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How To Confront Your Child When You Caught Him Drinking Alcohol | Drink Responsibly
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Aug 2016

How To Confront Your Child When You Caught Him Drinking Alcohol

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If you have found your child sneakily drinking alcohol without your knowledge, you might not be able to describe how you actually feel. Some words related to the concoction of your emotions would be best described as anger, resentment, hurt, guilt and failure. Naturally, the first reaction for any parent is worry – “Is my child too stressed? Are they in bad company? How long have they been drinking for?” – which may soon be replaced with – “Do they not feel loved enough? I don’t know my child at all! I’m the most horrible parent I know”.

The first thing for you to do is to not jump to conclusions right away. Here are some pointers which will help you get through the confrontation and help you and your child change for the better.

  1. Don’t react immediately

If your child comes home one evening smelling of alcohol, it would be wise idea not to bring it up until morning. Instead of asking the child why do the smell of alcohol right there as you see them, wait until next morning to ask them why they were of smelling of alcohol the night before. This would help your child into different ways – Firstly, it would give them some time to sober up and they won’t feel intruded or ashamed. Secondary, you’d have the time to be able to react in a mature and helpful manner.

  1. Be Present

Another good way to prevent your child from drinking is to be present in person at the time they walk into the house. This would prevent them from saying ‘goodnight across the bedroom’ but instead give you the chance to feed them or interact with them more. Keep yourself seated in the living room, reading a book, writing for watching TV. This will also stop them from getting into the habit of hanging out too late with friends, helping them maintain a schedule to their day.

  1. Befriend your child

Another important thing to remember is to know that your relationship with your child should not suffer because you found your child drinking. It maybe, of course, difficult considering that you may be feeling guilty and the child may be feel helpless or ashamed – but this really is  the time for you to reach out to your loved ones and claim the rights and responsibility you own as a dutiful parent. Find time to interact with them. How can pick a hobby and engage them in constructive activities that they can perform with you. Consider of sports a book club or even and entertaining sitcom com that you and your family can you watch together.

It is disturbing to realise your child is on the dangerous path that leads to alcohol addiction. With friendship, consistency in effort and shared responsibility, you can resolve absolutely any problem. Instead of reacting to what you have discovered about your child, try asking them why they did what they did it. With a friendly conversation, happiness can be restored back to your family life.

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