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Family Problems That Can Urge You To Drink | Drink Responsibly
Underage Drinking

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Aug 2016

Family Problems That Can Urge You To Drink

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The most recent research in the area of underage drinking such as that children would feel if it possible drinking behaviour at home tend to try out a drink or two. In a study that consisted of 5,700 children aged 13-16 years, one in five admitted to having been drunk before they were fourteen. At this alarming rate of children trying out things they clearly should stay clear off, it becomes crucial to find out the reasons for why your child may want to develop a bad habit. Awareness is key, but more importantly, finding the source of influence is the first step to solving the problem or preventing it from developing in the first place.

Always remember, everything starts from you.

That being said, this doesn’t make you responsible for what may be going on. Parenthood is a difficult choice, and one may feel entitled to everything that is going on, but one also has to sometimes take a step back and realise that a child’s life is their own. There is only so much a parent can do to give their children a happy home – Children aren’t moulded by their parents, but they sure are moulded after them. Whether it is a matter of choosing friends, finding a hobby or experimenting with food and drinks, the child will have his or her own good or bad decision to bear.

Your behaviour and habits as a parent has a profound influence on your child.

If a child notices irresponsible drinking at home, drunk driving, argumentative or violent behaviour by one or both parents, it may badly influence the child’s perception of what is “allowed”. If a parent doesn’t care to know where their child is on a Saturday night, or let them watch an A-certificate film without supervision, it is likely for the children to be indulgent before age.

Friends also have a direct influence on children’s habits.

Spending excessive time with friends doubles or in some cases even quadruples the chances of them getting a drink together. On an average, anything more than 2 evenings a week with friends is plenty of hanging out. More than this may result in deviant behaviours and may be an opportunity to incubate plans for chilling out and getting sloshed. If they child is a people’s person and likes to hang out, try having some activity which will keep the youngsters occupied. Have them join a book club, a movie marathon, craft classes, music or dance training.

It is also a matter of deep concern that your behaviour also influences the child’s drinking pattern in adult life.

In other words, underage drinking is not an isolated affair, but if ignored or dealt with inefficiency, it may lead to a more serious problem of alcoholism or crime. In totality, you are who your child wants to be, and you have to try to inculcate the habits that you want your child to possess. Parenthood is a big responsibility and we wish the best for you and your child!

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