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Drinking and Driving

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Sep 2016


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Your smartphone can save your life 

After constant reminders from home about getting home safely after a late night, it may annoy you to see even your cell phone blinking and beeping every other time you reach out for a drink. With exponential rise in the number of accidents, injury and death that are associated with drunk driving, many software companies are trying to get you to act and feel safer. These apps are made to be extremely user friendly and the developers keep ridding them off bugs and worms regularly, so functionality and user-experience is at its best. We’ll take you through some iOS (and android) apps which promise to keep you away from the dangers of drunk driving. Once you get your hands on theses apps, we could bet you’d love to use these!

Alcodroid Free Tracker

Alcohol tracker app can be installed for free on an android smartphone, but Apple users have to spend a minimum of $1.99 to only install and use. The main feature of this app allows users to draw a rough estimate of the alcohol content in their blood (also called the BAC or Blood Alcohol Content) in real time. Users can set BAC ratings and the app will notify you as you reach the set limit. Alcodroid also has maps and locations of home and friends, which can come to be of use in difficult or emergency situations.


If you’re reading this as End DUI, you’re probably right. This drinking and driving app doesn’t have the best looking interface, but the overall experience is quite enriching. (to the extent of being slightly addictive). The app is full of goodies and games – there’s one that measures the accuracy and speed of your response after drinking alcohol, giving an indication of how slow your reflexes might get on the road. The regular feature of having a log of consumed drinks, maps and location is always available to be used. An interesting feature of this app allows reporting drunk drivers from within the app.

Have A Plan

No, this is not a piece of advice, but is actually the name of an app that helps you figure out your options to get home after a night of heavy drinking. The aim of the app is to encourage you to have a plan. Users can feed names and numbers of friends and family members who can be contacted at the time of need. The app also has a list of nearby taxi services/ cars on hire which can be contacted at the tap of a button. Have A Plan is available for free on windows, android and iOS.

All these apps try to give you the same message in different and fun ways – Drinking and Driving are two words that shouldn’t be written in the same line. Download any of these apps to take an easy step towards safety on the road. Every time you drink, remember to find a way to get home without trouble.


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