Drinking and Driving

It could happen to anyone. Even to you. You go to a party, meet friends, laugh, and have a whale of a time. Then it is time to go back home. You stumble to your car, get behind the wheel. You tell yourself you are not drunk, just pleasantly high. After all, you have had just a few

How to ensure that you do not drink and drive?

The thing is, you don’t have to be drunk while driving, to get hurt. You could be sober, but the driver coming towards you could be sloshed. So here’s what you can do to save your own life and the life of others:

  1. Eat and drive, laugh and drive, talk and drive but please do not drink and drive, whatever you do.
  2. Never travel with a person who is drunk.
  3. Always call a taxi or a driver to take you home when you drink socially.
  4. Never let your friends or colleagues drive after they’ve been drinking.
  5. If you’re in a group, say on an out-station jaunt, get one person to stay off the alcohol and appoint him to drive.
  6. While going for a party, pre-assign one person (who will remain sober) to drive you back.
  7. Act responsibly –when you invite people and serve drinks, ensure that everyone gets back home safely.
  8. If you have no option but to drive, stick to zero alcohol beers, mocktails or standard soft drinks.
  9. Not every night out has to involve a bar or a pub – book a table at a restaurant, go driving to the dhaba on the highway or check out the latest food truck in your city!

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