. Do not depend on alcohol for fun!

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