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Responsible Drinking

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Aug 2016


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A hangover is no longer the thing that spins irritable thoughts in your dizzy head, but now is the official proof that you are not as lucky as some others. A recently performed research suggests that you get the susceptible to walk that walk of shame to your house on Sunday mornings by the virtue of your parents. And your Grandparents and their parents and so on. The study also suggested that 20% of the world’s drinking population does not suffer from hangovers and that is a trait that surely makes us jealous.
Surprising as it may sound to you, how hung-over you get after a round of partying is more or less determined by your genes!

An Australian study which was conducted on twins and some 3,000 other people concluded that the intensity of your hangover is half determined by genetic factors, the rest of the 50 % being governed by physical factors like health, state of mind, age and so on.

Here are some things that happen to your body when you’re hung-over.

  1. Why does the head banging not stop –

The throbbing headache is actually the result of your neural membranes sticking to you skull, trying to draw whatever water is left in your body. Your headache is primarily the result of dehydration that your body is trying hard to cope with. The best way to cope with dehydration is by increasing your water intake. Drink as much plain water as you can and when that gets boring, look for ways to make good old water more fun by adding some naturally flavours or by just soaking in some slices of lime.

  1. Why do you need more zzzzz.. even after you’ve slept all night.

Sleep is never enough when your body is hung over. Alcohol has the property of interrupting normal sleep patterns which means your body may not be able to rest fully even when you’re sleeping for long hours. If you’re badly hung over, you always need more sleep even if you went to sleep at usual time. Alcohol depletes the glycogen (energy) reserves in your liver and leave you feeling drained.


  1. Why do you need to go to the loo often

Alcohol is directly absorbed by the intestines and you may find yourself running to the loo next day too often. The bowel movements are also uncomfortable and even you may be craving for high calories, rich and fried food, it is best to stick to comfort food that is easily digested and keep away from heavy indulgence.


The only way to cope with hangovers is by drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, hot comfort food and sleeping in as much as possible. The best way to avoid a hangover is by not drinking too much the night before. Do not drink on an empty stomach and always remember to drink in moderation. Cheers!

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