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Booze Rules | Drink Responsibly
Curbing Alcoholism

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Sep 2016

The views expressed in this blog are slightly provocative and personal, and might change your habits.

(…for the better, of course!)


There is a philosophy which says ‘stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don’t drink too much…but then, don’t drink too little.’ Sullen-faced books try to tell us alcohol if abused, can act like slow poison in the long run. No one likes to think about symptoms and causes of liver cirrhosis when they are binge drinking with their friends, but nonetheless, there is a fine line between doing it right and over-doing it. So here’s a gospel of unspoken rules and principles that would help you strike a balance between drinking-too-much and not-drinking-at-all.

Here’s the thing – if you are aware of your habits, things that make you comfortable or the ones that overwhelm you, you’d be able to integrate a couple of harmless party nights in your life as a social or a solo drinker.

  1. Start your night early

Start with a light beer when the sky turns orange. If you’re an ale-drinker, dunking in some orange peel will make your drink sprightly and the vitamin C will help your body cope with the lack of energy when you’re in high spirits later in the evening. If you’re not a beer bear, ask for some gin and tonic water with a slice of lime. You’d be sparkling light after a glass or two! Starting early just helps you beat the clock and crash in time to be able to sleep. If you chug all night and hit the sack at sunrise, chances are your sleep cycle would topple over the power brakes.

  1. Settle in some small snacks

Peanuts. Salad. Bhel. Tikka. Cutlet. Fries.

I mean, absolutely anything. Keep your teeth busy. It is not so difficult to munch when you’re still getting there. When you’re munching, the buzz hits slower and smoother, so you get the feeling of slow relaxation and ever-soft sinking into the bliss that alcohol can give you at times. How alcohol makes you feel depends a lot on how feel when you’re sober. If the plan is to enjoy every little sip, treat yourself nicely. Have a tummy full of a meal and try to get more sleep before and after the drinker’s little delight.

  1. After-Party at home

As a rule of thumb, drunken people make silly choices. For instance, a sudden bout of bar-hopping becomes club dancing in no time. Besides making sensible friendships and senseless jokes, have a sleepover at home. When you’re partying home, you have free access to everything you need – most of all, home is safe. You won’t be driving, using public transport, getting a cab or asking a friend to help.


People drink to bond, find a tribe, make a team, celebrate a happy memory or drown a sorrowful one. The most basic requirement for anyone’s well-being is soundness in physical and mental health. It is only by exploring oneself, that one can know their limits and find a safe place to enjoy their relationship with alcohol. Getting a dog from hell can be fun, but more so if that dog is tamed.


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