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Underage Drinking

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Aug 2016

Mental And Health Effects Of Underage Drinking

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Increasing consumption of alcoholic beverages amongst children- especially teenagers and adolescents is an alarming new trend that has followed. However, for the short- term pleasure, these adolescents do not realise the long- term problems they can encounter after excessive consumption of such beverages over time. It has disturbing effects on your mental, social and physical health which might affect them even as an adult. Therefore, to make young people aware of the vices of underage drinking, here are some mental and physical effects of drinking from an early age.

According to a study by the Chief medical officers of England, young people who misuse alcohol and other drugs are likely to encounter negative health and social problems as adults as they haven’t matured their mental and physical being.

Negative physical health effects

While vomiting, appetite changes and nausea are the short term health problems, young people encounter with alcohol consumption, excessive intake of alcohol can also have disastrous long- term and chronic effects.

  • Brain development problems
    Frequent and prolonged usage of alcohol consumption in your youth can also have an effect on the overall brain development. Since brain is still developing during the adolescent years, impulsive alcohol intake can hinder its growth.
  • Liver effects
    Liver problems often occur by heavy drinking over a long span of time. However, if this habit is taken in from a young age, then you can suffer from chronic liver damages or even failure at a very young age.
  • Growth and endocrine effects
    Puberty is often associated with growth and hormonal development within both males and females. Consuming alcohol during these years of rapid growth and development can slow down the process or inhibit it. Disbalance can have also effect growth on organ, muscle and bone growth.

Negative Mental health effects

Alcohol has obvious physical consequences, especially in the growing age. But it can also effect a child’s mental health by causing behavioural and learning problems. Since alcohol is a depressant, it can cause major mood problems. Moreover, it can affect the academic and cognitive part of life as it can cause low concentration, laziness, reckless and often deviant behaviour.

  • Depression and anxiety
    A lot of teenagers believe that drinking can help their mood swings or depression- which is often a regular occurrence during the growing years. Adolescents are overwhelmed by physical and lifestyle changes and seek for short- term relaxers like alcohol. However, alcohol can cause further depression and even anxiety if it is consumed regularly creating more problems during youth which can be extended in their adulthood.
  • Mood disorders
    Alcohol is also seen as an indication of many psychological disorders like depression, OCD, bipolar or even eating problems. They can inhibit an individual’s rationale and result in ill- planned decisions which can affect young people their entire lives.

Drinking at a young age may seem as an exciting idea because it might be something your friends do or you might think it will help with your stress. However, waiting for the right age and time is the right option. Don’t lose out on your youth by drinking!

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