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Aug 2016

Food to cure hangovers

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After a long night of partying and perhaps drinking more than you intended on, a morning filled with regret, a greasy burger and yesterday’s pizza in the fridge seems like the best solution. Your head is bursting and comfort food feels like the only cure to the problem! But, contrary to popular belief, greasy foods make your hangover the opposite of better because it causes you to feel more lethargic, irritable and certainly doesn’t help your week’s hard work in the gym. Therefore, here are some healthy options which will eventually help your hungover morning as well as keep you satisfied.


Having a big breakfast certainly helps the hangover- instead of going for something hard to digest like cheese, white bread or parantha, try eggs! Eggs will fill your stomach and you can even add some vegetables if you scramble it or make an omelette. Studies show that eggs are filled with amino acids which help your liver after copious drinking as well as help your headache.

Herbal Tea

Taking enough fluids and rest is the optimal method to make your hangover better. Try to void caffeine drinks which will make you dehydrated and only make your headache worse. Instead, try drinking a lot of teas- teas with citrus like lemon tea or peppermint tea help immensely with a hangover as they make you feel more energised and make your next day highly productive.

Tomato or chicken soup

While soup is usually associated with a flu or fever, it is also an effective remedy when you are hungover. The sodium in tomato or chicken helps retain the water. Moreover, if you have been puking all morning, soup will be helpful for the salt and potassium lost by your body. Add spices, vegetables or bread crumbs


Eating a fruit is always advisable every day but during a hangover, bananas particularly help you with the morning ordeal of nausea. Packed with potassium and water, this will make your stomach, head (and your conscious) relaxed.

Ginger or honey

Instead of fretting over meals you can cook to reduce your hangover or just because you feel too lazy, try natural ingredients which can boost your morale and enable you to function all day! Eat a ginger candy or dissolve some ginger and honey in a glass of water with some lemon- natural ingredients which are full off nutrients will improve your mornings more than a fast food meal!


Remember to be wise the next morning by keeping yourself well rested and hydrated. While these foods certainly help you function throughout the day, frequent usage of copious amounts of alcohol will only result in loss of will to work, laziness, physical problems and even depression. Therefore, be wise and drink in moderation to have a good time as well as keep yourself grounded. Let hangovers be an anomaly not a frequent habit!

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