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Responsible Drinking

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Oct 2016


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We all love to feel elated and comfortable. With alcohol, these emotions are easier to achieve. However, happiness quickly evaporates when we step from the happy-high zone to the buzzed-drunk place. Here are some tips specific to women who love to drink sometimes.

Better to be safe than sorry.
With the growing uncertainty of women security in India,Pepperspray is a must have accessory.   Just as much as you need to walk out with your perfect lipstick, pepperspray is that one weapon that can work wonders in times when you need to safeguard yourself the most.Apart from this, learn to use self-defence strategies to always have an upper hand over others. Always stay alert.

Know your limit and plan ahead.
Yes, parties are fun and what more to ask for when we have good company and a couple of martinis. Knowing your body’s capacity only makes you aware how much alcohol one needs to consume so as to be sober in indecisive situations. And yes, always keep your loved ones informed.

Book a taxi instead, don’t drive.
Alcohol at times can make you think from a lioness’s perspective. And since women are such amazing multi-taskers it can be hard to keep up with not smudging your mascara or eating up your lipstick by the end of the night and since a lot of women tend to touch-up on road,it is better to look your gorgeous self and let the taxi driver drop you home. Afterall, your life is precious.

Pour your own drink.
When you’re at a bar, be careful of asking an unfamiliar person to pour your drink without paying attention to it. Crime rates are high and vultures are always looking for their easy target and what can be simpler than mixing your drink with a foreign drug if you aren’t paying attention. So women, be smart and take control.

Drink to improve social relationships, not substitute for one.
Serve alcohol as an adjunct to an activity rather than that being your sole primary purpose. We often get carried away with time and into misleading counting of the number drinks we’re consuming. If you find yourself in these situations then it’s time you sip your pina-coladas slowly, listen more and react less. Trust us, you will be thankful the next day.

Never give in, never give up. Always know your people.
Alcohol heightens every response or reaction. For instance in regular life scenarios situations can be ignored or condoned but when your gushing high on emotions/aggression/adrenalin, everything can suddenly make you feel out of control of the situation. Going home is the safest option in such cases.

Take a leap of faith. Inform about your whereabouts.
Hiding or lying about alcohol and parties is absolutely normal as most have us have gone through this phase of growing into young alphas and queens. But trust yourself enough to tell about your whereabouts to your loved ones, because only they know how to protect you when darkness crawls in. If you haven’t, give it a try. Parents will always protect you, never damage you!

Practise these tips and remember to have fun when you celebrate! Always drink responsibly. Cheers, ladies!

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